VIDEO When white girls saw a Black guy

A small quick vine video to explain one last time how white girls crave Black not shure i will comment on this, its so hot that it will make those white small dicks so hard! enjoy

Exclusive Interview with Mr Nutzz :”my 1st white Gurl was a Black gang bang”

Bitches looking for Interracial Amateurs videos knows what makes them difrrents and hotter then Regular Pro Porn,  for any amateur porn lover,  every detail count, the situation, the story behind the video, the real aspect and the ginuine of the performers. Mr Nuttz understood that, and that’s what makes him one of the Best Interracial Amateur Actor and Producer on the web. this Sexy succeful Black Daddy defins him self as “an Amateur Adult producer/performer looking for hot wives, sexy sub sluts, the girl next door to film with” so Girls, couples you know what you have to do to make spice up your life  a bite ;). i had the chance to have a quick chat with Mr Nuttz , and the result is this very athuntic Interview, check it out !


Paris: Dear Hot Black daddy ( yeah i decided to call you like this) , i’m really happy and honored to welcome you to my modest blog, first i have to say that i’am a total fan, and a total Black supremacy and BBC worshipper,  you can’t imagine how many times i cum watching you spliting those gorgeous white girls in your videos lol, Mr Nuttz: Well I am honored & flattered. I never imagined that I would get this type of support from all the kinky ppl out there. It’s truly a humbling experience to get recognition, especially from all over globe.

Paris: Can you please make a brief presentation for our readers ?   what you can tell us about Mr Nuttz, the Man, and the Performer ?  the career…
MrNuttz, the man & the performer are totally opposites. In front of the camera I love to have a good time. I appreciate the amateur look, the amateur feel of content. But when it’s time for presenting my content I am very meticulous, always looking for a way to get better.
Paris: first time ever with a white girl ?
Oh my… lol, let me try to remember. Ah, I was in the military & a young white female was watching me & a few fellow soldiers play a pick up game of basketball. Before long, all the guys ended up in her hotel room banging her brains out. So my 1st white female was a gang bang.
Paris: why  girls, wives and hubbies are so crazy about Black men and BBC ?
It’s taboo, it’s being able to finally have what you have been told you can’t have for your whole life. When I was 10yrs. old in a small southern town I was staring at this white girl with long blonde hair, it came down to her knees. I was mesmerized… Her father came and stood by her & was glaring at me. My grandfather rushed over and pulled me away. He said, ‘son, you mustn’t stare at them like that. That’s something that you just can’t do!’ I had no idea why, but I soon found out. The young white girl was not to be touched, so we are curious. And to the white girl, black men were not to be touched, so they are extremely curious as well. So the attraction is burning & boiling for years and now you see this interracial phenomena.
Paris: what is “Black Magic” for you ?
Black Magic’ I think it’s a way of life now. I think the black & white barriers are slowly being broken down & it’s being accepted in the younger individuals. But that ‘Good ole boy’ network still exist. And the older generation, as well as the extremist, still struggle with ‘black magic’.
Paris: i saw a lot of girls having orgasms when you are inside, so honestly was real orgasms or just porn ?
 I keep it as real as it gets. I get off on giving females orgasms. If it’s a MrNuttz Production it’s all real.

Paris: you best porn fuck ever? with who please please tell us 😉
WOW! I would have to say that distinction goes to ‘Christie Wett’. She came into town and I set up a gang bang for her and she just went through the guys as if they were mere silly puddy. I mean 13 guys were nothing to her, so I decided to turn on the camera and do her myself. It turned out to be very exciting for the both of us.

Paris: The industry changed a lot since the 90’s, seems like Black men are more and more popular, and productions are mostly now into Interracial, cuckolding..why this change ? tell us what do you think about it.

The industry has changed due to the internet. Now porn is not monopolized by the big corporations any longer. ‘Peggy Sue’ or ‘Joe Blow’ can now set up his camera and give a certain fan base what they are looking for. Old fetishes are now new, people can purchase porn in the privacy of their own homes, so now they are obliged to buy what they want. That can be interracial, cuckolding, or any taboo subject that they may have been ashamed to purchase from a local store.


 Paris: in Cuckold videos, fucking very hot wives in front their lill dicked hubbies, is this situation is a turn for you ? why ?  

It’s a huge turn on for me. As we were told when we were younger, ‘boys will be boys’. It’s the same here, ‘men will be men’. The competitive factor amongst men still reign supreme. If I can get his wife off better than him, then yes, I am going to feel superior. But that’s for the moment only. After that, life goes on & we all take on the roles that we are accustomed to.

Paris:  personally i don’t like pro porn, that’s why  i found your videos very very hot, because i feel that you really liked destroying those whites pussies, and i feel that the girls love your cock, so size does matter? 

LISTEN… lol I despise commercial porn as well. With that being said, it is something that has molded me into doing what I do. Now, I must admit, that when I work with females that have sites, I get a little commercial because that is ‘the idea’ of what porn should be to them. And size does matter.


Mr Nutzz Enslaving “the Legandary Milf”

Paris: do you know that the major audience of this videos are white bois, they are really turned by watching massive black cocks fucking their white wives, and make a lot of them going for it for real!

A large portion of my videos for sell are actually real wives. My best selling videos to this date have been of real wives. The audience knows who is real & who is not. And are most of the buyers white men? Sure they are, but the gap is shortening by the day. I am starting to get a lot of request from black men pertaining to certain videos.

 Paris: a last word, what you can tell your fans at first, and all those white cds, tvs girls couples that are totally into black cocks, and hard-addicted like me and my readers who worship and service BBC ? ( i know funny question)

Well, allow me to say this. I really appreciate my supporters. I try not to use the term ‘fans’ because that is reserved for someone of star status. I am just a man who shares his encounters with all. And it’s a new day, so CDs, TVs, & all who want to worship BBC I applaud you. I for one appreciate you all.

What happens when you have your first BBC?

You know all what it takes to take the way of Interracial life style, you know all that your wife will propably not want sex with you after taking her Several Bulls big black cocks, you know that your sexual life will be based on jerking to Porn and watch your wife go black ( if her Master accept of course) , you know that you will open doors that you, or your wife can’t close anymore.

experiementing Sex with Superior Black men don’t only have effects on your life, it will change it forever, you can throw everything you know about sex before your first BBC.

Of course sex with a Superior Man is not only about his holy tool, but its everything that makes your wife go naughty and so submessive to her Bull, all girls women will tell you the same: they never thought doing this with a man before ! they are sexually enslaved by the power of Black Magic : all those women had a conservative vision of Sex and found them selves used, shared by their Black master’s friends, gang banged.. and the most important thing: They loved it! they admet that will never do such things with their white husbands or boy friends.

Sweetandice, 29 Women, USA “ I love that a Black Man just put a girl in here place like that.
Servicing a black man to me mean to be there whenever he needs me or wants me. Its to wake him up with a morning blow job, its to kneel before him and have him take me how ever he chooses. Its taking that black cock deep inside me. Sometimes it requires me not only to please him but if he wants me to be fucked like a dirty whore and used like a play toy for some of his buddies then I listen to that. Other times I’m only his. I believe its to not waste a single drop of his precious cum. To get up and get him a drink if he asks, or to wear a sluty outfit if I’m told to. the list can go on”

things are not diffrents  for CD/TV/Bois  that actually loosed their manhood, their straight lives and their women to be sluts for what they concider “Real Men” , those white bois that pimped them selves to please Black men  are their number 1 fans and supporters, they admet that Black Men are Superior and the dutty of any White boi is to service every single Black Men in this world.


Lisa, 39 CD, France “ it started when I was getting fucked regularly by a black, he has an amazing cock … And then after he shared me with some Black friends of him, my  first Black Gang bang completly changed my life!  it was a revelation. later a white man wanted me and i just rejected him, because I realized that I was addicted to the BBC. So addicted that  how I switched to  the  BBC worship naturally”

Yes, BBC is powerful, but there is somthing we call Black Magic and this is not about Cock, its about the whole package, about how beautiful, powerfull is  a Superior Black Man and how he brings love, happiness into our lives, when you had your first BBC, you will feel your self , feminine, sexy, naughty and beyond all, an accomplished Women.


Video : Mature Mommy love it Big and Black

Take a horny mature wife that passed her entier life to dream about a real COCK, then take a hubby that just figure out that his tiny white dicky never satisfied his beloved wife, passing his time to jerk to IR porn, then take Internet, this huge space full of people looking for  sex, and you will have this amazing amateur cuckold couple that decided to cross the line to the magic world of “ Jungle Fever”; a world where Alpha Males are the center of all attention, a world where white wives finally discover the meaning of “Orgasmes”, a world where you, yes you lill dicked hubby are finally “happy”. this world will changes your life forvever, check this video, you will understand.



Every good thing have an end bitches right? oh you craying little peewee loosers ?  so to finish this amazing slutty lusty weekend, i decided to finish with a return to the basics, yeah bitches that old fashioned interracial cuckolding that changes our life forever, that black cock VS white married pussy Porn, this amateur video say everything about the power of a Superior Black Cock and how this power overcome any taboo, any limits that you or your wife have draw,  with just a 2 minutes culingus, the Black bull already turns this hot busty white wife into a whore for Black men, few seconds later she is taking care of his holly shelong, loom how she is worshipping it, caressing every inch of his victorious chocolate stick..she love chocolate, oh yeah and you are so fucking hard right now cause you know it, you know the truth, she will never go back to hubby’s little dick..and worst of the story, you are jerking to her videos instead of touching your wife, cause its just a matter of time that you will make her go Black for real.


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