Interview of a Blacked white couple: ” our happiness secret: BBC”

Miss Paris: Dear Amy and Lynn, i discovered your videos on xhamster and I instantly loved your conception of couple and  the way you guys are spicing up your couple and of course it’s include a lot of BBC! can you tell us about you ?how all this started? how and when was your first BBC experience?

Amy & Lynn: my name is Amy and I’m crossdressing since 2001, Lynn is my Girlfriend and we both share love for hung black men! My first BBC experience was in 2012, I’ve been online horny, chatted with a Black guy and invited him over, it was my first BBC and I never go back 😉

Miss Paris: your conception of a “happy white marriage” is quite interesting, both of you share the same Bull

Amy & Lynn: We   are  not actually married.  Lynn is my girlfriend, and yes we both love black cocks, it’s the secret that make our relationship so strong and exciting!

Miss Paris: who likes BBC the most of you 2? hum, tricky question 🙂

Amy & Lynn: We both have the same strong passion for BBC, we are total big black cocks worshippers, Lynn started away before me,  she was dating black men years before we met, we both instantly connected over our same addiction to be BBC sluts!

Miss Paris: question to Amy: what’s the most exciting thing for you being a sissy in front of your GF ?

Amy & Lynn: The fact to loose my manhood to a REAL MAN in front of a woman, so exciting! Lynn keep filming me taking big black cocks, and even when black guy decide to degrade the shit of me, pissing in my mouth!

Miss Paris:  what is your ultimate fantasy?

Amy & Lynn: invite 3 black men or more over and get gang-banged by their big phat cocks, than swallow together all their cum!

Miss Paris:  what would be your advice to white couples?

Amy & Lynn: to all white couples, don’t be shy I know you want that Black spice in your life! Try cuckolding! You know you and your white wife are craving for real black cock that satisfy both of you, don’t miss a chance for real pleasure and lust!

Miss Paris:  why white wives and sissies are crazy about Black Men?

Amy & Lynn: Because white men do not compare to black Men, come on! You can see it by yourself, only Black men can give us the good fucking deep pleasure we want me and my GF! You should go Black!

INTERVIEW: Me, 22 years old Straight Black Man, just had my First CD and i liked it”


More Superior Black Men are tempted by a Cd/TV experience, and we can easily know why : they are gorgeous, sexy, feminin and very devoted to Black Cocks, i had the chance to talk with this gorgeous young Black guy that confess about his attraction towards crossdressers and tv’s..enjoy our conversation!


Intro/ Q1: Dear Hot Black daddy ( yeah i decided to call you like this) , i’m really happy and honored to welcome you to my blog, can you introduce your self

Hello Paris, I’m doing well. You can call me by my fetlife name Ultra V or you can simply call me “Bill”.
Q2: first time ever with a white girl ?
My first time with a white girl was during my time in college when I was 19 years old. There was this girl in school who i knew through a guy. Me and him were not exactly friends more like acquaintances to one another. She kept trying to talk to me and I found it to be a bit surprising because I really made no attempts to speak to her. One day after I was pouring sweat coming out of my weight lifting class she wanted to give me a big ol’ hug. I found that to be a pretty good sign she liked me considering how sweaty i was at the time. Eventually I went ahead and gave her what she wanted. It was a great fling we had and eventually turned into a relationship that lasted a few years.
Q3: why  girls, wives and hubbies are so crazy about Black men and BBC ?
I believe that people are so entranced by BBC or black men because of the mystery behind it. There are tons of rumors and I think most people especially whites are discouraged from mingling with black men when they are younger. We become that mystery flavor that everyone wants to try. There is definitely a perceived power and dominance that others have when it comes to black people and of course the expectation of a larger than life penis. This can be tracked to slavery when whites were in awe of the genitalia of black men. We come off as powerful and strong and I think in sex most women and sissies want to be dominated.

Q4:  you are 22 years old , been with girls and one day you decided to try a CD/TV ..can you tell us how this happened?

Well I can say it started about the time I was 17 or so. I kept watching pornography online and I honestly at first found “shemale” pornography to be absolutely appalling. Over time that shock turned into curiosity and eventually somehow found its way to attraction. As I got deeper and deeper into it I realized that i was attracted to feminine features. It only took a person to appear woman-like for me to have that attraction. Eventually i developed a preference for more natural looks instead of the obvious plastic surgery you see in most “Shemale porn”. At that point i got into looking at traps/crossdressers. Eventually my curiosity was too powerful to ignore and i decided I would try it out or forever hold my peace haha.

Q5: how was your first CD experience?
My first CD experience went rather well and I have to admit I was extremely nervous about it. I had an expectation that it would be some sort of big step in the evolution of my sexuality and I might feel odd about it later because despite my attraction to CD’s I have never considered myself bi-sexual. Again that is going back to the fact that i’m attracted to feminine features and not masculine ones. I arrived at the home of the CD and I waited outside until the gurl was ready and came in and had a bit of wine and conversation. She was decent looking and semi-passable. I did a lot of things sort of figuring out what I did and did not like to do. One thing that holds true is I do not like having my ass played with. This CD tried but I quickly put an end to that. I really enjoyed the feeling of fucking an ass though. I love anal sex and knowing I would get nothing but anal is a really big bonus for me. That is a large factor in what drove my attraction to CD’s. At the end of it all she sucked me off and I came inside of her mouth. Not a bad ending to a new experience.
Q6: based on your last experience, how can you explain the difference between girls and CDs?
I would say the biggest difference I notice between CD’s and girls is there response to penetration and oral. In my experience with women they are much easier to read and they directly receive pleasure from penetration and do not require (although sometimes prefer) you to manually stimulate with your hands as well. This CD did enjoy the anal sex but I can tell that the same moves if used on a women would leave her in a euphoric state. But I think this is mostly due to my inexperience with sex with CD’s. It was simply the first time and I was using movements that work great on women but maybe less so for a CD. At the end of the day even though I am dominant I base how great the sex was off of how well i perform. I’m really a pleasurer so the more you squeal the more excited I get. One noticeable difference is that CD’s enjoy getting you the pleasure more than most women. Most women cannot concentrate on that when you bring them into orgasm and I never stop at one or two orgasms with women. My goal is usually to get somewhere around five or so. CD’s on the other hand seem preoccupied with making me cum which isn’t bad just a change of pace.
Q7: do you think you will go further with this curiosity ?
Yes I do think I will take my curiosity even further. I enjoyed the experience although it could have been better. I didn’t feel weird afterwards and was happy that I got laid that night. I am looking for more passable and better CDs going forward until I find the one that I really click with.
Q8: what do you think about all this fascination about BBC and Black Men, about those white bois loosing their wives, manhood to be sluts for Blacks?
I must say the obsession that I see for Black men by white bois is something that I did not expect. Even before I professed my attraction to CDs on numerous websites the majority of messages sent to me were from white men who wanted me to have sex with their wives or wanted to serve me as a sissy slut. I don’t really mind it. Everyone has their own thing and if I benefit from it have at it.
Q9: what you can say to Black Guys that are curious into CD/TV and never tried ?
For any other black man that is curious I would say just go out and try it. Be bold about it and just thrust yourself into the situation when you find one that is attractive to you. You won’t regret it and you wont get any weird feelings afterwards. I know a lot of us are afraid of that stigma of being a homosexual and think we’ll feel guilty afterwards but you won’t. And labelling sexuality in general is more harmful than good. I don’t think in terms of homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual. You like what you like. For me I like feminine things that can be CD’s or women. To me that isn’t gay at all it is simply having an attraction to feminine qualities.

Q10: do you believe that Black Men are sexually superior ?

What I will say is that we tend to have more rhythm and body control. I tell everyone “how can you be good at sex if you can’t dance”. We also have a different mentality when it comes to having sex. I feel that we are more confident and If white guys out there want to compete they are going to have to show that same level of confidence. With that said I cannot speak for other black men but I will say in my case I am a sexually superior individual. 

Interview : SissyMollyCD, 25 yo Bimbo TV : “I came just feeling my First BBC hot load hit my face. i was hooked”

Tvs, Cd’s are the future of white bois, ive already told you, more i’m exploring the internet and more i found that more and more bois are getting dressed, sexy and feminin because they are aware of their condition as an inferior sub “males” comparing to Superior Black Men, those enlighted sisters understood everything about the new black order and what are their places in this new ear, Molly is one of them, she is a very attractive blonde CD completly addicted to BBC worship and she will tell us more about her life, check this interview out!


Paris : Hi babe, welcome to my Blog, can you please give my readers a quick introduction about you?

Molly: Hi, im SissyMollyCD in live in NY and i’am 25 yo slutty Blonde Busty Bimbo Sissy slut CD TV. I have been dressing since I was 11 or 12. I just became addicted to BBC this past year.

Paris :how your story started with big black cocks, tell us about your first BBC ?
Molly: I dont know how it started. I guess I got out of a relationship I was in with a woman and i decided i wanted to give it a try. I got a motel room one night and dressed up like a  slutty gurl and put a craigslist add up looking for bbc. i had one over and i gave him head and he came on my face. That was the first time I had ever came myself without any contact just feeling his hot load hit my face. i was soo hooked
Paris : how BBc changed your life?
Molly: gives my life some purpose. i love the feeling i get when i get a bbc hard . i love feeling his hard cock in my mouth. i guess the attention and affection i get from that is really what its about.

Paris : are Blackmen sexually superior then white bois?

Molly: OMG yes. There much more man. i love their big thick cocks and muscular bodies. The overall attitude is just much more aggressive and masculine. i don’t concider white bois as “men”

Paris: how you meet and seduce Black men? what do they like? what advices you can give to bbc sluts wannabes?

Molly: I post pics of my self dressed up like a hot slut on Craigslist and seek out only BBC. I wait for their responses and pick the nice hot hung ones. They all are into different things but all are into hoy girly and sissy iam for them. Some like my big fake tits, some my legs and heels , some my pink girly lips and mouth and some everything.  Advice Id give wannabe BBC sluts is to just get it over with and do it. You will be hooked, everyones first they say they are addicted afterwards.

Paris : as you know more and more white girls, and even bois are going Black, why? 
Molly: For myself its a combo of things I think. I guess I just love to be admired and crave attention. Im a sissy and the only thing I can do to get approval is to be a good slut. BBC are so big and masculine I think it just adds to it all for me. Being a CD TV and getting some big masculine black guy hard is such a badge of honor and accomplishment. Their creamy load is my reward.

Paris : what is your craziest fantasy?

Molly: Going into the hood late at night dressed in a short skirt ,heels and a tight top and walking around till i found a group of 5 or 6 bbc willing to all feed me.

Paris: you kind of exhibitionist, you like to show the slut in you to the world, what kind of pleasure it provide you? 

Molly: i wanna show how much a girly sissy i can be for bbc. i wanna know im getting others hard and getting off to my expierences I want to inspire other sluts to do the same.


Paris : what can any white boi/tv do to serve the Superior Black race


Molly: Dress as girly and slutty as possible. Go alll out …act the part too. talk walk and act like a girly sissy. tell him how you feel and how much you crave that bbc. Go get that BBC they need it like we do!


Paris: what is the advice you give to all women/bois that never tried a BBC


just do it. once you go black you wont go back they say lol. its true…I came so hard from feeling my first BBC cock cum on me . Im addicted to it now. I love how big they are and how good they taste. you wont regret it. i love  their attitudes and demeanor. get girly put and add up and get that bbc off like you know want to deep down. Speaking of which im going to do that now. 

Exclusive Interview with Mr Nutzz :”my 1st white Gurl was a Black gang bang”

Bitches looking for Interracial Amateurs videos knows what makes them difrrents and hotter then Regular Pro Porn,  for any amateur porn lover,  every detail count, the situation, the story behind the video, the real aspect and the ginuine of the performers. Mr Nuttz understood that, and that’s what makes him one of the Best Interracial Amateur Actor and Producer on the web. this Sexy succeful Black Daddy defins him self as “an Amateur Adult producer/performer looking for hot wives, sexy sub sluts, the girl next door to film with” so Girls, couples you know what you have to do to make spice up your life  a bite ;). i had the chance to have a quick chat with Mr Nuttz , and the result is this very athuntic Interview, check it out !


Paris: Dear Hot Black daddy ( yeah i decided to call you like this) , i’m really happy and honored to welcome you to my modest blog, first i have to say that i’am a total fan, and a total Black supremacy and BBC worshipper,  you can’t imagine how many times i cum watching you spliting those gorgeous white girls in your videos lol, Mr Nuttz: Well I am honored & flattered. I never imagined that I would get this type of support from all the kinky ppl out there. It’s truly a humbling experience to get recognition, especially from all over globe.

Paris: Can you please make a brief presentation for our readers ?   what you can tell us about Mr Nuttz, the Man, and the Performer ?  the career…
MrNuttz, the man & the performer are totally opposites. In front of the camera I love to have a good time. I appreciate the amateur look, the amateur feel of content. But when it’s time for presenting my content I am very meticulous, always looking for a way to get better.
Paris: first time ever with a white girl ?
Oh my… lol, let me try to remember. Ah, I was in the military & a young white female was watching me & a few fellow soldiers play a pick up game of basketball. Before long, all the guys ended up in her hotel room banging her brains out. So my 1st white female was a gang bang.
Paris: why  girls, wives and hubbies are so crazy about Black men and BBC ?
It’s taboo, it’s being able to finally have what you have been told you can’t have for your whole life. When I was 10yrs. old in a small southern town I was staring at this white girl with long blonde hair, it came down to her knees. I was mesmerized… Her father came and stood by her & was glaring at me. My grandfather rushed over and pulled me away. He said, ‘son, you mustn’t stare at them like that. That’s something that you just can’t do!’ I had no idea why, but I soon found out. The young white girl was not to be touched, so we are curious. And to the white girl, black men were not to be touched, so they are extremely curious as well. So the attraction is burning & boiling for years and now you see this interracial phenomena.
Paris: what is “Black Magic” for you ?
Black Magic’ I think it’s a way of life now. I think the black & white barriers are slowly being broken down & it’s being accepted in the younger individuals. But that ‘Good ole boy’ network still exist. And the older generation, as well as the extremist, still struggle with ‘black magic’.
Paris: i saw a lot of girls having orgasms when you are inside, so honestly was real orgasms or just porn ?
 I keep it as real as it gets. I get off on giving females orgasms. If it’s a MrNuttz Production it’s all real.

Paris: you best porn fuck ever? with who please please tell us 😉
WOW! I would have to say that distinction goes to ‘Christie Wett’. She came into town and I set up a gang bang for her and she just went through the guys as if they were mere silly puddy. I mean 13 guys were nothing to her, so I decided to turn on the camera and do her myself. It turned out to be very exciting for the both of us.

Paris: The industry changed a lot since the 90’s, seems like Black men are more and more popular, and productions are mostly now into Interracial, cuckolding..why this change ? tell us what do you think about it.

The industry has changed due to the internet. Now porn is not monopolized by the big corporations any longer. ‘Peggy Sue’ or ‘Joe Blow’ can now set up his camera and give a certain fan base what they are looking for. Old fetishes are now new, people can purchase porn in the privacy of their own homes, so now they are obliged to buy what they want. That can be interracial, cuckolding, or any taboo subject that they may have been ashamed to purchase from a local store.


 Paris: in Cuckold videos, fucking very hot wives in front their lill dicked hubbies, is this situation is a turn for you ? why ?  

It’s a huge turn on for me. As we were told when we were younger, ‘boys will be boys’. It’s the same here, ‘men will be men’. The competitive factor amongst men still reign supreme. If I can get his wife off better than him, then yes, I am going to feel superior. But that’s for the moment only. After that, life goes on & we all take on the roles that we are accustomed to.

Paris:  personally i don’t like pro porn, that’s why  i found your videos very very hot, because i feel that you really liked destroying those whites pussies, and i feel that the girls love your cock, so size does matter? 

LISTEN… lol I despise commercial porn as well. With that being said, it is something that has molded me into doing what I do. Now, I must admit, that when I work with females that have sites, I get a little commercial because that is ‘the idea’ of what porn should be to them. And size does matter.


Mr Nutzz Enslaving “the Legandary Milf”

Paris: do you know that the major audience of this videos are white bois, they are really turned by watching massive black cocks fucking their white wives, and make a lot of them going for it for real!

A large portion of my videos for sell are actually real wives. My best selling videos to this date have been of real wives. The audience knows who is real & who is not. And are most of the buyers white men? Sure they are, but the gap is shortening by the day. I am starting to get a lot of request from black men pertaining to certain videos.

 Paris: a last word, what you can tell your fans at first, and all those white cds, tvs girls couples that are totally into black cocks, and hard-addicted like me and my readers who worship and service BBC ? ( i know funny question)

Well, allow me to say this. I really appreciate my supporters. I try not to use the term ‘fans’ because that is reserved for someone of star status. I am just a man who shares his encounters with all. And it’s a new day, so CDs, TVs, & all who want to worship BBC I applaud you. I for one appreciate you all.

QoS of The month “Christine” : Black men hit places in me both anally and in my pussy that white guys just can’t reach!!


Always happy to enter my xhamster profile and check my new messages, most of time  i found annoying messages from white bois trying to have my ass, other times very sexy black bulls inviting me to visit them all over the world and sometimes hot sisters and very friendly people like Christine!  this 40 somthing very very hot white women is my favorite cause she knows what she want, and what she deserve and she just live her life as a total Queen of Spades, check out this hot kinky interview 😉

Queen Paris

Paris:  I will start by asking you to introduce your self in few lines…

Christine: Hi all…I’m Christine (real name !) 40 something independent woman who lives her life for herself . Married twice…divorced twice but have a wonderful relationship with both ex’s. I came to the conclusion that I simply can’t be married…I’m too independent and too spontaneous. Living in Florida, but up north for the past several months working and enjoying life. Travel extensively as well


Paris: so you just had your first black cock experience ? tell us about it
Christine: I’ve been dating black guys for so long and exclusively, it’s hard to remember back that far….but it occurred in college. My girlfriend and room mate was a cheerleader and was dating a gorgeous black guy from the basketball team. We had an apartment off campus that seemed to be the party house much of the time. Lots of guys from the team would hang out…and while I was certainly sexually active, I hadn’t established any preferences at that point. It was after one of those insanely wild parties that I got up to use the girls room. There was 2 bedrooms, but we shared the bathroom. I guess it was early morning because it was still dark, but when I got to the bathroom, one light was on….and as I opened the door, my girlfriend was in the shower with her boyfriend. I had seen them together a hundred times, but not nude, and not making love in the shower. I had nothing on but a thong and an athletic bra, and I was so stunned at the sight in the dim light, for one of the few times in my life I was completely speechless. We never had a shower curtain but it was never a concern until now ! I stood there sorta speechless as the were making out Once they realized I was in the room…I recall her smiling . She looked diminutive standing next to his tall, athletic blackbody shiny from the shower. The water was running off his body and it was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Neither of them seemed put off or embarrassed, and as I think back that what was probably such a turn on …besides the gorgeous contrast of their bodies. She held his enormous cock as if to show it off to me. Feeling a tad awkward….I didn;t want to run off, and he smoothly reached out and grabbed my hand and asked me to join them. It all seemed so natural, and so erotic and the long night of partying proceeding this probably didn’t hurt in lowering my inhibitions. Once in the shower, I slipped out of the bra first then the thong, and he took my hand and placed it on his hanging cock. He grabbed me agressively and kissed me so hard I lost my breath.She encouraged me and put her hand around his dick as well. I was mesmerized by his size and his perfect body. I can still see both of our hands wrapped around his dick as he stood there so cool and so calm . We spent the entire weekend in my bed and shared him over and over and from that somewhat clumsy incident in the shower, and the long weekend we fucked… he introduced me to many of his black friends, and I quickly became very popular among the black guys on campus!

Paris: During sex tell us about the moment that you told your self “ Gosh…I will never go back to white dicks”

Christine:Oh…I’ve had that moment a thousand times ! In fact I’ve told that very thing to dozens , perhaps hundreds of sexy black guys….that always seem to intensify things quite a bit ! And I’m neither afraid nor bashful about telling black guys of their sexual superiority. In fact, I have that moment every time I sleep with a black guy….I have one of those eye rolling, hair pulling gotcha moments several times a week….and it’s what keeps me coming back for more !

Paris: a lot of white women feel dominated, enslaved by the power of the black “Magic” Cock…what do you think about it ?

Christine: Absolutely………..I have done, and will continue to do things with black guys that I would never dreamed of with white guys. I’m quite the size queen and when I pull down the trousers of my date, and he reveals a gorgeous 11 inch black cock, we both know instinctively that he has me. He owns me. I’m his. Neither of us has to say it. The sexier he is , the bigger his dick….the dirtier and more submissive I get. I feel empowered and submissive at the same time. It’s almost unexplainable unless you’ve experienced it. My desire to please increases so much more with black guys. Many girlfriends who date black guys tell me their alter ego surfaces when they’re with black guys. While I certainly understand’s who I truly am, so I don’t see it as an alter ego !

Paris: what difference you felt between your ex white bois and this blackman?

Size, Stamina, hairless hard bodies. I’d put it this way…Almost every black guy I’ve dated can get off and never miss a beat and just keep on fucking while staying rock hard. When I tell that to girlfriends who are married to white men…they’re astonished. My lovers tell me it’s “recovery time” and they don’t need any ! he he
They hit places in me both anally and in my pussy that white guys just can’t reach. It’s just that simple.I’ve had more than a few lovers tell me they were bred to fuck and satisfy white women…and who am I to protest? lol

Paris: so you play as a couple, what is the role of your ex-hubby ? his place ?

Christine: Since I’m single now…I do allow the occasional white guy to watch me if he pays for the room and the drinks. If I’m really feeling naughty. I’ll make him pay my black lover cash for the privilege of watching us. When I was married, both my husbands were cuckolds to varying degrees, but they wanted me to swing…..I refused since that would mean I might have to party with a white guy and I simply had no interest in that.

Paris: was your ex-hubby there when you are meeting your bulls ?

Christine: Again….with both husbands, there were occasions when they were there, and many times when I would not allow it. I loved to torture them and as I explained to them..I needed time alone with my black lovers so I could truly express myself to them without any third parties listening in. Hey…a girl needs her private time with her black lovers ! I can be quite the bitch to white guys when I’m in the mood

Paris: do you think you are  naturally attracted to blackmen ? and do you think that blackmen likes you?

Christine: I am absolutely naturally attracted to blacks. I don’t waste time thinking about why….It is what it is and I like to think blacks are attracted to me. I try to keep myself tanned and toned for them, and they have a natural attraction to shapely blondes with big boobs. I’ve had several boob jobs exactly for that reason. A blonde woman on the arm of a big strong, dominant black man seems so perfect. 

Paris: do you start thinking about being used by a groupe of black males?

Christine: Yes…DEFINAELY !! I belong to several real time active IR swing groups and there are always more black guys attending the parties than white women…which is fine by me since I love to be the center of attention to groups pf blacks . I love the dynamics of gang bangs because I have a deep desire to please. It can be a little intimidating, but it all comes with experience ! And when you get with a group of blacks who has “worked” together before on white women…there’s nothing quite like it ! Blacks guys just are better in groups and have less hang ups than white guys. 
Paris: If yes, did you ever think to do it before with other white bois?
Christine: No…I have never been with a group of white boys. It just doesn’t ever enter my mind.

Paris: do you really believe in black supremacy?

Christine: Tricky question….Since I obviously prefer black cock, the easy answer is yes, but to me, when I’m under the influence of sexual desire….( which is most of the time:)I definitely feel blacks are superior sexual animals. I am always respectful of all races, and am never rude or condescending as I believe all people are inherently the same, but when it comes to sex and desire…that’s a different matter. When I am horny, and on the prowl for sexy blacks, I am convinced blacks are superior and even young inexperienced blacks seem to know how to fuck a white woman ! 

Paris: your ultimate fantasy ?

Christine: I’ve been fortunate enough to live out all my fantasies many times over…but I do have this recurring daydream. I’d love to own a cruise ship and cater it for cruises to the Islands for black men and white women. No white husbands or boyfriends allowed. Just heels and swim suits for the white girls ! I think white women should be in a warm, sunny, sensual atmosphere with nothing but a ship full of hung black men to party with. White women out of the view of their husbands can be very aggressive.

Paris: what is the place of a white boi?

Christine: Oh I have many white guys that are friends, heck…I married two, but in a sexual setting….they are subordinate, and they all know I would never sleep with them and they may not touch me unless it is to clean me.

Paris: what do you thing about white bois who are loosing their manhood and start going black?

Oh I think that’s fine. I’ve had many white guys tell me they would love to suck black cock….and I always encourage it. I also think it’s a progression as well as an admission. A progression from watching his wife sucking big black cocks, and he may realize if he wants any action at all…it will have to be to serve the black cock. ….Some white guys feel honored to suck the black cock that’s ben inside their wife! It’s also an admission that blacks should be served. I actually think it’s pretty hot for white guys to suck and to service black dick.
Kisses xoxox Christine
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