Black Only Goddess, A portrait of a Perfect Queen of Spades

I discovred this gorgeous lady on a popular website, i had a serious crush on her black-bait body and a serious clit-erection reading the introduction in her profile :

A BLACK ONLY White female…100% Black Exclusive…NO EXCEPTIONS!
Don’t even think about it whitebois…my pussy is tattoo’d “BLACK OWNED”
for a reason. BECAUSE IT IS! I am a true Queen of Spades…a 3 entry
Size Queen who is addicted to, and BELONGS TO BIG BLACK COCK.
Once I went Big & Black, I knew right away I was NEVER goin’ back.

no doubt, we got here a true BBC SLUT addicted  and living her fantasy, and i will not lie, i jerked twice just checking her pictures and reading her comments , so let’s read this EXCLUSIVE interview :

Xxtase: Diaries : how and how long you have been in the lifestyle?
Almost 10 years.

Xxtase: is it your hubby who convinced you to be in the life style ?

Yes…he told me to be true to myself by pursuing the Black Only lifestyle and the men that truly satisfied me.

Xxtase: first black cock experience ever?

We met online, had him over our house, the chemistry was instant, he took me up to the bedroom, we told hubby not to bother us until called. He was tall and muscular with a thick 11" cock that he used to fuck me deep in my pussy and surprisingly we got it to go deep up my ass. That was the same night that I realized I never wanted another white cock again.


Xxtase: if i understand you serve only blackmen ? how many black lovers you had?

Several hundred…no way to know exactly.

Xxtase: do you prefer one2one sex or be shared and used by a groupe?

Once I was broken in Big & Black, I wanted all I could get, so I did many BBC gangbangs. Now, I still want all I can get, but prefer to keep it in the more quality range of 2 or 3 men at a time. More than 3 means that some are standing aroung fluffing themselves while my entries are filled, and that is not how I like to please. Double penetration is my absolute favorite, but I also still love one on ones too.

Xxtase: what is the role of your hubby during sex?

Whatever I tell him it is, depending on my mood and my partners. He may just be instructed to serve drinks and take photos, or we may put his tongue, mouth & ass to work too.

Xxtase: is he allowed to penetrate you ?

NEVER! No white cock is.

look at this Hge Black Snake taking what belongs to him

Xxtase: are you dominant or submissive with a Blackman ? why?

Dominant to white men, submissive to Black Men…that is the way it is in my world.

Xxtase: beside internet, how do you meet new blackmen ? ( clubs, dialy life)

BBC parties, swing clubs, etc. My Queen of Spades tattoos let others know that I am available only for Black Men.

Xxtase: what is the duty of a white women ?

It depends on the White Slut’s outlook on her lifestyle.

Xxtase: do you really beleive in black supremacy?

In the bedroom, abso-fucking-lutely. In many other ways as well.

Xxtase: your ultimate fantasy ?

To be Black Owned by a Superior Black Male, and be serviced by the cuckhubby and other white cuckbois should my owner want to increase our stock.

Perfect Phat azz filled by a perfect BBC

Ass to Moth, seems like the Black Bull is happy with the treatment…

Xxtase: what about black breeding? do you really think about it?

I’m past the breeding stage, but had I gotten involved in the lifestyle at a younger age, I definitely would have done it, and had my white cuckboi babysit the child as the father and I would go out and play.

Xxtase: what is the place of a white boi?

As described above in the role during sex. And to worship his Cuckoldress, of course.

Xxtase: is it important for you to promot IR life style, and convert more girls to serve ? why ?

Just want all other white girls and hotwives to know that there’s this great lifestyle out there for them to explore. Some will embrace it, some won’t. But all would love to try it, they just won’t admit it.

oh! please feed  my black woned pussy with Black meet

Xxtase: what is the real state of the IR life style ? a lot of persons use to say that is just a internet fantasy, that in real life white girls are not that much into BBC?

It’s the fastest growing lifestlye out there, without a doubt. people are finally waking up and broadening their horizons.


Xxtase: what do you thing about white bois who are loosing their manhood and start going black?

I think it’s great that they know their place in life. Why shouldn’t they get to experience the joy of Big Black Cock penetration too?

Xxtase: do you think that it’s a competition between white women and white bois to
serve black cocks?

There’s no competition…the woman will always be the dominant one when it cums to who loves Big Black Cock more, and who is the stronger sex in the vanilla world.

Xxtase: do you think that i have a chance to serve you one day lol?

Maybe…if you prove yourself very worthy. However, I am only adding a select few these days…I have too many white cuckboi mouths to feed now (wink).

Xxtase: Thanks for everything Godesse, hope this interview help out more white girls/bois realise their place in the world, and convert them to perfect BBC worshipers…