“Beurettes à Renois” the French Arabian Black only movement is born

 No one! absolutely one can resist anymore the power of seduction and sex appeal of Black men, living in Paris ( France) and going out  frequently,  i have mentioned that more and more French girls with Arab roots are dating Black guys, so i started to search the internet and i found that it’s a real phenomenon, more and more beurettes ( French name for Arabic girls) are dating black men making  Arab guys go crazy and jealous! Several racist-groups were created on facebook to attack those girls and try to stop them , but those brave girls assume totally their preference,  making other girls broke the taboo and  go black too! 

Arab girls are assuming their preference on the social networks

 The most interesting thing is that this phenomena started with the huge medicalization of the glamour interracial couple Kim Khardashian and Kanye West! As French Arabic girls idolize Kim Khardashian a lot! And want the same: a Sexy Black stud who can give beautiful mixed babies! This interesting fact proofs again the power of the image that reflect those celebrities that gone black! And its impact on the future black-owned generation.

new song about black owned arab girls : “Arab girls like Black Black Black!.. ”

Arabic girls have a strong personalities, and a very specific perception of “ THE MAN” figure, to handle an Arabic girl and make her your whore, you must be very confidant,, tall and masculine, and those girls knows that only one type of Men can satisfy them, control them and fulfill their sexual desires, you already knew what I’m talking about right ? So just enjoy this best of the hottest Arabian girls that already catch the Jungle fever.