Me on a Good BBC Sucking session ( pix included)

hello guy, can’t wait to share with you this pix, after monthes of hesitation, i v met this guy on the internet, i went just to talk
so i go and pick him with my car, then on the road, i coudn’t ressist, so i put my hand on his cock, my god was huge with no erection
i started to caresse his cock, and he grows fast, then i put my hand under his pent and i start caresse and gave him a handjob.
then i stop on the side of the road and i start givin him the best blowjob he never had, i ate his cock, made a lot of spite, and lick his balls ,
he loved it!! then he said : i dont want to smear ur car, i said  no problem cum in my mouth,
he took my head with his big hands and he deepthorat me with his cock, then  he cums in my white bitch mouth,
i drinked all the jungle juice, and after i said :“ let me clean you dick please ” he said “ yes go ahead”
and i cleaned his dick, with my mouth and extract all the hot sprem and drink it.
and then i took him back and i went to my house where my wife was waiting for me!