Gurella, 24 white girl : ” When a white female goes black, I believe she should restrict herself only to black male”

hello sisters, im happy to come to you with another hot meeting with a gorgeous white lady : Gurella, that shared with me his toughts about the Lifestyle, and other very hot things…enjoy it 🙂

“I believe the role of the true white boi should be defined as one of
 total support of females who have gone black”

dear gurella, thanks to answer those questions, welcome to our blog, i will start by asking you to introduce your self in few lines

Answer: I am 24 years old and located in the southeast part of the USA. I am a part-time student and have a couple part-time jobs.

beside internet, how do you meet new blackmen ? ( clubs, dialy life)

i meet black men in real life only. They are either friends or friends of friends. Sometimes, if I feel safe, they can be strangers to me. That used to be more frequent than it is now, but I have gotten more paranoid about it. I do not meet anyone from the internet. It is just too dangerous.

what is the duty of a white women ?

There is a primary duty of all white women, and that is to be themselves, to express themselves sexually in any manner they wish, without the artificial restrictions of our society. If that duty includes fucking black men, then that is great, and that is my preference for them. I believe in exclusivity. When a white female goes black, I believe she should restrict herself only to black males, when it comes to guys, that is. I am bi-sexual: sex with any females she desires is perfectly okay, and white males should have absolutely no say in the matter, not even if she is married.

do you really beleive in black supremacy?

A: I believe in the sexual supremacy of black males. Nobody, on average, can beat the sexual prowess of black males. I believe, again on average, that the black male is superior athletically. In all other matters, I believe the races are equal. However, since it is SEX, the drive to pro-create, that is so overriding and so powerful, that is the key to society, and thus, black males are a step above all others.

what is the place of a white boi?

 I have a great many white males who are friends, some very close. That applies to both real life and on-line. The role depends completely on the individual situation. If the female(s) in his life have gone black (or he wishes to have a female who has gone black, then that is when I define him as a “white boi” rather than a “white boi.” I believe the role of the true white boi should be defined as one of total support of females who have gone black and the black males in her life. That may include clean-up of the creampies if allowed, bring home black males from work for her to fuck, buying her sexy clothing, etc.

is it important for you to promot IR life style, and convert more girls to serve ? why ?

Yes, I do think that it is important for females who have gone black to promote the lifestyle. Perhaps not for the reason that many people think, however. I believe it is the WOMAN who is in the driver seat sexually, that every female deserves sexual liberation, and should engage in the best sex she can have. That, of course, is with black males.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a feminist. That is an entirely different thing. I enjoy being treated as a woman by the males that are around me, being brought flowers, having doors opened for me, etc. I have no interest in emasculating all males. However, the white boi, who needs it, should be emasculated, feminized, if that is in the game plan.

what is the real state of the IR life style ? a lot of persons use to say that is just a internet fantasy, that in real life white girls are not that much into BBC?

Those that think the IR lifestyle is just an internet fantasy are totally wrong. True, the majority of women would probably not be interested in that kind of relationship, no matter their race. However, there are a HUGE percentage of women who are either in the lifestyle RL, or who secretly get turned on by black men, but either cannot admit it to others or to themselves. The IR lifestyle is getting more common, and by getting more common, is getting to be much more acceptable. The more acceptable it becomes, the more women will get into it. It is something that feeds on itself, and is getting larger and larger.

thanks a lot for this opportunity, we need icons like you to keep promoting black supremacy and serving our black masters.

You are most welcome 😉

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