White Sissies…More submissive to BBC then white females?

Black is beautiful!  everybody knows this quote! with all the success of the Black  culture, throw the medias, with all the music, sports, and movies,
it’s seems that more and more people are into IR, white women are tempted to the dark side like never they did before,  the IR lifestyle became a huge turn to a lot of white teens in high schools, and colleges, women at work or neighbors! there is no doubt about it! cuckolding couples in this lifestyle use to show how they are into Blacking, and hubbies shows how their wives are so submissive to their Black bulls.. but  tonite im asking my self this question, so that’s why i decied to share my thoughts with you, i think we black owned white bois are the 1st slaves of the black supremacy!  sure a white women love to be treated like a whore by her Black Master, sure for her is a huge turn to humiliate hubby with his pathetic tiny dick,  while she is taking a Black cock twice her husband size! but white bois are more into submission, the blacked bois are more  faithful to the Black race like no one els, why?

because most of us where hetero! and became bi or gay just for BBC! it’s double submission for us, cause we supposed to be men! and we let down our manhood to serve the Black Masters, beacuse we try our best to please them by wearing panties, thongs do make up and stuff…because the Black males are twice Aggressive, humiliating with us, they want to show us that they are the REAL MEN, and we are just whores for them even we have dicks… that turn us on like HELL! and make us more submessive, and slaves like no white whore in this world would do.