Quick Portrait on TS GIA, Amateur Latina BBC Whore

i continue my web-tour finding and meeting the most beautiful and devoted BBc lovers, this time we stop  in the US to meet a very sexy Latina TS, with extraordinary blow-job skills! she likes very masculine boys, and prefer them very Hung, oh es, you guessed right, she is a Total BBC Slut!

1- Sissy paris: i discovered you on xtube, a very attractive white shemale, and all the videos are starting a BIg Black Cock, so BBC only ?

Hey, thanks for the interview, yeah it have to be black .or brown u know,,,
cuz i allways love brown bbc deep in my ass! that’s it!

2- if yes, tell us when did you start loving big black cocks

i dont know, how to explain, i didn’t choose!   what i love to have in my mouth, beautiful black man Big Cocks!

3- what diffrence with a white dicks?

no body is better,,i fell comfy,,and black guys are so menly…i dont know, i  just love them u know.
i was 9 yers old when i try my first bbc in mexico,  it was black mexican with a  nice big black cock and i let him fuck me he was so cute too, so i love Black guys!

4- are Blackmen better then white bois?

well with every one, i  have my  own way to suck cock ,,but u need to feel it,  love what u doing!
if u not horny; dont suck cock, i would do it for u…cuz i love suckin cocks and  black is better for me at 100%

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5- Sissy paris: personally i was really amazed by your blowjob skills! so what to do to worship a BBC?
how blackmen want their cock to be serviced?

i always been attracted to Blackmen  all my life,,thats why i have videos with them,
i love them and my ass love them too, jajajajajajajaj
6- Sissy paris: do you feel that blackmen are attracted to you as wel?

Yes! cuz they masculine babe, with a big nice thick hard cock ,,why not,,,babe ,,i dont care if white,,mexican or what ever if they dont like black cock ,,is more for me jajajajajajaj

7- what is your craziest fantasy?
my fantasy is to be with a Hung black boyfriend taking  me amexican serenata,
it’s a mexican songs with 3 black marichis…pretending that they sining to me with the guitars,,,u know ,,,and my boyfriend is close to my window,,kising me…i’m touching  his hard cock and i start to  sucking on  his big Black cock…then the black  marichis come over and start fucking me with my boyfriend,,,,mmmmmmmmmmmm.