Why white women craves Blackmen ?

Many studies have shown evidence that the female brain desires a mate that has dark physical looks. This could explain why so many white women prefer black men. However, there are more reasons for this, such as the fact that males of African descent have larger penises than any other racial ethnicity. Some scientists believe that women have a natural instinct for being able to tell that a potential mate is well-endowed without actually seeing the genitalia first hand. It is possible that black males release pheromones that assist females in searching for a potential mate with the right equipment. 

Interracial dating between white women and black men is not something new. It has been happening for many ages. The Romans wrote about girls giggling whenever seeing Nubian slaves being escorted without any clothing. The sight of their massive penises that were much larger than what Roman men usually had was responsible for sparking a curiosity among Roman girls. It wasn’t unusual for Roman girls to visit Nubian slaves while they were locked up in their cellars. Many unwanted pregnancies had occurred due to the fact that Roman girls demanded the slaves to insert their genitals deep inside them.