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Queen paris

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 I received this letter from one of my readers today, who wanted to confesse her love for superior black men, and finally do her “ bbc coming out” read, and take exemple bitches, time to go black if you are still hesitating!
Queen Paris
To begin with I’m a sissy fag, I love cock all cock but somehow Black cock is so hot to me. Be it the contrast between lily white skin penetrated by a hard Black Cock or the taboo of it, I fine is so erotic and sexy to have a Black Cock in me.

  I’m a closet type, part time CD, I live in two worlds. There is my fem sissy fag cock loving side and my go to work on time, be responsible, pay the bills and get the job done side. The fact is that in my world the two can’t be the same.  I’m married, have kids and do a fair job at being a Father. They don’t know and to be honest I don’t want them to know. There is a job that would without a dough suffer if I was outted as a sissy fag.
  So why take the chance at all, look back at my first paragraph. See the thing is I have always loved dressing in Mom’s and sisters clothes. I have sucked cock before when I was pre teens, done the straight thing with females and one become my wife, but until I got fucked by my first Black Cock, I had never had sex!!!
   All dressed up looking sexy for my Man and on my knees with his Black Balls on my chin, my body tingling my mind saying OMG what are you doing fag and why are you so loving this, then realizing as my little white clitty was just oozing as I was being fucked in my ass pussy with my legs being pushed up and pounded. This is what sex is supposed to feel like, I know now, and I have to have more.
  It amazes me still as to what I will do, the things I will subject myself to get more Black Cock. Shave my body, free of all body hair not that I have much to began with. The time and money spent to make myself look so slutty to get more Black Dick.
  I’m addicted and need more and will do what it takes to get more Black Man seed in me.
 Much love

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