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Queen Paris

Is There a Fascination with Black Cock? by Max Cherry

Hello bitches, today i have the pleasure to welcome Max Cherry on the blog who will share with us a great paper about the Fascination with Black Cock, so enjoy and Thanks Max for sharing with us your awsome study.


About The Author

Max Cherry is a Baccalaureate from the University of Florida’s school of journalism, as well as past staff writer and editor for Gannett News Service. Max is an accomplished photographer and has been featured in several publications such as the Erotic Book of Photography Volume I, Hustler and Skin Two magazines. Max is presently working on a coffee table book entitled “Sensual Bondage” by HP Press which shall feature all of Max’s photography work in the bondage genre which aptly displays his love for rope bondage and Shibari, an intricate Japanese rope bondage art form. Max is the president of Max Cherry, LLC which is an adult entertainment production company that specializes in fetish erotic entertainment with its electronic blog and subscription based BDSM entertainment website

 Is There a Fascination with Black Cock?

It has been said that there are some white women out there with an insatiable lust for the mythic big black cock (BBC). The reason behind it, mostly according to white women, is that black men have larger penises. By that logic, it is further believed that black men are excellent in bed.
Throughout history, the fascination, obsession and paranoia surrounded with black male genitalia has been kept alive for many decades, and is still alive and well in the 21st century.
Speaking from personal experience, prior to the research for this article, I had never met a white woman who personally and openly told me about their interest for black men’s sexuality. Yet, I have encountered numerous women on social networking sites that expressed their desire to sleep with a black man. Some of these women came from the United States, and some came from overseas, like Germany and Australia.
I must mention that none of these sites were porn related. 
In retrospect I’ve noticed something about those conversations. I’ve noticed they mentioned something about sex or cock size within  their second and third sentence in a posted thread.
This does not apply to all white women, but those who view black men as a mere sexual roller coaster ride


make me curious. Does it mean that to them, black men are nothing more than tools to satisfy their sexual pleasures, and nothing more? Can white women with that mindset see black men as human beings with a soul capable of loving? Or rather as soulless automatons whose hyper sexual nature and over sized dick is a mere plaything?
Since, the assumption is that black men lust after white women, does this help give white women that ego boost helping to satisfy not only their sexual urges and curiosity but also their notion that they are superior to all other women?
So I took it upon myself to ask around, this time I spread my survey pool across mainstream social networking sites, adult forums, friends, social acquaintances and some of the Max Kink  models and performers I collaborate with.
In doing so I discovered 10 common attractions white women have for black men and I met with several white women who have never been with a black man, though many confessed they have fantasized about a sexual encounter with a black man on more than one occasion.
At the conclusion of my informal survey and research I found one woman, a struggling model and actress that obsessed over her desire for a black man. Every time she thought about a large black cock, she got wet. So what did I do? I introduced her to the largest black man I knew, my friend Chris. Together they allowed me to peak in on what makes the white woman and black man physical connection so different, from my reclining chair point of view. We shall get to all the details and highlights of that encounter in just a moment.
Let’s review the 10 most common attractions I discovered that white women like about the black men.
10. It’s different
9. Their Good looking
8. Never a dull moment
7. They understand me
6. They are healthier and more fit than white men
5. They are confident
4. They treat me right
3. Their cocks are thicker than my past white boyfriends
2. Their skin color on my white skin, its lovely.
1. Rhythm In Bed.
So there you have it. Overwhelmingly because white men can’t dance, the black man has an advantage in bed with these women that I surveyed. Other important attributes other than cock width were their confidence and how they treat a woman.
So that brings us to our experiment, which is based solely on the physical connection. Our female subject, the lovely actresses Adaire E. Aire and my friend Chris DeLong with the long black cock come together and bring us, the Max Kink readership, a sample of what it’s like for a sexy blonde female to hook up with a well endowed and fit black man. Is the sex any better, did she orgasm more?
“He’s definitely big, he did make feel full and I could feel every stroke” Adaire confessed in her post encounter interview.
But I had to know did she now prefer black cock after her very first time with a black man? Let’s take a look and see if we can figure that out for ourselves.
Let’s begin with some still pictures of the action and then view a highlight video of the encounter. Now for a shameless plug…
If you’re interested or even turned on by Adaire’s hot scene with Chris (and why wouldn’t you be?), the answer is overwhelmingly, YES,  you can own the video for yourself, just click the link at the bottom of the page. It’s a hot video and it’s one of the more memorable amateur videos that I have ever watched or filmed.

We start off with Adaire E. Aire being first introduced to Chris and his big black cock (BBC). She’s seems intimidated at first, “It was so big holding it in my hand” Adaire confessed to me after the filming. After some brief chit-chat we move into the bedroom and get down to business. Now I didn’t take still photos of the action all the way through. I didn’t want the flash bulbs going off during the filming and we are not dealing with professional porn stars here, the ones who can start and stop and start and stop, stay hard, stay lubricated. If you’ve never realized it yet, a professional porno is not one straight through and through effort. But an amateur adult video, well that’s as real as it gets without the camera being there. So get comfortable and let’s join up with my friend Chris for….

Middle Eastern Q.O.S Confessions : “Don’t lose your time fucking white dicks , try a BBC and you will never stop!!”

hello bitches, watcha doing ? hope you get some black dicking lately, like you deserve!
follwing my campagne finding and meeting amazing icons and people from the lifestyle, i’m happy to share with you this little meeting i had with a very gorgeous and extremely BBC addict, she live in NYC, she dedicated her life for Big black cocks, she serviced  50 Blackmen in one year! , including complete strangers!! Taximan, Club manager, she is down for you as long as you are a Blackman…ladies and gents, please meet : Amira!

how your story started with big black cocks, your first BBC ?
I ’m always in love with bbcs but I never meet any till I moved to America, I was talking to my bf that Im into bbcs and they liked me too. My bf is open minded especially that I moved to America to study and he was working in another country and he knows about my fantasy to meet bbc daddies so we agreed to call bbc escort to meet and bf will be watching me getting my 1st bbc on cam I picked one handsome bbc that night

what diffrence with a white dicks?
Blackmen how to eat my pussy well and fuck me hard they turn me on!  and…i have to say that i love the taste of bbc cum more than white
are Blackmen sexually superior then white bois?
Yes they are, Blackmen knows what I want and they are soo good in that, they want to have sex rather than talk

do you feel that blackmen are attracted to you as well?
 Yes they are soo attracted to me, I have a big ass and long curly hair and im young and sexy so every time I go to coffee or bar or club only bbc following me or giving me their phone number or even they want to take me to hotel or home.
as you know more and more white girls, and even bois are going Black, why? 
 well huny its simple, Blackmen make me laugh and fuck like bulls!!!  they know how to treat horny sluts.
what is your craziest fantasy?
To be gangbanged by at least 4 hung bbcs and to cover me with thire loads so I can go back to my bf to clean me up by licking bbcs cums and to be creampied and bf to swallow the cum dripping out of my asshole, would love to get raped by bbc.
what if you are married, do you think you will stop servicing Blackmen?
ill never stop fucking bbcs,  im addicted to them..and  im sure i will share this passion with my hubby

what about Gang bangs , did u ever tried ?
would love to have gangbang, ive tried 3sum 1 bbc and my bf but dreaming to have gangbang !
what is the advice you give to all women that never tried a BBC
don’t lose your time fucking white dicks , try a BBC and you will never stop fucking bbcs “once you go black you never come back”