Spotlight::: CockWhore Carolin, Mistress’s new German pet!

Hi bitches,
as you know, i’m running my  Academy for BBC sluts wannabes for more then 3 years now, 3 years that ive spent training young and old white sissies that finally understood their role in this life, and embrace the Black Cock Religion, during those years, i’m really, really  proud of the work we did together, starting from a simple frustrated white bois jerking on BBC videos to accomplished feminine BBC sluts, serving within our world wide growing network “The B.S.N” (BBC sluts Network)

Today, exceptionally i will introduce to you my new trainee, Sissy Faggot Carolin , a BBC virgin under my protection now, but really on a good path to became my 1st German BBC slut and head of “BSN GERMANY”. you can check her fetlife profile here

i will fly soon to Germany to meet Cock whore carolin “as she like to be called” for the final practical training and Black owning Ceremony.

if you want to join my program, just check this page for regulations  or send me a message.

Queen Paris


♠QueenBitch Paris sluts Academy♠

After years as BBC slut servicing Superior Black men, promoting the life style and converting white girls/bois to the cult, i thought it’s time for me to move to another level and start this new exciting project.
♠The Sluts Academy♠
it’s an Hybrid revolutionary Training Programm combining Virtual approach, including black supremacy & white slavery course, Sissification methodology, assignments and coaching chat & video sessions, with a 3 days BBC servicing practice & Blacking ceremony in Paris :
– session1 : Virtual approache – 2 months
1st month :
– black supremacy & white slavery
-sissification & forced feminization
1st month :
– how to dress, please a Black Man
– the web notoriety of a BBC slut : how to promote your self on the web
– Session2 : 3 blacking days in Paris (France) ( hosting offered for trainees )
-1st day : slave training : you will be my slave for one day
-2nd day : your first BBC: one of my Black friend will take your virginity
3rd day : Gang-bang blacking ceremony : blacked and bred by +3 hung Superior Black men.
the academy is open for all : white sissies, bois, cd..etc who really knows their place in the world, who totally assume it, and ready to cross the line to service for real.
The program is very serious, if you hesitate, still live in fantasy, jerking to Ir porn please don’t make loose my time.
There is fees to pay after the signature of your slavery contract,
they are just to make people realise that it’s a very serious shit!!
If you are really interested and ready to join the BBC slut academy, please send a motivation letter+photo to:

Video Another 2 Hot Sissy Trainers

Hi faggs and bitches, are you still stuck between fantasy and reality ? between your ordinary life, watching and jerking to big black cocks fucking white pussies and ass holes and your envy to “really worship” those mighty black pleasure tools ? you are dressing your wife’s panties and feel so fem..this is the best solution for you to jump to another level: Hypno training videos will help you to sissify your self, and convert you into real BBc whores, and beleive me it works! here is some hot ones :