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Portrait of “Jos” : From Cuckold to a Manwhore, a journey to Black paradise

The internet is full of surprises, and one of good ones, people who are living their fantasies without any strings attached, Jos is one of them, this 47 sissy whore  and experienced cuckold is enjoying every second of his life to serve Black cocks, he is telling us his story.

Q.Paris : Cucky! i dont know if its your nickname but i like it! can i call you like that?
That is an easy nickname, but Mistress Marie never really liked it, how about we unveil my new nickname right now for her,  Call Jos please.  Jack of Spades!
Q.Paris :so who is Jos, how old is her and from where he came?
He came from the West Coast but has been in the Midwest for quite some time now.  I do love the Midwest people and culture, but I sure miss the West Coast scenery.  I really miss the ocean too.  If you’ve never had an opportunity to stand on a beach and just watch and listen to the ocean, put it on your bucket list.  I am 47 years old and have loved my women being on the slutty side ever since I can remember.  I’ve wanted to share them since before I knew what a cuckold was.
Q.Paris :So Jos, we met because i found your profile and pix on the INTERNET with a sexy white woman having fun together, who is that Woman? 
That woman is the amazing Mistress Marie.  Her and I have been together for over a year now and what a year it has been.  She was a sexual “snake in the can of peanuts” in a lot of ways.  She was just waiting for someone to remove that lid, and when I did, boy did she spring out and start causing some excitement.
She has always been a real slut, but was afraid to admit to herself, let alone any one else.  She had no shortage of cocks in her day, but there was no kink involved.  I let her know how awesome it was that she had been with so many guys and that really threw her for a loop.  I also told her I’d love to see her with another guy and then the journey really took off.


Q.Paris :i guess that’s how it started with big black cocks?
We shared a lot of tumblr pics back and forth in the beginning.  It was really a cool way of seeing what turned each other on.  That led to the discussion of her sleeping with another guy, and I brought up a black guy.  She said that had never happened, and at first, I didn’t think it would happen.  We started off with a few swingers and that was fun, but it wasn’t what we were looking for.  She had several white guys and we loved her being a slut.  She knew of my interest in black cock and finally decided to do it for me.  She is an amazing woman always looking out for her pet Jos.  After a couple of times, she was hooked, but said she could never be black exclusive.  Well now she wants to be inked with her desires via a Queen of Spades tattoo, and she loves the internet world seeing how much black cock she gets, and what a slut she is.

Q.Paris : what is the biggest pleasure to enjoy together some Black meat with your Cuckoldress : being fucked together? being humiliated in front of her ?
This is tough, because there’s a few things I really enjoy.  Seeing her get DP’d by two black cocks is amazing.  I absolutely love watching her be a complete slut.  I love to see her pussy look absolutely used and worked over.  I really love sucking a big black cock with her, our mouths going up and down the shaft. I also love seeing her eyes light up when I tell her what a slut I’ve been.  Sometimes I’m left behind in the hotel and told to get more cock until check out time.  So I hit craigslist and slut away.  She gets so hot when I tell her about me just fucking strange guys, especially if they’re black and they are aggressive in the way they fuck me.

Q.Paris :
tell us about the moment you both are taking big black cocks in your holes in the same time?
This hasn’t really happened like we want it.  We’ve sucked the same cock at the same time, but never have looked at each other and watched the other get drilled while we were getting drilled.

Q.Paris : Do you think that Black men sexually superior then white bois? 
For the most part, yes.  I’m not one to make blanket statements, especially about any sort of superiority involving race but  I will say I look at the black cock differently for sure.  I can’t imagine telling a black man he needs to wrap.  I’m a bare back slut for black, and I don’t see that changing.  I would tell a white guy to wrap.  Especially somewhere like an adult theater(nope, haven’t slutted out there,…yet-another bucket list item), I may tell a white guy to wrap, but not a black man.  Sexually they are most certainly preferred.  If I could get enough cock being black only, I would.

Q.Paris : as you know more and more white girls, and even bois are going Black, why?
The power of the internet.  They’re finally seeing what some of these cocks are like, and they’re hearing how much better it is black.  The sayings have been out there a long time, and I finally think more and more people are comfortable acting on their desires to see if it’s true.  Word is spreading, and so are thousands of white girls and bois legs, and ass cheeks.

Q.Paris : Tell us more about your kinky life, how you meet Black guys? your gang bang parties.. 
We use fetlife, craigslist, and I’m on a couple gay sites too(my cherry popper and my Mistress decided to make me put a profile on a few gay sites advertising my availability to black men. My first week I had three black cocks fuck me.  I still meet guys on there.  Each site is unique, and has brought good and bad results.  Fetlife has been our most trusted site for sure.  We are working on and practicing how to pick the right black guys up just out and about.  It’s not as easy as one might think.  The right clothing and tattoo’s should help.

Q.Paris : how BBC changed your life?

 I think about it a lot now.  I want so many black guys I pass in the store, or wherever to just look at me and know I’ll drop and service them at their command.  And I would.  I look at their crotches all the time and wonder what’s in there.

Q.Paris : After being Blacked, what you can say to all wives, hubbies?
If you’re AT ALL curious, do it!  I’m not one of the “EVERY WHITE GIRL SHOULD…or EVERY WHITE BOI SHOULD….,..”  I will say, if you’re at all curious, or even wonder, DO IT!  You will not regret it, and for many of you, it will change the course of your sexual thinking.  You’ll be a total slut for black cock just like Mistress Marie and I are now.

The Wonderfull story of the happy “white” marriage


When Internet arrived to our homes in the 2000’s, we didn’t expected that it would change our lives forever, more then Radio or Television, Internet is definitely the most important invention in humanity’s contemporary history. accessibility of content and interactivity probably are the factors that  changed our conception of relationships and sexuality. who imagined that this “white man” invention will became the reason of his biggest decay. what we use to call “mainstream media” are all now fed by INTERNET, shared by INTERNET and powered by INTERNET : Music, films, papers and of course ideas, concepts and lifestyles are over-exposed  by the web. every time you open a web page, you open a million of possibilities that can affect your little boring life forever.

let me tell you a story, a story of a regular white man, married to a beautiful white wife,  they have a house with kids and a dog, both have jobs, they  have everything that can make them happy.
one day after taking his kids to school, the hubby take  some time to check his emails, then a pop-up page opened, what is that? a interracial porn website with 3 Well hung Black men completely filling  all the holes of a gorgeous white women that looks exactly like his wife “Jenny” , those big black dongs  are lokking disgusting and huge exploding the white women’s pink pussy, but..for some reason she seems like in it! he knows its a porn, but she really seems to like being black-filled like a whore and for some reason, his tiny cock start to grow up, he don’t understand , he is revolted by it! being turned own by those 3 Hung Black Men fucking “Jenny’s Clone”. few seconds later he start wanking his dicky and cum over his work pants..shit that was good..


few months later, his wife surprised him wanking over Interracial Porn, instead of fucking her, she is also confused and revolted! why watching porn when you have a hot wife at home?  so she started to look at his browser history : Big black cocks porn, black gang bang, white wife cuckold..cuckold ? really ? he is really turned by this ? why? ..then she click on one video, an amateur porn tape where  a white wife is taking 3 Black guys in a trashy motel room..the hubby is shooting and wanking his dicky, while the wife is enjoying those huge black dongs in her holes..“Gosh they are huge” Jenny thinks to her self…

another few months later, “Frank” and “Jenny” decide to have a conversation and a Black Dildo! that night he didn’t touch her with his white tiny dick..and it was surprisingly the best sex they ever had!

–  “ maybe we can try new stuff..what do you think about it” “Frank” says

-“like what” ?

-“ I don’t know, do something like in the Video we saw yesterday”

-“ what? the Cuckolding thing? with a Black stranger? says “Jenny”

-“yeah..or maybe more then a 1 Black guy..”

both looks at each other’s eyes, then start kissing,  Jenny was suddenly wet and Frank have an erection again..didn’t happened to them for ages. Frank started to look on the INTERNET again, the same INTERNET that he discovered the wonderful world of Interracial Porn, and he is about to find out that Interracial is also a lifestyle, that he and Jenny are not the only white couple that decide to discover a new side of their sexuality  thorough Cuckolding, they found out that this huge community is real, growing fast and have one thing in commune, one single thing that changed the lives of thousands of couples: Big Black Cocks.


They start looking and finally  Met a Handsome, tall Dark  Guy that gave Jenny he Fuck of her life, Frank was in heaven, still don’t know how and why he had such a powerful moment even without fucking his wife, just watching his gorgeous Jenny taking her Black Lover’s 9 Inches Cock deep inside her every single hole, creaming on him, screaming and having orgasm after orgasm..something that he never succeed to reach during their 10 years of marriage. it was hard to accept it, but ridiculous comparing to the infinite pleasure that this experience offered to him. Jenny knew finally what she was missing in her life, and understanding why people use to say “ Once you go Black, you never go Back”

After some time and  dozen gang bangs, Mandingo parties..Frank felt like they have to go to another level, a new step in their new lifestyle experiment, he was fascinated by the Power of Black Cock, so one day  while his wife was shared by a Group of a Black strangers, he get close to her, took his hand and whispers something in her ears, she stopped, and look to him, and then said “Yes”  Frank went to their room and come back completely dressed as a Girl, he have prepared everything, wig, make up and sexy outfit, he came and took position near his wife on the Bed, both were in the same position, offering their asses to those Big Black Boys…2 Black Bulls came, grabs their asses and start to Fuck them both, Frank took his first Big Black Cock deep in his “boipussy” and finally understood what it feels to be Blacked, why all those white girls are going Black, why all people are worshiping Black Men..he understand that his life just got a sens, he knows his place now, he,  Jenny  and all White people are Born to serve, worship those Superior Black living-Gods.


while a million thoughts and sensations comes through his body and mind, he looks to Jenny taking another Black Cock deep in her Pussy..she looks back at him and  take his hand..both smiles, smiles like never before.

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