Documentary : dive in the world of Mandingo parties

we travels to Tampa, Florida – home of America’s fastest growing fetish: interracial swinging. It’s a scene run by a mysterious gangbang crew known as The Florida Mandingos.

Our guide is Art Hammer, the founder of the Florida Mandingos, a group of “discreet, professional, educated, intelligent, physically fit, drug and disease free, well-hung black gentlemen, age 24-45, that specialize in hot, intense, nasty gangbangs for couples/females who love big black dicks and black dick fantasies!”
the documentary  follows Art on a road trip leading up to a ‘Hot Chocolate’ party he’s hosting at a purpose built sex bungalow called the Shangri Lust. Along the way we meet the key players who make up the lifestyle: the insatiable wives and their cuckolded white husbands obsessed with sex with black men, and Art’s A-team, the crème de la crème of the Mandingos. 

As the clothes come off, their strange world unfolds before us. Why are so many white couples driven to share themselves with black men specifically? And what is in it for the Mandingos?