Confessions of a Blacked white girl

this texte is from a IR lifestyle website, where a very beautiful white girl did her coming out about her addiction to BBC enjoy

🙂 Most of the important info you already know. After being cuckold curious for probaly close to 3 years my fiance and I are officially a cuckold couple. 🙂 Ive had bbc before but he had never been there too see it. I must say I really enjoyed it and cant wait to do it again. and again .. oh yeah and AGAIN!. When my fiance (then boyfriend) brought up the cuckolding lifestyle, I was at first quite confused. First question I had was, why would he want to share me? Second question, why would he want to share me with someone who has a bigger you know what ? lol. So over the past 3 years we flirted with the idea. Ive slept with several black guys on my own, I realized I really liked the feeling of getting bbc then going to my fiance with his cum and watching how much he enjoyed cleaning me up.. I COULD HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.. Being completely submissive to my black lover and having my little cucky boy by the balls with this other mans cum 🙂 Curious in all aspects of the lifestyle exspecially being owned by a bull or group of bulls 🙂 So here we are. I work fulltime and am a mother of 2 .. So we dont always have alot of free time for this but I love this lifestyle. I love to sit around watching tv, playing computer games and am always singing .. Music drives me, soothes me, calms me. So thats me 🙂 We are currently looking for a steady bbc and hoping to learn from other couples . I am also bi sexual, I love love love women, exspecially BBW as myself. Hoping to find a female to play with also 🙂 Also really wanting someone for my cuck to play with, not quite sure all all the terms used, but I would love to dress him up and feminize him .. Very interested in watching him.. so Message me with any tips, advice info anything.. Cant wait to hear from you all!