Celebrities Goes Black! Hogan’s Wife and daughter going Black for sure

The perfect white daughter and Black bait Brooke Hugan went Black, the daughter of the famous Hulk Hogan, was dating at the last news Stacks a rapper,  she reveled at radio show : “It’s not that I’m into black guys, it’s just that I’m into guys who are good looking.”  i’m sure you thinking what i’m thinking, this white bitch is totally into black guys that’s why she actually says this! so just enjoy this few images of this gorgeous white daughter, Hulk must be really, really dis-pointed knowing that his lill white daughter is fucking a big black cock, 


but i think that he will be really sad when he knows that his gorgeos, black bait ex-wife is also dating a blackman,  Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romanceis back at it.  Check out which cougar he was spotted boo’d up and lip locking with recently….

Yeah…not sure why this is happening.  But wrestler Hulk Hogan’s 52-year-old ex-wife Linda Hogan (now Linda Bollea) is Ricky Romance’s new boo.  Or something.  And he’s only a little more than half her age.  Linda actually just ended a relationship with another 20-something year old guy as well.
Linda also stars in Ricky Romance’s latest video entitled “MILF” and does her best Coco impersonation by exposing all of her orange mother-of-two posterior loveliness.Besides showing off all her God given talents, Linda did some serious method acting by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in full face and a horrendous animal print bikini…amazing ! Wife and daughters wents black!!!!!