Interview of a Blacked white couple: ” our happiness secret: BBC”

Miss Paris: Dear Amy and Lynn, i discovered your videos on xhamster and I instantly loved your conception of couple and  the way you guys are spicing up your couple and of course it’s include a lot of BBC! can you tell us about you ?how all this started? how and when was your first BBC experience?

Amy & Lynn: my name is Amy and I’m crossdressing since 2001, Lynn is my Girlfriend and we both share love for hung black men! My first BBC experience was in 2012, I’ve been online horny, chatted with a Black guy and invited him over, it was my first BBC and I never go back 😉

Miss Paris: your conception of a “happy white marriage” is quite interesting, both of you share the same Bull

Amy & Lynn: We   are  not actually married.  Lynn is my girlfriend, and yes we both love black cocks, it’s the secret that make our relationship so strong and exciting!

Miss Paris: who likes BBC the most of you 2? hum, tricky question 🙂

Amy & Lynn: We both have the same strong passion for BBC, we are total big black cocks worshippers, Lynn started away before me,  she was dating black men years before we met, we both instantly connected over our same addiction to be BBC sluts!

Miss Paris: question to Amy: what’s the most exciting thing for you being a sissy in front of your GF ?

Amy & Lynn: The fact to loose my manhood to a REAL MAN in front of a woman, so exciting! Lynn keep filming me taking big black cocks, and even when black guy decide to degrade the shit of me, pissing in my mouth!

Miss Paris:  what is your ultimate fantasy?

Amy & Lynn: invite 3 black men or more over and get gang-banged by their big phat cocks, than swallow together all their cum!

Miss Paris:  what would be your advice to white couples?

Amy & Lynn: to all white couples, don’t be shy I know you want that Black spice in your life! Try cuckolding! You know you and your white wife are craving for real black cock that satisfy both of you, don’t miss a chance for real pleasure and lust!

Miss Paris:  why white wives and sissies are crazy about Black Men?

Amy & Lynn: Because white men do not compare to black Men, come on! You can see it by yourself, only Black men can give us the good fucking deep pleasure we want me and my GF! You should go Black!

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