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“happy white marriage”, what a concept right?  oh no it’s not you think it is, not anymore, not anymore including a white hubby+a white wife, no..bitch you have such an old fashioned ideas! “Happy white marriage” is a marriage where […]

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VIDEO: Amateur BBC creamy cum!

Hey pinky winkies what’s up? i wanted to share with you this hot short video from the web that i just found, all i wanted after watching it is to put my mouth wide open at the end of this […]


Psychology of Sissy faggots

A sissy faggot is indeed a complex animal, not a man, not a girl, it’s something els, somewhere between everything with a specific definition of himself and a certain attachement to all his sides, Yes a Sissy faggot is also […]

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Going Black? 3 advices to make your experience memorable

You have been several to send me help requests, and applications for my BBC Sluts Academy and i realized how important is today’s topic: “love for the Superiors and love of the self”, for me the first can’t go without […]

Mistress Paris

Happy New Year Bitches!

2016 is gone, and here we go 2017! this year was a great one for me, so many nice Black masters meetings, crazy parties and amazing Services, my Blog is back again with a brand new  and official version, a space […]