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VIDEO: white wives having orgasmes ONLY with BBC

VIDEO: white wives having orgasmes ONLY with BBC

Hey Hey white bitches! Queen is back with a new post dedicated to those amazing amateur white wives and their hubbies who are entertaining us each week with brand new hot videos of them having fun! by having fun i mean : white wives getting blacked with  some good REAL COCKS while their hubbies are squezing their pathetic little boi pee wees, watching their wives going wild with their Black Bulls, those hubbies knews their place in this world and did what they must do in order to satisfy their wives, what about you? if you have a story that you want to share don’t hesitate to put on the comment section!

let’s start with this very hot video staring and ex-Playmate named Diane who fucks and cums LOUDLY with two different black lovers, while cucko husband films with his spare hands.

The second video is staring a very, very hot white wife loosing herself to her Black bull, as always, hubby is recording and watching ONLY



the third one is staring a hot brunette with ( H MY GOSH…wait for it) a very HUNG African GOD, that i want to keep for myself and maybe marry lol

watch this bitches!

VIDEO: Big tited white wife Bred by her Thick Black Daddy

VIDEO: Big tited white wife Bred by her Thick Black Daddy

Hey hunnies, hows’s going i’ve missed you so much and i also have a lot of surprises for you this summer so stay tunned 😉
you know how much mistress looooovve Big black cocks and she have a huuuuuge fetish for Hung Over-weighted  Black daddies! you know that bitches, so i’ve decided to share with you this hot amateur video staring a very attractive big titted wife and a hot hung black man who don’t loose a minute to take adventage of her, of course hubby is not far, supporting and filming everything 😉 Enjoy

Miss Paris

VIDEO: Horny Rich Libanese Milf fly to USA to get Blacked!

VIDEO: Horny Rich Libanese Milf fly to USA to get Blacked!



Big Black cocks are so famouse now that everyone wants to try them, oh yes and it’s the case of this nympho hot arab wife that  are fed up with her hubby dicky and wants the real thing, hubby loves his wife and promise to satisfy her in anyway.. check out this hot compilcation of videos starting this “rising Star”, Arab sluts got talents too 😉

Queenbitch Paris



VIDEO: How to Put your Cuckold looser husband in his place!

VIDEO: How to Put your Cuckold looser husband in his place!

Hey Bitches, just fund this amazing video from Mistress Samantha paris, who is doing a lot of humiliation videos for white hubbies and sissy white bois and what i can say is that this hot big tited milf knows how to talk to us! oh my gosh she is my new role model 😉 i will try to get an interview with her soon 😉 stay tuned, but meanwhile enjoy her last video where she informing her looser cuckold about her Hung young black lover 😉

Mistress Paris

Best of exposed Blackowned wives

Best of exposed Blackowned wives

some white couples knows how to enjoy the shit of their marriage by adding some new flavor to their sexual life, since  two decades, interracial cuckolding became one of the major trends  among married couples, with internet those swingers wives became real starts on the web, and real idoles for millions of Interracial porn amateurs,  and role models for a new generation of young white girls that are more then ever tempted to try their first Big Black Cock. here is a hot galery  featuring the best of those ginuine BBC lovers unexpected porn queens! important thing to mentionne, this post was made possible with the exellent  BBC WHORE LIST the best BBc sluts data base on the web!



iqttmpwmily 5_b_2239615

Cucktrix was very active 4 or 5 years ago and she seems to be like most Amateur IR Porn Sluts they end up burning out. Its a shame because she was definitely one of a kind and her sissy hubby was always by her side!

Hot Wife Ninia


hard to find personal information for her. For the most part we know that she is either Married or has a steady BF who happens to be the camera guy in all of her videos. she starts in one of the best amateur BBc videos i ever saw,  she loves BBC, she crave it, love to be pounded from behind, and super sub to her Black daddies, she don’t hesitate a second to serve her Black Bf’s friends too!



swny16 swny11

what we know that she a Slut Girl from NY’s  and here is what her Profile states:

We are an open marriage couple. Wife loves to fuck BBC hard, deep and rough. Takes cum anywhere you want to give it to her. We will meet you if you can host in suffolk county ONLY at your place or motel

Looks like her Xvideos and Xhamster profiles got deleted so all she has now is the this link:

Susan Reno

sr16 sr26

Susan reno is a legend, and a true and total BBC lover, Here is what had to say about her:
I got my first black cock 12 yrs ago, I was at club and 2 black guys got me dancing with them and got me going big time took me outside did me in our mini van. They used me like a slut and made me love it, then told me if I wanted more to come back Friday, and I came back Friday. The same guys took me outside, but this time as they left they had 2 others come and do me. 
I had never been used the way these guys did, they got me so good I did anything they wanted and now I have a very big need for black man’s cock. I have been ganged a lot of times and want more anytime and anywhere. I have a cuckold hubby & he has seen me doing it all. He is my best friend and cameraman, also loves to see me do what I so much enjoy.”

Ms. Selena Stone

screenshot-2014-09-21-09-08-35 screenshot-2014-09-21-09-12-25screenshot-2014-09-21-09-11-38

i kinda have a little preference for this curvy arab BBC slut , but maybe i will let her introduce herself :
“Hi, I am Selena Stone 34 year old Lebanese ex-wife. I am single divorced and no kids. I love black guys and they call me bbc slut. I am into fun with cute girls too. White guys i love them when they shop for me or watch me with my black bulls.” 

th jinxypie43t

she is my Top favorite for the simple reason that we share together a passion for hung thick black daddies
as she sut down all her websites, you can still find a lot of videos of her


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