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celebrities gone Black: “Caitlyn” Ex-Bruce jenner Blacked!!!

IT HAPPENED!! Caitlyn Jenner Is DATING A BLACK MAN . . . Now All The Kardashian Women . . . Are Dating BROTHAS!!! It’s no secret that the Kardashian ladies like Black men. Now it appears that they ALL ARE […]


Celebrities Goes Black : Kris Jenner “Kardashian” is Blacked and sexually satisfied

Hi bitches, just in case you missed this old news, the Kardiashian’s mother Kris , after her consumed divorce with her rich white husband Bruce Jenner ( now a woman ) is now officialy Blacked which make the whole Kardashian […]


Celebrity gone Black : Kim Kardashian

you all know that Kim have is pregnant from Kanye west, being already a Black bait with her perfect azz and boobs, now everything is getting bigger in her body ( thanks for kanye black seed)now here is few pix, […]


Kanye West & Kim Kardashian promoting IR Life style

what a wonderful picture of this hot black male/white women couple, they are rich, sexy and famous and they are promoting interracial relationships with class and sexiness, with this Black & White picture, when you can see the expression of […]