New Hypnosis Sissy training Video

all my sisters knows that sissification videos works! this is  a hot new one that i just discovred on a video sharing website,  as you know to better results, you have to turn off the lights, put heads phone and keep your eyes on the video till the end. the video have a lot of submilinal messages that helps you to submit to the black reign and know your place as a white sissy boi born to service superior black males

Before and After a BBC!

Another B&A series, look at this innocent white wife, she may be your teacher, your neigbhour, or may be your dantiste, in reality this regulair married white wife is a BBc whore , she had a normal  life like every one, but her ssecret life is to service black men in dirty motels..enjoy



Download our Black Owned Motivation Posters !!!

i saw those motivation posters all around the web, and i found this fantastik, i said to my self why don’t do this for the cause, so i started looking for the best photos on the web and make some text on it, was cool and very exciting..hope you like, don’t hesitate to share guys!! love ya!


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