Queenbitch Paris : My first BBC and how it changed my life

it was something like 15 years ago or more when i watched for the first time a porn with lex steel, i never saw a black dick before, even i was straight at that time, i was chocked by the size of that big black shelong, it started to obsessed me…

few years later, i started to go on some gay chat rooms, i never met someone, just chatting, then i started to talk with few of them on the phone, , one day, i was so horny that i’ve decided to cross the line, so i met this Tall African Guy from Senegal who was visiting Paris..i use to date a girl in that time, but i stole some of her lingery and i went to meet him in a motel…

i dressed and he came to my room, he sit on the bed…and iasked me for a lap dance …i don’t even know how i did that, once he was in the room i was acting like a girl! i stoped being a so called man when he entered the room..

he owned me already, his presence was so powerfull that it turned me into a sissy faggot stright away!

then he stand up and take off his african dress ( he was wearing a traditional dress from senegal )

he took off his pants, he was wearing an underpants, it looks not clean and smelly but.. its turned me on.. i was like a whore… his cock was semi erected and it was impressive, i took off his underpants and my gosh, it was a revelation.. for the first time i was infront of a cock of another man, and it was Black!

that huge semi erected BBC was twice my little pee wee, and smelling so strong….that smell of a powerfull MAN cock! i put it straight into my mouth and start to suck on, he started to became very big and hard in my mouth… i was chocked by the size!

i can’t understand how i did that it was my first blow job but i was very excitited and i guess i did it very well because he stopped me saying that if i continue he will explode in my mouth

he put on on the bed, like an experimented slut i put my ass up, and he liked my huge phat white azz, he said : ” you got a woman’s azz faggot”

he spit in my hole and start to fuck the shit of me, it was so painfull first, but after i was transformed.. the streaching of my boipussy, invadded by this powerfull african black dong blowed me..i was so fucking wasted with everything, the pleasure, the submission, the humiliation… he was dominating my phat white azz and i knew i want to feel this for the rest of my life, i want to be a faggot a sissy slut for REAL MEN! Black Men and i understood why they say “once you go black…”

i never knew such a pleasure before.. he came on my nipples, because he liked themm… few minutes later, he asked for another blowjob and he came into myy mouth asking me to shallow…

he left the room..ered with his cum and smell…li took a shower and i went to meet my ex-girfriend (she was white) and we kissed each other…while i was stil having this Black Men’s Cock taste in my mouth…

after this, i went queer and became a TV, i served so many BBC, and i still service Black men and worship them and their big black cocks, i converted so many other white bois to became sissies for Black men only, i started blogging about the lifestyyle, my blog was/is so populair now..i founded a BBC sluts academy to help other sissies…some of them also converted sisters and wives..

i’m so proud of what i accomplished so far, and happy because i got a lot of feedback from a lot of fans and sissies, also from a lot of Superior Black Men that apreciate my work and my devotion, it’s a blessing.. and i’m willing to give everything i can to be the best BBC slut for all the superior Black men wherever i go.

my dream now is to do a US tour, i never been there and there are so many Superior Black Men to service and satisfy.. i hope i can make it soon..

but i will never forget my first BBC…it changed my lufe forever.

Queenbitch Paris
January 9th,
Paris, France

VIDEO: Royal BBC Solo Show

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VIDEO:: Watch this amateur white TS teaching you how to serve a Black Man

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Blackowned Sluts Stories : “Morenita4BBC” Jungle fever Night

Hey bitches, as you know i’m always searching the web for the hottest, slutiest BBC stories to share it with you,  and that’s how i met Morenita4BBC,  a 30 years Sexy Trans who are totally into Black Men, and black men only ( white bois passe your way sorrryy) Morenita4BBC and me share the same passion and lust for  big black dicks, i’m happy to share with you one her hottest adventure, check this out 

His name is William but he likes to be called Willie.. he is a Tall over weight Black Daddy with a thick and black cock… Willie flirted with me in a bar and we went to a couple of clubs, it was fun, and the last club was a bit special,  i think there was only a few white people in the whole club, no white men at all, and  several of the black women there were t-girls like me. there wasn’t a big open dance floor area, but the club has a couple of different rooms.. we went into one room and i’ve seen this guy getting a blow job from this black chick….a lot of people were standing around and watching… fuck! it made me so horny and  i told Willie to get me a drink . once he left,  i couldn’t stop watching the Black getting this blow job.. he had a 12 inches black cock. the woman that was sucking on it looked right at me… i smiled and she motioned me to come join her. i kinda looked around and i did…she held it out for me to suck on it. and i took that cock into my mouth so fast.. fuck i’m such a whore for Big Black dicks!!.. i looked up after a while and Willie was standing there holding my drink and watching me. i told the woman that my man was back and i had to go.. she smiled and started to suck on her man’s cock….

i was so horny after this, willie took me later to another club in the hood, we took the Porsche Boxter with the top down.  i was wearing this short ass skirt. 7 inch heels i looked like a real whore, again it was a club full of Back men, very few white people and
i wasn’t the only women looking like a whore. a lot of other women were too. black and white girls

there was this moment when i went to a room with the 4 black guys that i just met, i had taken my panties off and put them in my purse. willie just followed me around. he knew i was horney for dicks..anyway,  i was in this room with these guys and i unzipped all their pants. and they pulled their cocks out. only one had a really big one. the others were kind of average. thats okay cause i sucked on all of them.. i was looking around as i was play with these beautiful black cocks…and when i saw willie. i waved to him to join us. and he did…now i had 5 cocks..for me to serve, every one of them got sucked and fucked. and at the end of the night my mouth and ass were so full of black seed.