What you can do for the Superior Black Race? by QueenBitch Paris

I saw a topic on  fetlife, questionning white bois how they show respect to the Superior Black race daily?
so i decided to write this paper reacting to a post and give you bitches my point of view,
As you know, more white subs are getting intrest into Black supremacy,  they are usualy connected posting pix, videos,   and jerking on interracial porn videos, while others bitches  are into sexual service only, just looking for another sexual experience with a Superior Black man, chasing the big one, we all did that right? we all want pleasure, that ultimate incredible pleasure that only a Superior Black Man can give.
but is this the right way to serve our Masters ? by concidering them as Sexual entertainement? is this why millions of white bois and girls are going black and show the world they are BBC only sluts ?  what is our role as inferior white sluts ? what we are supposed to do for the Superior Black race to embrace the New Black order ? 
The truth is, Yes it’s good to service sexually our Masters, Yes it’s good to promote Black Supremacy, Yes It’s good to converte your wife, sister or daughter to serve, but not only! there is plenty of Superior Black men that still suffers from white men terrible legacy.
weeks ago, i was having a lunch at macdonalds in Paris, when a Black man took place next to me, he seemed homeless, and started to talk to me, he was very nice and very smart, we started to talk about how  junk food become like drugs for people, i really enjoyed his company, and i thought he was passing a hard time, so i offred him a coffe in my apartement and he accepted.
we continue the conversation at home, and he told me the story of his life, i listened to him and tried to give him some advices, he asked to take a shower, and i said yes sure! then we continued to talk and drink, and he said its been a long time that he didn’t fuck a girl, that  he wanted a blow job, i didn’t said a word, and i dressed quicly and get back to give him the blow job of his life! he cumed twice deep in my thorat , took a shower and left. and i was the happiest bitch on earth when he said : thanks! so this little story is to tell you what i think about the whole question: “every morning ask your self : what can i do for the superior black race today! that’s what i do!”
QueenBitch paris