Video: Hot white CD gobbles 2 BBC!!

No comment needed, when you see this feminin white CD worshiping those 2 long black cocks! when it comes to worship & serve blackmen, crossdressers are always the first! and when they do this shit seriously! holla at my gurl and all those black owned sissies who knows their place!


Queen T, Black Owned white girl: :” White bois are meant to be a personal slave, and an unmeaningful pet”

King&Queen is one of the hottest IR couple i ever met! she is white with a gorgeous face and sexy thick booty! and he is a sexy, black hung (of course) thug. they are into Ir lifestyle for sure, and they are sharing with us their thoughts and lifes, Warning: Sexyness and naughtyness indeed !!!

 Q.P: Hi thanks and welcome to my blog, as you already know,  it’s a Kinky NSA space dedicated to BBC worship, Black supremacy, IR Life style and Cuckolding, and of course a love declaration for all Blackmen and their lovers, i will start by asking you how you guys met?

Ahhh, our first meeting wasn’t as exotic as you’d think. It’s more of a fairy tale beginning. Our moms were both single mothers who happened to share a duplex apartment. They were best friends. King & I went to Headstart together, and we were each others first boyfriend/girlfriend!! Lol, we were 4!! My mom and I moved away. We lost contact. 20+ years later, we met (a few times) but had no idea that we knew each other. It was instant chemistry tho. He really had my attention. I really wanted to play hard to get but he’s so irresistable. But once we connected the dots and realized who we were to each other, we’ve been together ever since….(and they lived happily ever after…hopefully!!!)

Q.P:  Queen T, tell us about your first BBC experience, and if that changed really your relationships with men?

The first time I was ever with a black man was empowering,  It was like my every fantasy up to that point had been filled with the first stroke. I felt like on a BBC was where I was meant to be. After that, not any white boy could turn me on anymore! I had finally went black and was NOT going back!!

Q.P: Queen T, what makes Black men and their BBC so addictive?

I think for me, it’s everything. It’s their hair. (OMG Kings dread are sooooo sexy aren’t they?!) It’s how they walk, talk, fuck, dress….everything. A black man and his BBC are similar to Pringles…once ya pop, ya can’t stop.  It took that first time with my King, and I haven’t been able to shake the need for him yet. And his cock?!  I know youve seen his pics!! He has such a pretty dick. I love placing my thick lips around it and guide it down my throat. Before King, I rarely would give anyone oral. If my exes knew how much head King receives as part of his Royal Treatment, they’d stalk my ass!  His dick is like crack. I only crave for him. That is all I can think about…getting to Kings BBC to get my next “fix”.

Q.P: Queen T, what difference comparing sex with a white boi?

A white man is like fucking a warm dildo. There’s no rhythm, no beat. I don’t remember my orgasms being anywhere as intense with a white boi as they are when I have my Kings BBC deep inside me. He reaches spots inside me I never knew existed. Theres nothing better than his sweet juicy lips on my clit, and his big black cock and/or fingers in my ass and/or pussy. Mmmm, it’s making me wet thinking about it. But black to the question: there is no comparison. In my experience , a black man tells a story or sings a song when he fucks, but a when a white boi fucks, he’s like a stray dog humping the first bitch he sees in heat. It’s disgusting. My King can make me orgasm in less than two minutes. When I was with a white man, I hardly ever reached that point.  Now I’m shedding tears because of the intense feeling I get when I’m about to cum. Due to King and that beautiful long chocolate sword of his, I’ve even discovered I am quite a squirter!!!

Q.P: King A, let’s move now to the man! King A, what attracted in Queen T or to a white women?

Well, this might sound cliché but the honest truth is her gorgeous smile!! I saw her “Mona Lisa” smile from across the club. She walked passed me and I saw that beautifully thicke body with her round ass…even the way she walks is sexy to me. My Queen is so pigeon-toed and I love it. I didnt see her again for a long time then there she was, in the same club. I loved the convo that night but she vanished again…i vowed that if I saw her again I wasn’t letting her get away from me a third time!! Next night, different club I saw her again…the rest is history.

Q.P: King A, Why people are addicted to BBC Porn? and why specially white bois?

My honest opinion is people are more addicted to BBC Porn because first of all you can tell it isn’t being staged…the women really enjoy in the movies are overwhelmingly satisfied. Even when it hurts them they can’t get enough of that BBC being driven deeper and deeper inside her. It also makes the viewer feel like they’re actually there. Maybe it’s the same for white boys in a way…they wish they could make their lady feel, sound and orgasm the way we do!! Who knows these things??!!

Q.P: QueenT, did you explore other ways in your relationship,  3somes, Black-Gangbangs ?

I’ve thought about it…and we’ve talked about it. My King has had threesomes in the past. It’s just not something that’s for us…at least right now. We keep it super spicy. Each time we have sex is never like any other. I think that’s why we are so content in staying monogamous. And not only that, how can I hold my title as Queen if the whole damn kingdom is getting pieces of my gold?! Lol  I am not against anything but know that everything isn’t for everybody. Each BBQ lover serves his/her own unique role in Black Supremacy, mine just happens to be to please only King with the best of my ability and to ensure that no matter what hole he chooses, he feels like its the best he’s ever had. I am any and everything he needs or chooses for me to be: a lady, a freak, a maid, chef, etc. But if at any point, King asks me to fuck someone other than him or vice versa, Id do whatever to keep him happy.


Q.P: QueenT, what is your ultimate fantasy?

I want the entire adult world to see my King and I fuck…like a mandatory live broadcast! It only makes sense to spread the pleasure of a BBC and to promote IR relationships but honestly, it’s mainly because I love to fuck in public. It turns me on knowing that SOMEONE could catch us. We’ve fucked & gotten/given head in department stores,  photography studios, restaurants, cars…tons more. I want the world to see why I choose to suck and fuck ONLY his amazingly perfect black dick. And I hope that everyone accepts their own destinies and go seek their own personal Kings!

Q.P: IR life style, IR cuckolding, Mandingos parties..white women are going black, is it just a trend or a real evolution of sex habbits?

I’m not sure if its just white women…you white bois seem to enjoy a BBC almost, if not more, than I do! lol I think most white men and women have had secret fantasies about the size and feel of a black Mans dick.
 But in all reality, it’s truly an evolution in sexual exploration. Some white women who have had a BBC still date white men, some stay and serve their BBC for life. It’s all about just trying new things until you find what works for you.

KING: All of these things have been around forever; it’s just now  people are  either comfortable enough with their preferences and sexuality or they just don’t care what people’s opinions are anymore because it’s just that an opinion…

Q.P: – Both, you know that we worship BBC, and promote IR life style, do you really believe in black supremacy?

Queens:  I do in a way…Especially when pertaining to white bois. I believe a black man should be living his own personal vision of paradise. He should be loved, catered to, and worshipped like a God. If you are blessed enough for your holes to be visited by a BBC, then in return you should do whatever it takes to make the black mans life easier. White bois should work and pay the way for the black man. As a thank you to the white boi, he will get to watch a white woman get fucked hard by that black beast!

KING: In a way yes I do but only because of sports and all sorts of extra curricular activities so to speak. There is a lot of things blacks are given credit for but we’re not gonna talk about that that’s another convo. What I do believe in is black empowerment!!

Q.P: Both, more and more white bois are also going Black, what is the place of a white boi?

Queen: A white boi is meant to make life easier for the black man and the woman he chooses to share it with. The WB should lay his hard earned money at the feet of my King as an offering to the BBC. He should shower him with money, gifts, do whatever he is told to do. (***Currenty taking applications. Send DM on Twitter if you KNOW this is one of you out there!) White bois are meant to provide,to be a personal slave, and an unmeaningful pet.

Q.P: Tell us about what you doing, your videos ? your projects!

Right now, we’ve just been discussing where to go next. There’s talk of a new web cam show and possibly a new video. It’s mind blowing just thinking about all the love we’ve recieved already.  But you can always check out our newest personal pics or video clips on Twitter!

Video: How to Worship a BBC

Bottoms have the best blowjob skills every everybody know that, but add to that a layer of total submission to the superior black race, a real and truthful desire to satisfy their black master and a cute  feminin face, you got this! fuck yeah us white sissies are the BEST!!!

BBC Slut and Proud : Join the Revolution!

Ladies and bois, it’s time to show the real you! what you are secretly craving since years, show what you are believing, and where you are belong to, time to show the world that you are a real worshiper, that you have faith, that you belong to the black cock church! do like thousands others may be more, that joind the life style, husbands that understood the power, and all the plesaure they can have, offring their wives, daughters, to the superior black race. white bois that are turning to sissies to service and worship their black masters, time is runing, just follow our lead to a new black order. share this call through mails, facebook and all the networks, and keep checking on @blackowned and sharing your stories, pics, videos on #BBCSAP
Queenbitch Paris

Vegasblkm4wf: “Kayla sucked me off with about 10 whiteboys jerking off their tiny cocks watching”

Hi everyone, today we have the extreme pleasure to welcome a Superior Blackman with us, he is Black, handsome with a Massive Black cock and from Vegas, city of sins, he is since long time in the Ir life style, and wanted to share with us a little bit of his life as a Black Bull..enjoy!


Xxtase : do you know that i opened this blog to promote black supremacy,  train white bois, cd, to service superior black men, and convert more white daughters, wives to serve ? 

Vegasblkm4wf: I did not, I hadn’t seen it until you messaged me on N Worship, now that I’ve seen it though i’m hooked.  I love it.

Xxtase : : tell us about your first white pussy experience.

Vegasblkm4wf: I was 17 and it was actually with a call girl that I met at a gym. Blonde with HUGE tits. She absolutely took advantage of me and I was hooked ever since.

Xxtase : : as a Blackman, do you feel like white women are more attracted to you then other regular white bois ?

Vegasblkm4wf:Yes I do, I think theyre all looking for something exciting and have heard stories and want to find out if what theyve heard is true. Theyre tired of the same old small dick boring sex.

Xxtase : : how white women show you their interest ? did they going straight telling you that they like Black guys? 
Vegasblkm4wf: They dont usually come right out and say it, its usually more with their eyes. Staring quite a bit waiting for me to say something. Some are REAL BBC sluts though and they come right out and say it.
Xxtase : :why White women are more and more addicted to Black men ?
Vegasblkm4wf:  I think as it becomes more and more accepted more white women are acting on things that they were afraid to in the past.
Xxtase : : what about Ir Cuckolding, had you tried it before ? if yes tell us about it! 
Vegasblkm4wf: Yeah, Ive had numerous cuckold experiences that range quite a bit. Sometimes the husbands just sit and watch and a lot of other times Ive seen them eat my cum off of or out of their wives.
Xxtase ::is it a turn for you to fuck a white wife in front of her husband? to humiliate him?
Vegasblkm4wf:  Yeah, I love it. Im a bit of a voyeur so I love showing off my big cock and to be watched.
Xxtase : : are white women submissive to you ?  do you like to dominate ? 
Vegasblkm4wf:  Yes they are, I like it real rough both verbally and physically and Ive found that’s what turns women on the most.
Xxtase : : why do you think that more white bois who are loosing their manhood to black men, get feminized and starting to service Superior black men?
Vegasblkm4wf:  I think its just a deep down animal nature in all of us, were humans but were mammals just like everyone else and naturally we are more dominant.
Xxtase : what do you answer those who are saying that there is no Black invasion and Ir life style ( cuckolding, more white girls  bois, going black) and that is just an internet fantasy ?
Vegasblkm4wf:  hahaha, anyone who thinks it isnt true  can spend a weekend with me to find out just how real it is.
Xxtase : we saw pictures of you having fun with Kayla, tell us about this adventure, is she a true queen of spades? 
Vegasblkm4wf with kayla
Vegasblkm4wf:  Oh yeah, Kayla is the best. She’s an absolute freak. The first time I met her was a gangbang and about 6 of us wrecked that slut. The other time was in an adult theater. She sucked me off with about 10 whiteboys jerking off their tiny cocks watching.
what a wonderful viril dominant Black man, if you are a white slut that can handle that thick massive black cock don’t hesitate to hit him on nworship!
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