Interview of the month: Paloma Sanchez, hot black Owned latina

Q1 : hello Miss paloma, and wellcome to our blog…

Thank you for inviting me amor to your blog, I feel honored:)

Q2: i just find about you on, and also seen some hot pics on xhmaster,
can you give us a brief history about what you are?

Well I cant lie, I’m a Puta 4 BBC. I have been getting pimped since a young girl in my home country when my uncle used to have me fuck Americans in
the base near where I lived. I currently have three black men who own me and I’m loyal to.

Q3: how much are you addicted to BBC?

I’m totally addicted to BBC! I got branded with my tat for a reason to not only show loyalty
but to also let the world know that I went black and will never go back!

Q4: what about the place of white bois in your life ? how role do you think they have in this world?

think white boys should just accept women like me and know that we love black men always. If my husband who used to be a jealous
Latino man can do it than anyone can. Don’t get me wrong, if my men tell me to fuck vanilla cuz the price is right or in a gang bang then I do what i’m told:)

Q5: is your husband white?

Like I answered in my last question my husband is Latin and brown skinned like me

Q6: who do you think is the more submessive to the blackmen , white girls or white bois?

I think that both white men and white women are equally submissive. From what I done seen in gang bang get downs
black men find it easy to fuck white booty or white pussy the same way without any effort

Q7: do you tryly believe in Black supremacy?

I really believe its their turn to finally take over. I was trained to know bout the Zulu nation in Africa and
how strong they were. We have a sexy and smart black president and black men populate more than any other race,
I should know cuz I got two mixed babies to prove it:)

Q8: what is your hopes for 2012?

I hope to make lots of money, lol
Q9; what is your advice for BBc curious White women

Advice is to just do it and get over the steriotype racist fuckers out there.
When they get used to walking hand and hand with their Bull and know that
everything they want as far as comfort, protection and amazing sexing will
be taken care of then life should be good from then on:)

Q10: Do you think that white bois should also being Blacked?
or their role is only give support, convert white girls, and promot Black supremacy?

Both or either will work out. Not everyone can take a good dick down from behind,
lol. Trust me cuz I gotta be real lit up and high to not feel it and even then its not my favorite thing to do.