Pat and Fab a black owned couple : “Our 16 years old daughter was blacked by our Black bull!”

As you requested,  we will continue making some special reports on the IR cuckolding and IR lifestyle in general, the internet is full of stories from all over the world, stories of white couples that went black for ever, the couple of the day is Fab and Pat and her daughter Amandine from belgium.

fab is a real black bait!

   pat, a big boobs white milf describe her self as “ hungry of black men” they  live in Europe
( Belgium) but  they travel around the world, in Europe but more in Africa like in Senegal, Togo, or Congo and sometimes in the USA. they  been traveled for 10 years and fucked by a BBC in 1992 in Paris, it was a gift of the hubby for his wife’s birthday anniversary, a young black of 25, Since this date they  went black.

this milf  knows how to please her black lover.

They are looking for Dominant Black men From 18 to 35 y , if they are more then 2 it’s very good!!! the wife have a preference for young blacks but older are there with experiences… husband  like watch her fucked by BBC, he can’t be like them! and we had the chance to have this exclusive interview: 

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-dear fab and pat,  thanks to answer those questions, welcome to our blog:

Fabienne, director manager of an Institute of aestheticism, 51 y, Belgium

-how and how long you have been in the lifestyle?

10 years

-is it your hubby who convinced you to be in the life style ?

Yes, its was a gift for my birthday anniversary, but now I think that I was the gift for this black man, he was 25 y, and me 41. after that this young black man comes every day to fuck me during a month.

-what is the role of your hubby during sex?

just watching

-is he allowed to penetrate you ?


-what is the duty of a white women ?

to satisfy all black men she met.

-what about black breeding? do you really think about it?

if I will be young again, I will have a black baby

-what is the place of a white boi?

work to have money for me and my pleasure.

-if you have a teenage daughter who dates a white boi,
what do you would tell her?

I have a daughter of 21, is first lover was my best black lover at 16.
she have his way, but sometimes she goes with me.

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– about your daughter, did she knows about your love for a blackmen and your life
style ?

She know my life style at 15 y, and she was not shocked, now she is 21 and she has a white fiance, but several black lovers.

– you are happy to see your daughter going black? why?

Yes I’m happy because now she knows how to satisfied real men, and have many  pleasure, it funny when we are two in a party, this is more exciting for the men who  are there, to fuck the mother and the daughter.

-Tell us about her first time:

I can say that for his first time with a black, I was for something… was a black lover of me he was coming at for me but I was late on the road.
So for waiting me, he was served by my daughter, when I arrive at home they were in my bed, when I saw that, I said to my daughter “like mother like daughter”.

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Daughter Amandine american creampie

Daughter Amandine breeded in Miami

-wow! more details please!

She drank a glass of drink with him, then two, he was a 25 year black male muscular measuring 1m80 and very sure of himself, she had a crush and let him kiss her, he started to play with her little tites, sucking them then playing with her clit, then he show her his big black cock, and she was amazed by the size, she sucked him and went to our room, and he fucked her slowley because she was virgin, he was her first man a blackman, after he fucked her another time after a rest, she rided him like a pro cow girl

Mother and daughter Fabienne & amandine serving together

-what do you thing about white bois who are loosing their manhood and start going black?

it’s natural, Sometime my hubby is fucked by black men with me.

thanks for our adorable belgian couple! and as a gift they offer us this hot video of pat geeting some black meat doggystule and a cum at the end..enjoy don’t forget,  if you are a BBC, and intressted to fuck the shit of her and of her husband, just go to their profile.