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Yeah yeah bitches, i saw a lot of you spreading the word on Tumblr, and my gosh i love so much the design there, so, from now, you will find all your favortite¬†sissy’s news on Tumbr, so it’s better for you may be to Reblog and share my posts, anyway im still blogging on Blogger as well..so ūüėČ


Make some BBC Buzz!

Hello everyone, too funny i had to share it with you, ¬†i was in the toilet for some you know¬†lol, and guess what, while i was sitting, cleaning my hole, my clit start milking! not pr√©cum..was really cum¬†and¬†i¬†had some¬†pleasure! i was like “ OMG¬†im¬†becoming a female¬†loool”..

well another quick share for the cause, i was bored at home yesterday and i decided¬†to take some pics of my phat¬†azz and clit, then i thought to my self, “Gosh, how can i thought that i can "fuck” a women with this ???“ i mean com’on, comparing it to the smallest Black Cock ¬†i fucked, it was still too small to be called a dick, ¬†so yeah clit is perfect, so i started this challenge for you bitches,if you are truly a believer and a BBC worshiper ¬†share this picture as you can, to spread the word, tweet and reblog, promote big black cocks and black supremacy. and yeah white women, girls, i really Wanna¬†have your comments about my lill’ clit! don’t hesitate to comments!

Queenbitch Xxtase

My new Video: queenbitch xxtase white phat azz jiggles!

this is my new video for you, dedicated to all the Superior Black men out there, hope you will like my over-sized, feminized white azz jiggling, all your comments are welcome! cheers


Yin and the Yang & the Black Supremacy

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of Yin-Yang¬† which is often called “yin and yang,"¬† literally meaning "shadow and light"¬† is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they inter-relate to one other.


if we apply this philosophy on the Black supremacy concept, you will find easily points of connects, first the "shadow = Black” and the light=white" that’s mean that we have here two distinct values that define the world we live in, those values are supposed to interact together, it’s the natural order of life. we arrive to this equation : Black VS White ( shadows VS light)

we can illustrate this concept like the image bellow :


Yang ( white ) Organs are “Hollow”: receive and circulate but do not store, involved in digestion, transformation, excretion. ( white ass, white pussy… ).

and all this is the natural order of life, the Ying and Yang are meant to turn in a never lasting circle of joy and happiness, that’s why white bois, women needs Black men, and why Black men loves whites. we just have to admit it!


My new VIDEO!

voici ma nouvelle video, je suis en jellaba, et je bouge mon gros cul de travlope a blacks sur de la bonne musique house arabe, pour rappel¬†je re√ßoit sur Paris pour des soir√©es Gang Bang sans taboo sympas, on sera 2 belles trav et ami qui adore me voir culbut√© par des Blacks, il joue le¬†r√īle¬†du mari cocu. on est toujours ravis de recevoir des BLACKS TTBM,
de 18 a 60 ans, Dominateurs et Gros juteurs surtout, envoyez un mail+Photos a: xxtase2006@yahoo.fr