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The Mandingo Effect: Why Cucks love BBC?

Hello bitches, amazing paper i found today on thekink and wanted to share with you, which explore the fascination of cuckolds couples for Superior Black cocks , without waiting..i will let you discocover it, don’t forgot to share and comment!!

Queen Paris

Upon entering room 236 at the Holiday Inn Express, I see coming from the bathroom towards the door an obviously anxious, shapely looking MILF {Mom I’d Like to Fuck} in garters and a matching attractive fashionable Victoria’s Secrets lingerie outfit, probably an anniversary present. Her thick curvy figure is not suited for the skinny model bustier trying to hold her ampleness in place. Her husband is standing behind the door holding it open in anticipation of his dirty secret fantasy coming true. He ushers me in with a gregarious “Hello Sir!” quickly moving like an errand boy to situate the room so that it hopefully suits Me. “Come in, come in. I’m Mike” the anticipatory cuck says, almost pushing Me into the room with his words as he quickly closes the door. He rushes to adjust his cameras he has situated perfectly to capture the impending night’s actions.

I can recognize the look of being pleased but with unexpected anxiety on the part of the MILF. She introduces herself as Christy, extending her hand as she attempts to cover her scantily clothed body with her other hand, her curves unsuited for the outfit she has selected. Her nervousness a stark contrast to their sexual boldness in the emails, text and calls they have made to Me to set up this baptism into the cuckold lifestyle.

Having made this entrance numerous times before with many new cuck couples, I have seen this sexually charged tension. It is a copious mix of fear… “Oh my, this Black Guy will tie us up, rob us, rape her and kill us” coupled with the Mandingo Effect… “Oh my, hopefully this Black Guy will tie us up, rape her, use her, breed her and keep us as sex slaves!”

The Mandingo Effect that brought them to this moment in time had been brewing in them for quite a while, possibly since their wedding day. It’s that overwhelming desire to see his lovely wife possessed in the avaricious lust of a BBC {Big Black Cock}, a taboo driving them to alleviate the tedious boredom that their sex life, a taboo that is not as uncommon as the general public would present.

 The Mandingo Effect brings variations on the cuckolding fetish which is becoming more openly popular in the world of fetish sex. In fact, the Award Winning 1968 musical Hair openly hinted at the Mandingo Effect with the song “Black Boys are Delicious” (Video link, new window/tab). Actually, Mandingo, the movie, was released in the heyday of Afro-centric movies of the early 1970’s, though the movie depicts antiquated slave life in the antebellum south where large African American slaves are pitted against each other by white Masters who neglect their wives, only to have their wives turn to the Slave Champion. The film promoted Black Virility over white sterility (Video link, new window/tab). The term cuckolding far pre-dates the 60’s and 70’s ethos. In fact, the earliest usage appears about 1250 in the satirical and polemical poem “The Owl and the Nightingale” (l. 1544). The term was clearly regarded as embarrassingly direct, as evident in John Lydgate’s “Fall of Princes” (ca. 1440).  In French, the term is porter des cornes, which is used by Molière to describe someone whose consort has been unfaithful. Molière’s L’École des femmes (1662) is the story of a man who mocks cuckolds and becomes one at the end. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (c.1372-77), the Miller’s Tale is a story that humorously examines the life of a cuckold. In Chinese usage, an altogether different allusion is used, when the cuckold (or wittol) is said to be “戴绿帽子” (wearing the green hat)*. Thus, cuckolding has been a part of various cultures, even on various continents for hundreds of years. *Wikipedia, History of Cuckolding This new age of social media and cultural connectivity has aided in the resurgence of the cuckolding taboo to new levels. In an article in Psychology Today by David J. Ley, Ph.D. entitled “Kinky Cuckolding Fetish Goes Mainstream – Wives who have sex with other men: fetish of the millennium” published on June 24, 2010, Dr. Ley states “I thought this was a rare fetish, a fascinating one, but unlikely to ever be widely practiced or acknowledged. The social and evolutionary programming just seems too strong, suppressing female sexuality and encouraging jealous mate-guarding by males. I was surprised when I started to dig, that wife-sharing actually had a very long history, though it was never mainstream – when it occurred, it was in unique economic and social circumstances.In fact, a number of the men and couples who practice this lifestyle told me that they find the rarity of it, and the taboo nature behind it, a big part of the thrill.”
I begin by putting Christy, the MILF, and mike, the cuck hubby, at ease as I put My Dom tool bags down. I say in a moderate, yet friendly tone, “Hello you two. Finally good to meet you both. I bet seeing an African American male in your hotel room with two large black bags full of tools, toys, torture devices and such can be a little alarming. Don’t worry… yet.” The tension in the room eases as I take Christy’s hand after placing the bags in front of the door. I move her into the light simultaneously saying “Let’s see what you have been working with all these years, guy,” inspecting his prized possession by turning her around like a ballerina on her toes. I take her and seat her on the bed and summon mike over to be seated beside her for our primary SSR conversation (Safety, Sane, Rules).

Experience through the years has proven that this is the most important conversation new cuck couples must have. If you are a good judge of character, as Dominants must be, this brief conversation sets the tone for the evening fun and establishes the structure and the outline of the fantasy. This can seem rather pragmatic and redundant but it’s better than a trip to the police station, hospital, or having your name in the paper for something going drastically wrong. Trust there are many cases of just such things happening from the unexpected or unvoiced expectations or hidden red lines. Topics include use of birth control and protection, proof of STD(-free) results, clarity on the No Drug Use policy I have and a brief explanation of the progression of protocols I demand.

Christy sits on the edge of the bed, mike seated next to her caressing her exposed thigh, her legs crossed at the knee. Her newly purchased (for this evening) stiletto is pointing towards the window as she leans towards mike. I can see that he is anticipating this a bit more than she. I take her hand and move her away as I go over the rules asking repeatedly, “Is this understood?” He jumps to answer “Yes” as she nods in consent to each rule. I explain that this will avoid relationship drama and ask if there is anything I need to know about your health or mental status before I begin. And little mike the cuck jumps to answer immediately. I silence him and say, “Let her speak… she can speak, can’t you, Christy?” at which point, like releasing a pressure valve, the MILF Christy tells me more in thirty seconds of unhindered speech than mike the cuck has said all night.

This has been his desire and she wants to please him, but she has always wanted to be with a Black Guy. I purposely interrupt her: “You mean a BBC, right?” leading her to the obvious confession that she wants this as well. “Yes, a guy with a Big Black Cock… who knows how to use it, of course.” She pulls herself back with the latter emphasis. “This can be that and more much more if, at the end our session, you decide to continue.” I say this knowing that My intentions for this new cuck couple are to show them a glimpse of what the cuckold lifestyle is about, tease them, taunt them, then let them go home with the open door of opportunity of more. This way they can go over their feelings together before I increase the intensity, because this will allow any unrevealed issues to come out back home.

I then look at Christy and command her to ask her hubby sarcastically, “Why are you still dressed? Are you embarrassed?” This allows Christy the MILF the control over her cuck hubby that she has been wanting since the seed of this cuckold encounter was planted. “We need a good laugh!” I add and as the new cuck sheepishly undresses. I place the MILF Christy on My lap noticing her wetness and warmth as she squirms to adjust herself accordingly. I begin to trace with My fingertips the delicate latches to reveal her lovely skin to the climate controlled air in the room. By the time her hubby is finished and ready to be commanded into position, she is fully topless, her huge tits no longer keeping Victoria’s secret. Thus, the Mandingo Effect begins……

Cuckold Literature : meet Sir, a Black Bull who use his pen as well as his Big cock

Hello bitches, hope everything is good in your little kinky lives, its time to get more intelctual in this blog (lol) i had this great oportunity to meet Sir black_10_atlanta, who is writing a series of books which detail the new sexual cravings around the world, we have the honor to be the first to publish this amazing piece of one of his books that you can buy from Amazon, that are truly great.

Sir defins him self as a Black Man who is truly sexual and quite lewd. he enjoys making white people become what they were born to be. to use them, set them free, and make them live for cum. he knows that  white females and males all crave serving a superior Black Man, and he mold their minds to accept that truth. he use couples, making each one worship Black Dick and cum,  training them  for more than twenty years, I turning the men into the sissy they want to be while making sure the female is used for sexual explorations that make her feel like a girl who has a purpose.

Queen P

My girl’s pussy leaks with a sweet aroma, one that captivates every nose that glances a whiff. Like a powerful perfume which is kept safe only for the very best clients a boutique satisfies. She is such a strong girl, having lived a life full of trials and tribulations and denied sexual gratification from the male she married oh so long ago, she now lives a life that promises more pleasure than having her honeymoon relived. I’ve given her reason to dress sexy, I’ve made her aware of that which she kept held back so long and why it needs plucked. 
   With each lick of My belt her bitch of a male whimpers louder. Forty days is a time span the bible makes note of. 40 is a number which divided by eight leaves five. Five times must My girl say “it needs more pain.”, and if she utters not those words then I will see no reason to deliver. The lowly cuckold, dressed as a nun, in a head piece which would make any teen aged devotee look holy, a corset bound tight to a body which has no natural curves, and a 3 inch wooden crucifix dangling from her neck. A neck whim jerks from side to side with each kiss My belt allows this sissy bitch to savor.  will recite vows made before, in a tone that would stiffen the monks of old. Forty days is a time span the bible makes note of in trials and tribulations one must suffer to achieve bliss. 40 is a number which divided by eight leaves five, kisses made sweeter with her flowing perfume sent from a body which quivers with each kiss I send to the worthless piece of trash puddling on the prayer bench, wet with sweat and glowing in the knowing its confession found the right ear. Five times must My girl say “it needs more pain.”, and if she utters not those words then I will see no reason to deliver, and her pussy lips will have to reason to lick each other in a dance under her short skirt which hides her flower from the daylight but never from Me.
   My arm reaches back to deliver number twenty and her breath hold still the air around her until I make it kiss the ass which is held high, adorned by lace panties and caressed by a garter belt made for a budding bride. Hose holds the ugly legs at bay and makes them look a little pretty as it can never look good enough to seduce so it has to look at least a littler pretty… such useless property is the bitch who grovels, who begs for me to fuck his blessed bride with endurance and skill, a dog who can’t even use the tongue born with to make her flood. 5 inch black leathered heels make the size 14 shoes glint in the light of the room with walls made to keep the screams in and away from prying ears the neighborhood has. I move, I light the ass held high in utter confession and her hips grind down in the seat, her lips lick each other in a display of wanton release, her thighs quiver, her eyes small. Number 21 makes the ice of meat whimper louder, My girl can take very little more, I am now in full motion as its her time to suffer. I use her limped dick of a white slave to show her who is in control. I heard her lusty wants to see the cuckold sissy cum loving cock-sucker feel pain so she can drip but this is now her time tip be used hard, to feel what its like to have a Man own her very soul. My girl wants to see no more as number 23 hits hard, she’s drenched and needs to be fucked. Number 24 makes her head stiffen, her nipples are so rigid they show huge needs under tight tents. 
   My girl will cum hard without Me even touching her nor her fingers making the flood illuminated for Me to see. The belt licks her pussy as it makes the skanky white animal groan on the prayer bench. My girl will know what pain can do to flesh as her womb now dances in a glorious symphony of carnal perversions. A tested mind now gets more than she bargained for as I watch her reaction to the hurt I give the cum hungry bitch she once thought was her man. I break the ass, welts design the form of cuckold at bay, pale skin with red lines which brighten as I add another. The more I hurt the husband who now begs for seed, the wetter she gets until not even her strong mind can break through Mine and she begins to soak the seat. 35, 36, 37, her legs shake. 38, 39, she gasps trying to breath. Forty days is a time span the bible makes note of. 40 is a number which divided by eight leaves five. Five times must My girl say “it needs more pain.”, and if she utters not those words then I will see no reason to deliver.
   Forty hits break the bitch and she chums hard. Unable to speak, uttering grunts and groans and whimpers and gasps, she writhes in the seat without even using her fingers and she cums like never before, she chums for her own lewd thoughts made real by the Man she will take deep in her pussy and keep satisfied until I can fuck no more. I know this girl will take My Dick in any hole I want and will do so with the skill a harlot learns over deeds to make cum her feast.
   Forty days is a time span the bible makes note of. 40 is a number which divided by eight leaves five. Five times must My girl say “it needs more pain.”, and now its her turn. Forty strokes it takes to make a pussy feel alive, forty slaps of full balls against her lit will make her feel wanted, forty deep plunging dives into her love will make her feel sexy, and the rest will make her loose her mind.
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Queen Paris

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