What is the best age to became a Blacked Sissy?

i always say :“ you need to be Man enough to became a sissy” yes, it’s true, all the white bois out there knows what i’m talking about, , going sissy  is breaking the rules, be confronted to society and taboos, but this is the price to pay in order to discover a whole new world made of pleasure and excitement.  there is no real age to became a sissy , this is actually the first answer to the question that everyone asks, but let’s dig deeper and see all the possibilities together…
Teenagers ( 16-20 years old )
people use to call them “femboys”, usually very sexually awaken and curious, very feminine, smooth and fragile,  most of them are already aware of their sexual orientation and attracted to Boys more then to girls, Femboys are the first forme of a Sissy,  they are fresh, clean and young, their age is their best asset, perfect for self discovery and sexual experimentation, they don’t dress a lot, but they are very attracted to very viril and mature Men. they are  one of Black men’s favorites. they are also very fragile emotionally and they don’t really know what to do with all those hormones…this fragility can be a danger for themselves.
Young adulte ( 23-35 years old )
Most of them are claiming to be perfect straight boys ( yea..tell me this again ) they have girl friends, a job and are addicted to Porn..interracial porn, they developed a fascination towards Big Black Cocks, they started to get turned by the idea to watch their gorgeous white GFs black ganged by several very hung black boys..they are  very unsure, most of them keep jerking to big black dicks porn without trying to live their fantasy, making their transition to another time ( next category)
but some of them, who are into men start to became bi-curious, loving Cocks as much as they loves pussies. more and more  from this category are getting to crossdress and explore their feminine side, they are contacting Superior Black Men on the internet, offering them their service. a lot of them are also very responsive to the idea of Black Supremacy and the NBO ( The new world order).
personally, coming from this category, i think that it’s an age where you are getting bored with your vanilla sexual life and you have enough freshness and maturity to explore safely your Sissy-Side. in this age you don’t get easily emotionally attached, it’s perfect to give yourself and experience your first BBC. BlackMen likes also this category, because they are looking for adulte-NSA-Play. no drama, no attachement, only sexual service at it’s best.
Middle aged -adulte ( +40 years old )
For me, this is the best age to became a TV, CD and a black owned Sissy,  this category is mainly composed by Married and divorced white men who are really in need t find a new boost for their lives. it’s also the best age to start a Cuckolding adventure with your beloved white wife, as you may know, nothing better to spice up your life then to get a Superior Black Bull to take care of your wife juicy pussy, desperately craving a REAL COCK to satisfy her. of course you can watch, enjoy the show, get a chastity lock and enjoy a coconut cream pie ;)… but you can also  push your limits, explore your Fem side and enjoy it.
being married to a women, you must know now, what kind of dresses can make you a sexy Sissy faggot, what kind of makeup can make your face sexy and how to please a MAN.  now you can use all this background information that you acquired from your long marriage years and apply it on yourself. being a sissy in this age is very easy, that’s why most of Tv’s, Cd’s are from this category:  they are financially stable, means that they can afford going on a weekends alone, book rooms , buy lingerie and toys. they needs to be discreet of course, but they have more time to give to them selves. it’s an opportunity for them to be finally “themselves”, to be selfish, to give their boi-pussies to Black men. Superior Black Men likes a lot this category, because they are the most naughty, submissive and willing to give their best in order to satisfy the Black master desires.
As i said, there is no age to became a Sissy, but you need to do it when you are aware of all what it takes, exploring your girly side can only bring you joy and pleasure, but it can also disturb you if you are fragile or too young, at the end, life is short and we learn fast, but never do something that you don’t really like, you know your fate, i know you do, you know that inside of you lies a slutty sissy faggot who is just craving to take big black cocks in all holes,  so take a ride bitch and please share with me your personal stories.
Queen Paris

Spotlight::: CockWhore Carolin, Mistress’s new German pet!

Hi bitches,
as you know, i’m running my  Academy for BBC sluts wannabes for more then 3 years now, 3 years that ive spent training young and old white sissies that finally understood their role in this life, and embrace the Black Cock Religion, during those years, i’m really, really  proud of the work we did together, starting from a simple frustrated white bois jerking on BBC videos to accomplished feminine BBC sluts, serving within our world wide growing network “The B.S.N” (BBC sluts Network)

Today, exceptionally i will introduce to you my new trainee, Sissy Faggot Carolin , a BBC virgin under my protection now, but really on a good path to became my 1st German BBC slut and head of “BSN GERMANY”. you can check her fetlife profile here

i will fly soon to Germany to meet Cock whore carolin “as she like to be called” for the final practical training and Black owning Ceremony.

if you want to join my program, just check this page for regulations  or send me a message.

Queen Paris


Sissis lesbianism: the future of white bois?

ince monthes, i start to find more and more adulte content related to “male lesbians” on the web, especially photos, and videos showing a hard “CD2CD” action, dressed white sissies having fun together, sucking clitts of each other and fucking of course.

in the generic terme, “male lesbians"means males who dress and play with their wives or girlfriends as lesbian femal, a lot of sissification  boards and websites talk about this phenomen on the web, and seems like a new popular trend adopted by white couples.

but this new game start became very popular, and more single sissies adopted it and start orgnise "sissies parties” where white bois meet for a hot orgy.

even most of those parties are not including Superior Black men, but i found them very hot, actually i never been atracted by pathtic white clits, but i always loved share a BBC with my gurls, service and worship Black Men with my sisters, play naughty with their clits, ass2ass and 69 action.
Blackmen also loves when white sissies start whoring for them, doing the show, so i highly recomand to do that, as its satisfy your Black Masters.
i think that this new trend is gonna be more and more important in the sissies community, may be will be part of us as total black owned sluts, even i always claim to be a “no white dicks slut” and concidering the fact that those white sissies have no “dicks” but “clits” i will certinly go for it!

Video: New Hypbno Trainer : Cocksucking Submission

Emperorhypnos is the best when it comes to Hypno Trainers,  this slut is a true believer, you can feel  it when you watch her work, i have to say that he is very talented, have a real sens of rythm and editing,  and the result is really fantastic, i have to say those trainers works like a charme, and helped me a lot in my sissification process, also it’s a very good way to reach prostate milking! enjoy faggs!