VIDEO: BBC Hypno Trainer :surrender to the Power of Black Cocks.

Hello my biatches,
just a quicky special posts for my 3 wonderful trainees that are doing it great, starting their first steps in the world of Black Supremacy,¬† studing at my “SLUTS ACADEMY”, here is a little Hypno trainer for you, that i just found to practice your exercices with it, many thanks for the Trainer maker, and for all my fans around, hope it will help you find your place ūüėČ

Queen Paris

VIdeo: Sissy Hypno-Trainer : Black Obsession

Hypno trainer, works, that’s a fact! so keep training your self to worship superior black men, and their mighty cocks! enjoy and learn!

Queen Paris

Feminization: What happend when you are Fucked and bred!

we talk a lot about all the way of feminization, a lot choosed¬† surgery and hormones, to becam a real girl, and i totally respect that, while other prefered to stay as they are, being part-time/full time dressed. well i think in both ways there is somthing really changing in you, when you start to give your manpussy, concider your tool as “clitty” and not a “dick” ( hopefully) you ecam in a certain way, more femal, your body start to use to it, your body changes, especially when you are bred, all the¬† sperm that stays inside will become part of your hormonal body chemistry, renforcing your feminity and create needs of more and more fucking and seed! just check out this amazing video made by a team of creative people from Berlin!


Video: New Hypbno Trainer : Cocksucking Submission

Emperorhypnos is the best when it comes to Hypno Trainers, ¬†this slut is a true believer, you can feel ¬†it when you watch her work, i have to say that he is very talented, have a real sens of rythm and editing, ¬†and the result is really fantastic, i have to say those trainers works like a charme, and helped me a lot in my sissification process, also it’s a very good way to reach prostate milking! enjoy faggs!

Video Another 2 Hot Sissy Trainers

Hi faggs and bitches, are you still stuck between fantasy and reality ? between your ordinary life, watching and jerking to big black cocks fucking white pussies and ass holes and your envy to “really worship” those mighty black pleasure tools ? you are dressing your wife’s panties and feel so fem..this is the best solution for you to jump to another level: Hypno training videos will help you to sissify your self, and convert you into real BBc whores, and beleive me it works! here is some hot ones :

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