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KenyanBoy Honored Mistress today with tributing  one of my slutty naughty selfies with his Monster African Dong, i like tributes a lot, so like KenyanBoy don’t hesitate to send me yours at : and they will be published here 😉
Queen Paris
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Bitches supppppppp!!! Queen is back for more hot , naughty , slutty content! now tell me “do you miss me ?” oh yes ? so say it bellow in the comments sections, tell me your thoughts, what kind of content you want to see on your favorite blog, the only place for BBC, Interracial Madness!

Summer is here bitches, and everyone is horny so i decided to help you if you have erection problems with a selection of very naughty videos to make your days better and who knows will make you cross the line and get yourself some Horny Superior Black masters to serve and worship. let’s start with amazing hot video that makes me milk my clitty several times this week, a fucking lucky gorgeous white wife who had the chance to meet 2 very sexy and hung african bulls..and believe me i really want to be in his place right now ( clitty hard, ready to shot) so enjoy!! and see you tomorrow with a new video of this AFRICAN HEAT MADNESS WEEK!!


VIDEO : Young Amateur Couple trip to Africa!

Hi Bitches, it’s been a long time i didn’t shared with you my favorite videos from the wonderful world of Internet! so today let’s watch and wank for this amazing 200% amateur tape filmed by a lucky hubby on a trip with his hot white wife to AFRICA! yeah babe Hubby knows why he paied this expensive trip and guess what , its totally worth it! hubby wanted to make his hot white wife used and blacked in good conditions, he brought his wife those hungry, hung two african studs and give her to them like  cheep between a bande of lions…just watch and comment..wellcome to the Jungle babe!

Queen Paris

Black Baptisme in Senegal

i always be a bi boy, anyway with all this IR mania, i can’t get enoghh losing my manhood and my desire for pussies since  years..
can’t even fucked my ex wife properly, now i switch between girls and black diks, can’t be with a guy! i mean everybody here
knows what iam talking about, im a BBC Worshiper, and a Black ONLY SLUT,
but still think that i have to live and love a women..i know it’s crazy!
here is the situation, i knew an oldman, a white man on a bear chat website, and we both love interracial, he craves watching
my ass being blacked, he travel a lot to africa, and that is his proposal:
he propose me to go with him to DAKAR ( SENEGAL) and pass 1 month wth him there,
he is top, so he enjoy fucking black asses, but want me to serve all the black guys i want there,
one moth of real white submission in the heart of AFRICA!! do you imagine!!!!!
and…he will pay my flight ( i live in paris )
my food, everything, will buy me jewels, women stuff, cause he want me in CD ( i love that by the way)
and he will pay me 500 euros per week!!!!!!!
do you imagine this?Huh get payed to serve hung african black males?Huh its just a dream
and the think is that i know the guy since years, so he is really serious, last time he took with him another white boi…
i know everybody are saying : Com on!! GO!!!! lol
but i swear, not so imple when its coms to real life, when you know that this trip will change you forever for a whore, a slut,
i have to say goodby to all iv knowen…do you understrabd Huh why im i afraid, yeah i loive BBC i worship and this is just amazing..but i will be not anymore me…
im afraidf, and so so excited i can’t sleep, sould or not do this? and also im afraid from SIDA and other stuff there, in AFRICA SIDA is killing!!!
and dont know if i can handle all the boys, gangbangs etc… the oldman wanted me breeded by those africains males, and im afraid he force me to do it raw….

your lovely friend