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QOS Express Interview: Kimberly Kupps

Hello my bitches, i missed you so much! and i miss writing to you so here i’m again! Queen is back and it’s a big phat come back! you were a lot to write to me and interacting with me on my Xhamster¬†and my twitter, so keep doing that, it’s always a pleasure to read your comments and messages, i really feel blessed to be in a center of such an amazing kinky community, i’m also back on fetlife in case you missed it! don’t forget, i think all people should be themselves and enjoy life so i only interact when you have a real profile with a real picture ūüėČ
Today, i feel very happy and  very honored to have such a gust star on my blog, we interacted on fetlife and i invited her to share with us her life, career and love for the BBC, ladies and ladies, please welcome, the icon, the star: Kimberly Kupps
Q.P: Dear Kim; thanks again for this amazing opportunity, so my name is Paris and i’m from France, i’m a sissy in love and adoration of Big black cocks, i decided to dedicate my life to the pleasure and the satisfaction of black men and i”m so obsessed and fascinated by interracial lifestyle and the power of BBC that turned me from a white boi to a total slut ūüôā
when i discovered your profile, i was surprised by your beauty and your sexyiness, i also noticed your amazing career and your love for Black cocks, i want to start my interview by asking you, how did you came to the porn industry and have this amazing career?
it’s a pleasure Paris! well, longtime ago, in 1990, I was a house dancer in Houston Tx then saw a article about big boob girls feature dancing so I got big boobs went on the road starting in Jan 1990 then after 2 years opportunities to do porn film with stars like Shawn Michaels, who is my favorite porn star! I went for it loved it and that’s how i started my career in the porn industry!
Q.P: how was your life as a porn star? and how it affected your personal life?
Me and my husband grew up together i know him since I was 9 and married him at 19.¬†My husband loves the fact that i’m doing porn, he understand that it’s important in my life!
Q.P: what about interracial lifestyle ?
i really love Interracial love, i never dated a black man but i have a lot of black sex friends, i love the taboo of it, the contrast, and of course the big black cocks! it’s such a turn on for me as a white woman to have all this attention from Black men and gosh they are amazing in bed!
Q.P: BBC porn is a rising porn trend but also as a lifestyle, what do you think about all those white women and white sissies like me who are leaving their manhood and straight lifestyle to be bbc sluts ?
i encourage them, it’s super! i think everyone should do¬† what he likes, involving all the possible kinks, if you are attracted to a Black man, whatever you are a white woman or a white sissy boy, just do it, it’s worth it!
Q.P: are you into BBC cuckolding? what’s the hottest thing about it?
Puuting white men in chasity is a total turn for me! i love that, seeing those white husbands with their little chasity devices..while you are taking multiple big black cocks from your hot!

Aaliyah Hadid Blacked SEX TAPE

Hey bitches, i miss you so much, how are you, thanks for your lovely messages on Fetlife and Xhamster, it’s always a pleasure to read you, i’m trying to post more content on the website, but i have to say that i was very busy lately training sluts in my BBC Sluts academy and servicing Superior Black bulls ( check out my xhamster/fetlife for personal news). so feeling horney today and looking for hot, brand new interrcial and BBC content? yes bitches you are in the right place, check out this hot new sex tape from adult actress Aaliyah Hadid getting blacked by a famous NBA player with a monster until the end, our hot brunette will squirt on his big black cock!

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Gang bang amateur star Sperme Annekke : “black guys have the most biggest cocks of all”

Hi bitches! Queen is back with another hot interview, as you know, is still the PLACE for BBC lovers, and this time im happy to introduice to you to an amazing personne and hottie hottie Black cock lover, :SpermAnneke  !
who i discovered her and her work on fetlife (yea i’m back on, some haters made my profile shut, but guess what Queen is back mother fuckers!) so without any delay, i will let you discover this month’s guest!
Paris: Dear Anneke¬† i’m very glad and happy to have you for this interview, our readers are more than eager to discover new Queen of spades, and role models, i discovered your profile on fetlife and pretty chocked by the number of big black cocks that you serviced, can you please
introduce your self in few lines?
Anneke: Hello my lovely Paris,I love Berlin, i have been there many times, together with my World-famous Girlfriend, She is living near Hamburg, but also have a luxe appartment in Berlin, Thanks for you message and questions to me for your interview with mebeside your questions
i will tell you something more about myself and my passions, especially regarding Black guys that i served during my hugegangbang bukkake movies, you know, i have made more then 2500 hours of videosAnd beside that i go 3 till 4 times a week to sexclubs for sex actions,
and believe me, there are a lot of black men, I also organize ‚ÄėBlack and White‚Äô parties:¬† only black guys for White ladies, all my parties are free,¬†¬†everything i do is not commercial, or making porn formoney, only for my own fun and orgasmes, it‚Äôs my passion and fetish to get huge and very¬†thick blackncocks! and i think I had the biggest of the world, like the brazillian black pornstar: Kid Bengala, with his 32cm huge cock!
Paris: Amazing! i’m so so jalouse!¬† but i want to know when and how was your first BBC experience and how this
affected your life?
Anneke: My first black guys was when I was 13 years young, i was fucked by a 66 years old Black grandpa black i always loved Love to have sex with old guys, an extra passion of me!
Paris: On the bed with a (or many) Black Men…tell us about the moment that you told your self : ‚Äú Gosh‚ĶI will never go back to white dicks‚ÄĚ
Anneke: (laugh) I am crazy about (black) dicks, i prefer black but take also they other cocks, in general I prefer huge big orgies in gangbangs and bukkake, started that when i was 15 years old, First it was with 32 men, but soon i wanted to have more, I was 3 times national winner of the Gangbang Bukkake contests, 3 times in 3 years I have win that, taking the most men, So with so many different (black) cocks I have a lot of experiences, as i told you, I am crazy about sperm, strange fact is that black guys have the most biggest cocks of all, but most guys have more sperm, bigger loads, that’s my experiences!
Paris: a lot of white women feel dominated, by the power of the black ‚ÄúMagic‚ÄĚ Cock‚Ķwhat do you think about it ?
Anneke: I love being¬†dominated¬†From nature I am a real submissive slave girl, i’m not afraid of domination or pain, therefore I also love very hard rough BDSM actions too.
Paris: do you do professional porn? have you done ? tell us about your career
Anneke: I never did professional things with sex or porn, only for fun and my own pleasures, when you make it your work it will change in negative way, now it’s my biggest passion and hobby! For my work i do something completely different, but still with all what i am doing iam very famous about my extrem sex actions, things in sex, i have a lot of girlfriends who are working in the porn and are famous by that, I do a lot together with them but I amnot doing it for money just my fun
Paris: how do you meet your bulls ?
Anneke: I organise events,¬† like my huge bukkake gangbang orgies, my¬†‚ÄėBlack and White‚Äô parties, or in sex¬†clubs, my other passion is just having¬†outdoor sex at beaches all over the world where it’s possible
Paris: do you think you are naturally attracted to blackmen ? and do you think that blackmen likes you?
Anneke: Yes from nature I love Black guys, because I love Black cocks, there sizes and thickness and the way they have sex with me,very hard and rough, want to take very had, even like to be raped, that happened often by outdoor sex with strangers at beaches, so yes for sure
all these black guys i had, likes me, because I am real, not faking and just love sex and not by a reason to do it commercial, I have hearded that often they say to me, we can see that you love what you are doing, going for it in 500%
Paris: what about being used by a groupe of black males?
Anneke: Yes i prefer that, big groups of black guys,I had my world records with that and always want to better my own records, once i did a gangbang during 36 hours, it was a fucking orgy, with 1200 or more men, therefore I have also win 3 times this national Gangbang
contest what I already told you about!  i am going 3 till 4 times a week to sexclubs for my own fun, when there are gangbangs, and I go to clubs in The Netherlands, Belgium and often in Germany (in Germany most of the times together with my girlfriend(s)
Paris: What is your ultimate fantasy ?
Anneke (laugh) pffff to be true I have filled in all my fantasies, for example i had a fantasy to be taken very hard by huge dogs and huge stallion horses…Well I have¬†done that many times, don‚Äôt want to keep it as a fantasy but want to do it for real! why having a fantasy or dreaming when I can do it for real?? another fantasy that I had, was to sit behind windows as a hooker in a redlight area district, well I have done that also 6 times in Amsterdam!
Paris: A lot of white sissies like me, like to be humiliated by women infront of Black men, are you into this?
Anneke: I am from nature a submissive slave girl and not dominant, i love to be humiliated myself, but it’s ok in reverse too, I am getting very wet, being humiliated by black guys who are taking me very rough and hard sometimes with blood marks on my tits or ass
Paris: what do you thing about white bois who are loosing their manhood and start going black? Sissies like me and the majority of readers of this blog?
Anneke: It’s great doing it that way, loosing manhood by being fucked by black guys, it’s the same experiences like i had myself with my first black guys when i was so young
Paris : you are a total cock lover and worshipper? what it takes to be a big black cock lover, what is the joy and the hapiness within?
Anneke: Yes I am s huge cock lover, also beside the size and¬†thickness I prefer myself tight circumcised cocks,¬†with a foreskin or frenulum and i am crazy about¬†‚ÄėLow Hanging Balls‚Äô My joy in all is also to get very hard rough penetrations with these huge
cocks And prefer in my gangbangs DP’s, double vaginal and more extra cocks for oral sex and swallowing!
Paris : what about old men, tell us about the first time you were used by a group of old men and how that changed you and turned you into the slut you are today
Anneke: I am crazy about old men, make me wet maybe because my first experiences with was when I was living by with parents when i was young, my parents owned a little motel for old single men, Living there were around 30 old men living there, I had my own bedroom at the first floor and between them When i walked naked from my own room to the bathroom this men where stalking me, first they were only looking, later touching me and later taking me to the biggest room and use me, my dad had no problems with that and was joining the fun together with
them, this all started when i was very young…
Paris : Oh my gosh, that was such a passionate interview, a last word for BBC lovers  and sissies ?
Anneke: My¬†last word is: I love what i am doing and have done, never regrets! I am crazy about this dark black¬†color of cocks, and it makes me wild and the way they have sex oh my gosh!¬† as a slave girl, i’m taking them so hard and rough, thats the way i like it!
My wish for the future is to do better world record!
love and kisses from Annekemy
(nick name is SpermAnneke because my fetish is sperm ūüėČ

VIDEO: white wives having orgasmes ONLY with BBC

Hey Hey white bitches! Queen is back with a new post dedicated to those amazing amateur white wives and their hubbies who are entertaining us each week with brand new hot videos of them having fun! by having fun i mean : white wives getting blacked with¬† some good REAL COCKS while their hubbies are squezing their pathetic little boi pee wees, watching their wives going wild with their Black Bulls, those hubbies knews their place in this world and did what they must do in order to satisfy their wives, what about you? if you have a story that you want to share don’t hesitate to put on the comment section!

let’s start with this very hot video staring and ex-Playmate named Diane who fucks and cums LOUDLY with two different black lovers, while cucko husband films with his spare hands.

The second video is staring a very, very hot white wife loosing herself to her Black bull, as always, hubby is recording and watching ONLY



the third one is staring a hot brunette with ( H MY GOSH…wait for it) a very HUNG African GOD, that i want to keep for myself and maybe marry lol

watch this bitches!

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