[old but good news] Celebrities gone Black~ Chelsea Handler

look at this : she is so hot a real nigga bait, a new victim for BBC lust, im sure she was waitig for this day all her life
Well, according to the news, Chelsea Handler is single again. On Wednesday, she announced that she had broken up with her latest boyfriend – ‘Animal Planet’ host Dave Salmoni. Earlier this year, she dumped her previous boyfriend, Ted Harbert, CEO of the E! Network. (And yes, Chelsea certainly likes dating fellow TV people and/or her boss.)

But Ms. Handler is now 35 years old – the age when many single women start to think about settling down. On the latest ‘Chelsea Lately’ (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!), she welcomes British singer Mel B, and the two of them discuss the whole dating issue. Mel is also 35 (but happily married), and she has some advice for Chelsea: Maybe consider dating black guys.

Mel says she’s been researching the world of hip-hop, and she’s learned something interesting: “The ‘brothers’ love you,” she said to Chelsea. “They’re like – really into you.”

And here was Chelsea’s reply to that: “B*tch, why do you think I’m hosting the VMAs?!” Nice! Good one. So maybe there will be a new boyfriend in Ms. Handler’s future.