how to be a good white Sissy in the New Black Order

“White Men” don’t exist anymore

“why dating white bois when you know that even them are going Black? ” can you answer an argument like this ? of course no bitches, because the fact that you are on my blog means that you are secretly ( or not ) into Black Men, oh yes  we don”t know  if we can actually  keep saying “white men”. the truth is here on this blog and everywhere, more and more white “bois”  are fed up with this impossible competition with Real Men and their Huge chocolate cocks, tired of this fake pressure, to perform,  to “try” satisfy sexually a women, yes the truth, we sissies understood it, and we are just enjoying a new side of our self, a better side, a side where we assume our femininity, our fragility and our submission,  living our ultimate fantasy, and enjoying it, becoming a sissy for Superior Black men, and satisfy their sexual needs with no string attached, taking black dicks in every hole, our dicks are no more called dicks, they are clitties,our holes are pussies made to satisfy their masters.
our world is changing, breaking the boundaries between gender, sexual attractions and races, no rules anymore, white “bois” can still build a family, marry a white women and have kids, but they are “naturally” owned by the superior Black men.

Sissy Lesbianism and Black Worship. 

one rule : ONLY BLACK,  no white dicks, new white sissies must  affirm their exclusive availability for the Superior Black race, but the “new white sissy” is also very flexible,  sexual relations between sissies from any race is allowed. in fact a lot of white sissies are more and more into “CD2CD” fun,  Tv parties and other CD orgies are became very popular nowadays, sissies are more tempted to explore more their femininity with other “sisters”. being a “sissy lesbian doesn’t mean that you are an unbeliever, most of Black masters encourage their white sissies to play. most of times, those practices can be  kind of “warm-up” in some interracial parties, where sissies do the show to please their Black Owners.
myself i was not into this for long time, being attracted to only REAL MEN..which means Black Men, i always felt feminine, needs hairy chests, Muscular bodies and thick big cocks to be excited, till the day  i served one of my Black Masters with a hot sissy gale, so we were taking care of his big african Cock, when he ordered us both to suck the clitty o the other on a 69… the other girl have such big clitty, she started to get really hard when i put it in my mouth and start sucking..she was very horny for my big phat azz and asked our Master if she can use it.. he said yes and my gale started hammering my phat azz infront of our master,
then.. at that moment when she was in me fucking my pussy with her hard clitty, i was so submissive  i realized that i was also attracted  to sisters like me, the fact that our Master  start to be very horny and fucked us both later very roughly was also a turn on… that’s how i started to play also with other sissies and  now it took an important part in my sexual life usually dedicated to the Superior Black Men.
so as you see with my personal example, being a BBC slut it’s not a constraint! it’s an open window to new possibilities, a good sissy girl is a sissy who know how to reinvent her self, to adapt to the situation but in a total respect with the Black worship rules. there are a plenty of sexy situations where you can enjoy your body and serve your Masters.

no matter the rules, only your Black master will decide for you.

all the drivers knows that when a policeman is near a traffic light, you need to follow him not the light, same with the Black worship rules,  the rules are made to make sure that every Superior Black Man is well served. so forgot all the rules when a Black Master order you to do something. one perfect example is when your Black owner ask you to sexually serve  one of his “non Black friend”.  no need to enter into a philosophical debate with Him about this. you just DO what he ORDERED no matter what the Black bible is saying about not serving white dicks. Only your Master decide for you. of course you are not stupid to do this in another situations.
The Toys, unlimited play but choose the right color.

the toys are also a very important part of a white sissy life,  we all have jobs and lives beside this and sometimes it’s not very easy to serve. toys are here to spice up our lives and also to keep us horny and sexually awake. using usually toys and other butt plugs will make our holes more open and welcoming.
the color of all those toys MUST be BLACK, it’s very important. in fact, using Black toys it’s a clear message to your Black masters of your exclusive availability to the Black race.

it’s not Racism, it’s only  free will.


since years in the life style, i have been confronted with a lot of detractors who are blaming me to promote an anti-white racism and show Black Men as sexual objects. what i can say is that nobody force anyone to follow this path, it’s only a sexual community, growing fast and we are against all forms of racism and hate.  we are talking only about LOVE and SEX. Yes we sexually worship Black Men, we think that our role is to be sissies to please and serve what we consider our Masters. and we think we have the right to have beliefs. we are not presenting Superior Black men as sexual objects, we are just aware of their sexual power, their manhood and we want to show the world our love for them. but at the end it’s just a question of free will.
i’m +18 ( unfortunately lol)  and i have the right to offer MY body and MY soul as a propriety for who i want!  it’s my choice and it’s the choice of all the BBC sluts community out there. and Black superiors are not out of this, they are taking part of this community, managing, commanding and grateful to all what we are trying to build. we are making this world better for everyone, a world where everyone is happy and satisfied, and this is exactly what the new black order is about. Yes we are Black owned and proud.

Queen Paris

celebrities gone Black: “Caitlyn” Ex-Bruce jenner Blacked!!!

IT HAPPENED!! Caitlyn Jenner Is DATING A BLACK MAN . . . Now All The Kardashian Women . . . Are Dating BROTHAS!!!
It’s no secret that the Kardashian ladies like Black men. Now it appears that they ALL ARE CURRENTLY DATING BLACK MEN. Yesterday Caitlyn Jenner was seen stepping out in LONDON for dinner with friends. Caitlyn was seen heading to Les Ambassadeurs Casino and Restaurant with a MALE COMPANION. She appeared to be on a date. Kourtney is dating Quincy Combs, Kendall is dating A$AP Rocky, Kris is dating Corey Gamble, Khloe is dating Trey Songz, Kylie is dating Tyga and Kim is married to Kanye.
caitlyn-jenner caitlyn-jenner-spotted-with-hot-younger-mystery-man-lead
If you miss the whole story read below 

hallelujah! Bruce Jenner is officially “Caitlyn”, feminine, beautiful and sexy on the cover of vanity Fair!
During a recent “Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce” special, taped earlier this year, Jenner told stepdaughter Khloé Kardashian the plan to fully transition would happen “probably in the spring.”
Jenner’s new life as a woman will be chronicled in an eight-part docu-series premiering in July on E!

“Bruce always had to tell a lie,” Jenner said in a behind the scenes video taken during the Vanity Fair shoot. “He was always living that lie. Every day, he always had a secret, from morning ’til night. Caitlin doesn’t have any secrets. As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I’m free.”

it’s obvious that “Caitlyn” urgent need to revel her self was too strong, seeing all familly going Black didn’t help! i think that it’s an amazing news for our community, the proof that white bois destiny’s is to be transformed to finally enjoy the pleasure of servicing those Superior Black Males. welcome to the New Black Order, a world where Black Men rules!

Queen Paris

Anticipating The New Black Order: Evolution of Interracial Sex

Let me share with you this amazing Article from a IR frindly Blog:
 the writer done a great job anicipating what the world is gonna be with all this IR fever…ebjoy

Slavery – 1865
White women having sex with black men is non-existent. Blacks are thought of as sub-human and treated like animals.

1865 – 1940’s
Black men were lynched for as little as looking at a white woman. Flirting between black men and white women was strictly prohibited. White men would cut off the black man’s penis and hang them.

1947 – 1950’s
Black men begin competing in major league sports such as baseball and football. Blacks begin to dominate these sports and their physical superiority over whites becomes obvious. Interracial relationships still extremely rare.

1970’s – 1980’s
Blacks begin working in pornography. Many white women refused to work with them. Interracial was a very taboo genre. Interracial relationships begin to occur more frequently, but still very rare and looked down upon.

Interracial goes from being taboo to having it’s own little niche market. Interracial relationships still relatively rare. Most white women who had sex with black men were overweight or low class. White men would make fun of white women who had sex with blacks for being “nigger diggers” or having “Jungle Fever”.

1998 – Early 2000’s
The internet explodes in popularity. Internet Porn changes everything. The secret is out. The black cock “myth” is exposed as real and people begin seeing the truth about black male sexuality. Interracial becomes an underground hit. Dogfart begins, which featured many beautiful white women in interracial gangbangs or scenes with Lexington Steele and his 11" Black Cock. Many scenes depicted reluctant white women being seduced by the big black cock, or even kidnapped and forcefully taken by a gang of blacks. Films titled Black Dicks on White Chicks and White Wife Black Cock are distributed. John Person’s legendary interracial comics are spread on the internet, featuring comics of a white women being raped by black men. Hip Hop music also becomes mainstream and it’s now cool to be black. Suburban white kids idolize black rappers and hip hop culture becomes commercialized. Many WW/BM relationships were with white women who were thought of as ghetto. Interracial porn is thought of as degrading. White men are jealous of the black mens huge penis, but can’t help but be turned on by watching them fuck white women.

Interracial Porn is now popular and very common. Dogfart pushes the Cuckold genre in interracial. Humiliation of white males begins. Many scenes depict white women cheating on their husbands with black men. Spring Thomas takes interracial cuckolding to a new level, showing white men caged and teased for having small dicks. Lex Steele and Mandingo become 2 of the most famous male porn stars. White wives cheating with a black man goes from being a sin, to now something many husbands secretly desire. White women begin showing total submission and admitting in videos that they “love black cock” and are “black cock sluts”.

Interracial becomes MAINSTREAM. The media is crazed with black male/white female relationships and sex scenes. Many prime time TV programs depict interracial relationships. Real life interracial relationships become more common and are generally more accepted. Black male/White Female is very common. It’s no longer just trashy and overweight white women that date black men. Now the most beautiful white women and suburban white women are having sex with black men. Interracial marriages are at an all time high. White women all around America are fantasizing about big black cock. Traditional all-white porn sites begin shooting interracial scenes. Some of the most popular female pornstars are now doing interracial. Interracial Pornography becomes one of the most popular genres. Cuckold went from a quiet underground scene, to having massive websites dedicated to it. Many scenes depict complete humiliation and sissification of white males. Pictures of small dicked white men standing next to monster black cocks are common, with white females laughing at the white male. Straight white men begin fantasizing about sucking big black cock. They become addicted to watching white women have sex with blacks. White men are now basically begging their wives to fuck black men and let them watch.

Interracial becomes the #1 genre in porn. All white men are now jacking off to videos and photos of black men fucking their women. Cuckolding goes from secret fetish to being more accepted and common. Interracial sex is now the norm. Black men are now the most desired males and having a big black cock is like having a Ferrari. Black men no longer have to pursue white women, as white women openly pursue them. White males know they can’t compete, and accept roles as cuckolds. White males start going “bi for black only”.

Cuckolding becomes a norm that all older white couples engage in. It’s now common knowledge that white men are physically and sexually inferior to blacks. White men performing oral sex on black men is more and more common. All older white wives have sex with black men while their husbands watch. Younger white females stop taking white men seriously and don’t even consider dating them. White females only have sex with black men. The only way white men ever see a white female naked is by looking at interracial porn.

2030 and Beyond
White male/White female relationships are now completely non-existent. Majority of white men become impotent from masturbating to interracial porn. All white men are now submission to blacks. They begin wearing panties and become black men’s bitches. Slavery is essentially reverse and Blacks rule America.