Vegasblkm4wf: “Kayla sucked me off with about 10 whiteboys jerking off their tiny cocks watching”

Hi everyone, today we have the extreme pleasure to welcome a Superior Blackman with us, he is Black, handsome with a Massive Black cock and from Vegas, city of sins, he is since long time in the Ir life style, and wanted to share with us a little bit of his life as a Black Bull..enjoy!


Xxtase : do you know that i opened this blog to promote black supremacy,  train white bois, cd, to service superior black men, and convert more white daughters, wives to serve ? 

Vegasblkm4wf: I did not, I hadn’t seen it until you messaged me on N Worship, now that I’ve seen it though i’m hooked.  I love it.

Xxtase : : tell us about your first white pussy experience.

Vegasblkm4wf: I was 17 and it was actually with a call girl that I met at a gym. Blonde with HUGE tits. She absolutely took advantage of me and I was hooked ever since.

Xxtase : : as a Blackman, do you feel like white women are more attracted to you then other regular white bois ?

Vegasblkm4wf:Yes I do, I think theyre all looking for something exciting and have heard stories and want to find out if what theyve heard is true. Theyre tired of the same old small dick boring sex.

Xxtase : : how white women show you their interest ? did they going straight telling you that they like Black guys? 
Vegasblkm4wf: They dont usually come right out and say it, its usually more with their eyes. Staring quite a bit waiting for me to say something. Some are REAL BBC sluts though and they come right out and say it.
Xxtase : :why White women are more and more addicted to Black men ?
Vegasblkm4wf:  I think as it becomes more and more accepted more white women are acting on things that they were afraid to in the past.
Xxtase : : what about Ir Cuckolding, had you tried it before ? if yes tell us about it! 
Vegasblkm4wf: Yeah, Ive had numerous cuckold experiences that range quite a bit. Sometimes the husbands just sit and watch and a lot of other times Ive seen them eat my cum off of or out of their wives.
Xxtase ::is it a turn for you to fuck a white wife in front of her husband? to humiliate him?
Vegasblkm4wf:  Yeah, I love it. Im a bit of a voyeur so I love showing off my big cock and to be watched.
Xxtase : : are white women submissive to you ?  do you like to dominate ? 
Vegasblkm4wf:  Yes they are, I like it real rough both verbally and physically and Ive found that’s what turns women on the most.
Xxtase : : why do you think that more white bois who are loosing their manhood to black men, get feminized and starting to service Superior black men?
Vegasblkm4wf:  I think its just a deep down animal nature in all of us, were humans but were mammals just like everyone else and naturally we are more dominant.
Xxtase : what do you answer those who are saying that there is no Black invasion and Ir life style ( cuckolding, more white girls  bois, going black) and that is just an internet fantasy ?
Vegasblkm4wf:  hahaha, anyone who thinks it isnt true  can spend a weekend with me to find out just how real it is.
Xxtase : we saw pictures of you having fun with Kayla, tell us about this adventure, is she a true queen of spades? 
Vegasblkm4wf with kayla
Vegasblkm4wf:  Oh yeah, Kayla is the best. She’s an absolute freak. The first time I met her was a gangbang and about 6 of us wrecked that slut. The other time was in an adult theater. She sucked me off with about 10 whiteboys jerking off their tiny cocks watching.
what a wonderful viril dominant Black man, if you are a white slut that can handle that thick massive black cock don’t hesitate to hit him on nworship!