Download and signe your Black Ownership Certificate!

another gifts guys, i just made this cool black ownership certificat, so you can download it as a PDF,

read it, signe it and share it to proof your submission to the black race..enjoy guys…

my certificate here:


download your blackownership_certificat

Download and signe your Black Ownership Certificate! [RE-UPLOADED]

Another gifts Sisters, i just made this cool black ownership certificat, so you can download it
read it, signe it and share it to proof your submission to the black race..enjoy guys…

download and sign your certificate here:

Confessions of a black Owned Latina…

i v found this on a interracial board,  a confessions of a hot latina, showing her love to the BBC, she is a BBC Certified slut and she know how to tell us about her life,



I’ve been a Puta (Slut) for over 10 years now and I’m pretty much hooked on BBC. I’ve been involved in a lot of sex and I can honestly say that I’m a BBC nympho:) I thank my Ex Jamaican black stud who owned me and gave me my first baby and also my Latino Papi and husband for the past 10 years for turning me out and I’m surprised at how long I lasted with my current husband after my first black fuck and how much i still crave chocolate (but i never go without so i cant complain which is why i still stay married:). I’m pretty much only looking for one thing, BBC (Yo soy Puta con duenos negro y propiedad para solo cojer verga negra! – I’m an owned Slut and property for black dick!). I’m not saying that white or brown aren’t my flavor and if my man(owner) pimps me to them then it’s all good, but I prefer black and love to be treated the way I am by black men. Couples aren’t out of the question, but the man has to come packing. I do get tested regularly and choose to go bareback as my option. We all get tested before a GB and my man has a rapid test kit to check us all out. I might come off shy at first but after my drink or drug kicks in I definately let loose.

I’ve been bred black twice and celebrated by getting branded after the second with a “Queen of Spades” tat. So as you can imagine shit happens especially since I like to get down bareback raw most of the times and love the feel of a BBC cumming up in my pussy, but i’m happy with the two I got and don’t regret anything even if a third or fourth were to happen! I’m originally from Central America and have been fucking since i was a little girl and havent looked back and i’m happy to say that my husband is cuckold to accept me as a black mans Puta and he dont mind one bit:) I do on occasion respond back to future fucks but my Papi will always coordinate everything. As much as I love to fuck new lovers, my man pretty much has me in check. Normally you can find us at a local swing club or we get invited to alot of home parties, i’m ok with anything really or even a planned hotel fuck. If I flirt at you I like you, but it doesn’t neccesarilly mean you’re gonna get a piece of my ass, I’m still checking you out is all. Although I got a man/owner (and I dont mean my husband) and get enough BBC to keep me satisfied, he knows how much i crave sex and he pimps me out as often as possible.



happy X-mas, Show love to Blackmen!

Dear Black males, white women, and  faggots,  its been a long time,  before everything i wish you a very kinky christmas,
and a lot of love, as a gift with my message, you will find some hot stickers i’ve made to every
white girl and boi to help them  show love to those wonderful black males,  hope you like it, don’t forget to share it, and promote black supremacy


i cyber served yesterday, and i liked it!

Hello masters and faggots, i want to talk about cyber salvation, what must a white slave do when he is far from his black master,
most of guys prefer real thing, and me too! but our role as white bois are to satisfy every black men in the world, no matter where are you…i was septic about this, till yesterday…i met online a  blackman, and he asked me to show my phat ass on cam, which i did! then he order me to spread my legs, and fuck my cunt with my fingers, i start doing it, and i no matter of the fact that it was a cyber sex, i felt his aura, his domination coming for me, i felt him control me totally.. was very very strange and hot, the fact that he is black is enogth to controle any white women or boi all over the internet, so i continue naked on the sofa fingirin m self  like a whore, while he was cyber dominating me, and at the end he order me to put my self up side down, and shoot my pathetic white cum on my face…was very very hot, i jerked on my self, and sallow it, then i asked him if he was happy..and he said YES! was so so wonderful, i was so proud of me, doing my job as a wite faggot, and serving black masters..even far aways.