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a quicky to share with you this hot pic of a very hung black men getting his big cock serviced by a very hot white girl, OMG he is so big and thick that the poor girl  coudn’t take the whiole thing 😉  when i asked him about her he said : just a bitch i met in the club, yeah keep doing your thang black men 😉 enjoy!

Queenbitch is now on Tumblr!

Yeah yeah bitches, i saw a lot of you spreading the word on Tumblr, and my gosh i love so much the design there, so, from now, you will find all your favortite sissy’s news on Tumbr, so it’s better for you may be to Reblog and share my posts, anyway im still blogging on Blogger as 😉


Make some BBC Buzz!

Hello everyone, too funny i had to share it with you,  i was in the toilet for some you know lol, and guess what, while i was sitting, cleaning my hole, my clit start milking! not précum..was really cum and i had some pleasure! i was like “ OMG im becoming a female loool”..

well another quick share for the cause, i was bored at home yesterday and i decided to take some pics of my phat azz and clit, then i thought to my self, “Gosh, how can i thought that i can "fuck” a women with this ???“ i mean com’on, comparing it to the smallest Black Cock  i fucked, it was still too small to be called a dick,  so yeah clit is perfect, so i started this challenge for you bitches,if you are truly a believer and a BBC worshiper  share this picture as you can, to spread the word, tweet and reblog, promote big black cocks and black supremacy. and yeah white women, girls, i really Wanna have your comments about my lill’ clit! don’t hesitate to comments!

Queenbitch Xxtase

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Modern life is mobile! that’s why you can find me on twitter now, you can find all the new posts of your favorite blog, news, some private pics sometimes ( for my phat azz lovers 😉 and im so happy my twitter account is growing so fast! ( almost 500 followers) Gosh! thanks a lot for all this love! so you already know, when you are traveling, bored, check my twitter for some new big black cocks hot action! Iphone app!