Aphrodite, 19 white girl :”white cock doesnt even turn me on! im forever on the search for more bigger better thicker black cock!!”

This gorgeos lady is a BBc only, white bois get out!!

Aphrodite, is a hot white girl, that i met in a very populair kinky website, she tell me about her first BBc experience that completly changed his life!! and she accpeted to share with us her story with big black cocks!! enjoy 🙂

dear Aphrodite, thanks to answer those questions, welcome to our blog, i will start by asking you 
about  your first black cock experience ? 

my first bbc experience???????
well, it was wonderful! the first time i fucked a bbc, i had the most intense orgasm ever! just as i was cumming he was pounding me from behind and getting it so deep i couldnt help but scream!

i was actually with this guy for awhile. he was my bf, we dated for a year. so i had lots of yummy black cock! however we broke up. before him i thought id never have a black cock! and after, i have fucked some white cock. but none have been able to please me. and then i realized, thats it. i have to have bbcs all the time now! tiny white cock just does not do it for me anymore! i mean i cannot even feel it inside me!

19 years old, and already a BBC slut and Proud

a lot of white women feel dominated, enslaved by the power of the black “Magic” Cock…what do you think about it ?

im not so sure about being “enslaved” by the big black cock. i have only had one. so maybe id have to answer that abit after i take some more (: but i can say, its almost a curse. but such a great one. so cliche but once you go black you never go back! white cock doesnt even turn me on, could never satisfy me again! im forever on the search for more bigger better thicker black cock!!

what difference you felt between your ex white bois and this blackman?

he difference between ex white bois and the wonderful black cock? a lot! it filled me entire pussy, stretched me, filled me. i could feel it getting deeper with every thrust. white cock. its nothing compared to the way it fills my pussy up! im a girl that doesnt orgasm from just intercourse. i need clitoral stimulation. and when im cumming, and there’s a thick cock pushing deep inside me, sends me over the edge!!

are you naturally attracted to blackmen ? and do you think that blackmen likes you?
ive always had crushes on blackmen, thought they were sexy. the color of there skin intrigues me. some blackmens skin looks so smooth, so wonderful, i just want to touch it and lick them all over!!! ive always told myself id never with a black man! but boy did i fool myself! this was the first of any blackmen showing true interest in me, so im not sure if they are attracted to me. i sure hope they are! because i

Servicing my Black Bull

do you start thinking about being used by a groupe of black males?

ive always thought a group of men on me, using me, fucking my every hole would be hot!! so why not a group of black men! haha. they do have the best cocks! maybe id have a few tiny cock white cuckolds to help me suck them all 😉

if yes, did you ever think to do it before with other white bois?
well, i am very new to this lifestyle in itself. so the main way i have been meeting and interacting with people is through the internet. however, i am looking for other ways to meet people. but its not quite something easy to go about. me walking up to random black guy: hey you look like you have a big cock? wanna fuck?lol
beside internet, how do you meet new blackmen ? ( clubs, dialy life)

do you really beleive in black supremacy?

do i believe in black supremacy? over tiny white cocks yes!! however i feel that the woman, in the end, has the full control. she chooses what wonderful black bull she gets to ride.

your ultimate fantasy ?

my ultimate fantasy?!
hmm. well, id have, three tiny cocked white cuckolds all locked up in my basement. each one with a lock on there cock! and whenever i was horny or needed a good fuck, id have a handsome black man with a large cock come on over and fuck me, until i have cum at least four times. and i will call out my cucks, unlock them to clean me up, and fix me and my bull dinner (:

what is the place of a white boi?

a white boys place is on his knees sucking a bbc before it enters me, licking my clit as im getting fucked by one, eating my asshole out as im getting fucked, then cleaning my house, and preparing all my meals!

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Chubby Christina Aguiliera!

just saw pictures from the American awards ceremony, and guess who is on the red carpet, Miss Christina Aguiliera, my gosh, she is getting more and more wight, but she looks amazing, hot and sexy blode, Christina said : “ i have finally ass!!!” she is very happy with that, i think she knows she is pleasing Blackmen with all that meat ! she is now a real black-bait, i just wanted to know what Blackmen thinks about her new phatty booty 🙂

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Fuck! those superior black males are perverting the hole planet! look at this awsome hot video of a mature french crossdresser humiliated by a powerful black male infront of wife who is filming the scene…

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all my sisters knows that sissification videos works! this is  a hot new one that i just discovred on a video sharing website,  as you know to better results, you have to turn off the lights, put heads phone and keep your eyes on the video till the end. the video have a lot of submilinal messages that helps you to submit to the black reign and know your place as a white sissy boi born to service superior black males

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