celebrities gone Black: “Caitlyn” Ex-Bruce jenner Blacked!!!

IT HAPPENED!! Caitlyn Jenner Is DATING A BLACK MAN . . . Now All The Kardashian Women . . . Are Dating BROTHAS!!!
It’s no secret that the Kardashian ladies like Black men. Now it appears that they ALL ARE CURRENTLY DATING BLACK MEN. Yesterday Caitlyn Jenner was seen stepping out in LONDON for dinner with friends. Caitlyn was seen heading to Les Ambassadeurs Casino and Restaurant with a MALE COMPANION. She appeared to be on a date. Kourtney is dating Quincy Combs, Kendall is dating A$AP Rocky, Kris is dating Corey Gamble, Khloe is dating Trey Songz, Kylie is dating Tyga and Kim is married to Kanye.
caitlyn-jenner caitlyn-jenner-spotted-with-hot-younger-mystery-man-lead
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hallelujah! Bruce Jenner is officially “Caitlyn”, feminine, beautiful and sexy on the cover of vanity Fair!
During a recent “Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce” special, taped earlier this year, Jenner told stepdaughter Khloé Kardashian the plan to fully transition would happen “probably in the spring.”
Jenner’s new life as a woman will be chronicled in an eight-part docu-series premiering in July on E!

“Bruce always had to tell a lie,” Jenner said in a behind the scenes video taken during the Vanity Fair shoot. “He was always living that lie. Every day, he always had a secret, from morning ’til night. Caitlin doesn’t have any secrets. As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I’m free.”

it’s obvious that “Caitlyn” urgent need to revel her self was too strong, seeing all familly going Black didn’t help! i think that it’s an amazing news for our community, the proof that white bois destiny’s is to be transformed to finally enjoy the pleasure of servicing those Superior Black Males. welcome to the New Black Order, a world where Black Men rules!

Queen Paris

Celebrities Goes Black : Kris Jenner “Kardashian” is Blacked and sexually satisfied


Hi bitches, just in case you missed this old news, the Kardiashian’s mother Kris , after her consumed divorce with her rich white husband Bruce Jenner ( now a woman ) is now officialy Blacked which make the whole Kardashian family  now officially Black owned 😉

Kris told her friends that “she never been sexually satisfied like this before” that her new Black Boyfriend Corey Gamble is a sex beast! Kris Jenner, 59, is a new woman, literally. Since Corey Gamble, 33, has come into the momager’s world, she can’t stop giggling and blushing when he’s around — and we already know they are having a ton hot sex! We’re told Kris loves to say sweet nothings about her new man Corey! Her friends told us that while she doesn’t tell them with words just how good Corey is in bed, her face tells the entire story.


“She’s just all smiles and giggles whenever she’s teased about what she and Corey do in the bedroom,” a source close to the matriarch revealed to HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “She’s real gitty, like a teenager on her first date.

“She even turns red and and is quite submissive around him,” the source continued. “She always says ‘he’s great, he’s just an all around great guy.‘”

Even her EX husband Jenner is going Black so ;)
Even her EX husband Jenner is going Black so 😉

Kris and all her body has come ALIVE now that her sex life with Corey has been resurrected. “Kris has a very strong sexual appetite and she says she’s basically been starving for sex,” a source close to Kris told HollywoodLife.com.
“Her sex life with Bruce died a long time ago,” the source added. “She’s had some hook-ups here and there but this is the first time that she’s been having regular sex in years and she can’t stop bragging about it.”

Celebrity gone Black : Kim Kardashian

you all know that Kim have is pregnant from Kanye west, being already a Black bait with her perfect azz and boobs, now everything is getting bigger in her body ( thanks for kanye black seed)
now here is few pix, enjoy 😉

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian promoting IR Life style

what a wonderful picture of this hot black male/white women couple, they are rich, sexy and famous and they are promoting interracial relationships with class and sexiness, with this Black & White picture, when you can see the expression of Kim, you know clearly the message behind : only a Black man can satisfy a White women. enjoy
L’Officiel Hommes Magazine  – printemps 2013

Chubby Christina Aguiliera!

just saw pictures from the American awards ceremony, and guess who is on the red carpet, Miss Christina Aguiliera, my gosh, she is getting more and more wight, but she looks amazing, hot and sexy blode, Christina said : “ i have finally ass!!!” she is very happy with that, i think she knows she is pleasing Blackmen with all that meat ! she is now a real black-bait, i just wanted to know what Blackmen thinks about her new phatty booty 🙂