Blacked countries, world report

hello guys ,everybody know that the number one blacked country is the USA falowwed by CANADA, ( please correct me if im wrong)
im creating this topic to know more bout the state of the world black domination, please help us make a world situation by posting your own repports from all over the world, reports are based on your observationson :

daily life, public areas, night clubs, tv, internet, news papers, celebrities, sex clubs.


Paris  and Brussels is almost Black, officially IR city  i can tell you, on the street there more blackman /whitewomen couples then other ones, this is crazy more and more younger girls have black boyfriend, they are showing off that they are with black, kisin them realy naughty on the street, metro etc..

on TV , on a comic very populair tv series, a Ir couple are the stars, in some episodes , the girls was talking about the big black dick og her black BF.

ther’s a lot of active interracial cuckold groupes, you can read on their topic that a : black bull is needed , more then you can read white women is needed!

in the clubs, most of girls are picked by black, ther’ no chance for a white boi to get a girl there. one day a very hot blond was only dancing with a very fat black guy and kissing him, while he was smoking a cigare dont givine a fuck about her.

on the gay boards, black are the most wanted to fuck those white faggots french ass

french girls are crazy about BBc’s i can tell you.


was in Budapest, very gorgeos girls, but not a lot of black guys,hungraian girls crave blackmen Shocked, a lot of my hungrains friends told me that it was a huge fantasy, actulaly they travel to some Ir citeies like brussels to find blacks,

one day in a irish pub in brussels, a hungarian i know  who has a BF, told me she loves black guys, and she “pic up ” a guy there, and passed the hole night kissing him , i let you imagine how they finish their nite…they crave africains cause they black and very  hung


not a lot of Ir couples there, dont know why, if you are from spain just share with us your experience!

ENd of The Report