PeachesXoXo :” A white bois place ison his knees having his mouth pounded by that magical BBC!”

Peaches XOXO is another white sissy boi, converted to service only superior blackmen, another proof that all white bois are going black, and offer their virginity to the black race,Peaches wanted to show some love to the blackmen through this blog, so enjoy this little interview with him, and squeeze you lill’ pee wee to his hot videos!

worshiping a black’sman ass

dear Peaches  thanks to answer those questions, welcome to our blog, i will start by asking you to introduce your self in few lines ( job, age,location )
Ok well I am 27 years old and live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and I am currently working in sales. I do give deal to hot black men tho, so come visit haha. My email is, my skype is wholikesfun1985, and my yahoo is wholikesfun, feel free to add me as I would love to chat!

how and how long you have been in the service of the black race
Well I have loved cock, since I had my first at 13, and I knew I was hooked. But at 16 I met a super cute black boy, and since then, I have know that is what I need and desire.
tell us about your first black cock experience ?
My first black cock experience I was actually hanging out with a friend from school. We were being cool highschoolers and having a few drinks. Eventually he started telling me that he had talked to my other friend (the white guy I was being fucked by) and wanted to try me out. Well as soon as he pulled out that gorgeous cock, I was worshiping it, and trying to please him. I did my best to please him with my mouth (obviously I am better now) then he did a fantastic job fucking me. I loved it so much, and instantly knew it was what I was born to do. He started fucking me a few times a week through high school, and it made my life so much better.

what is the place of a white boi ?
A white bois place is either on his knees having his mouth pounded by that magical BBC, or being fucked in every position imaginable to bring his gorgeous Black Dom pleasure. In addition it is doing all the other things the Black Man wants of him. Whether that is cooking, cleaning, running errands, being a party server and whore, or just doing his best to take all of his friends cock and cum, a white boi should always do his best to make Black Men happy. In the end that’s the best because making a Black Man happy, makes white bois happy, so everyone wins

what do you thing about white bois who are loosing their manhood and start going black?
I think that white bois losing their manhood and worshiping Black Men is fantastic. I just feel sad for those white bois that never realize that the option is there. Those losers will go through life without the exquisite joy of worshiping an amazing Black Dick, and will never have the please of a perfect Black Man telling them that they were doing a good job worshiping his asshole. I know many, or most don’t think that life is for them. But I have done it, and let me tell you, there is nothing better than giving yourself over and doing anything you can to make Black Men happy