Exclusive Interview with TS madison Aka Big Dick Bitch!

Back home from my trip, and i wanted to introduce to you: Ts Madison AKA Big Dick Bitch is one of the hottest, naughtiest Tranny in the Porn Industry, with a Big black tool and perfect big boobs, she just won he 2013 EXXXOTICA Fan Choice AWARD for Best Ts Performer, she accepted to give us an exclusive interview

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Sissy Paris: Hi Godesse, before everything i want to thank you for giving us this chance to know more about you, i will just start to ask you, how and when you started your career in the porn industry ?

I started out in the porn Industry in the early 2000’s I took some photos for Grooby productions…Black T girls.com under the name “TAMBRY” and then from there a buzz with fans of the site started to go around and from there i blossomed into a video vixxen, making appearances on various web sites such as WWW.TSEVE.COM AND SEXXXY-JADE.COM but as my new name TS MADISON/ BIG DICK BITCH

Sissy Paris: there is more and more shemale porn, how do you explain this success?

 I think the shemale fetish is an extreme Taboo and with the exposure of it thru the Internet it has broken many secret desires of men and women everywhere and has caused it to be in a high demand!

Sissy paris: “Best In business” you claim that! what makes you special then the other TS porn stars?

Well if you are familiar with any of my work you would know why i coined the phrase “best in the business" I mean not everyone is into BLACK VOLOPTUOUS transsexual porn…however the way that i deliver entertaining videos sets me completely apart from what the "NORM” is considered….and I know im the best because I can out sell sites that have multiple girls on it and I’m a solo web site.

Sissy paris: in 2012 you have been selected as Best Trans performer of the year during the Urban X awards ceremony, can you tell us more about it!

The urban X was a Great Award for me to receive! I actually won the award twice…One time in 2011 for “best ethnic transsexual web site and This time in 2012 for Transsexual performer of the year!, what excites me most about this particular award is it was FAN NOMINATED AND FAN CHOSEN….this give SOLO African American Performers like myself the opportunity to be recognized in the industry by the people who really count!….THE FANS!……I also just recently took home the EXXOTICA FANS CHOICE (thefannys) Award for Shemale performer of the year 2013 and i want to once again thank my fans who love me! so this does make me "The best in the business”

Sissy paris: personally i was really amazed by your performance, aggressivity, trashy, verbal talking, i think this is what  makes you special, can you tell that you are more Top then bottom?

Well Im extremely versatile! I don’t get stuck on the top or the bottom! I truly enjoy Both sides of the bed! Lol….I am an aggressive shit talking bitch when im fucking and getting fucked!

Sissy paris: now i never saw you fucking a white sissy boi, CD or TV you are into ebony only ?

I have fucked a couple of white Men on my web site before Lol they might have looked ebony…but they were white….so to answer your question I am not just into ebony, im into who can perform the task of hanging with the big dick bitch, only the ebony seem to step up to the plate more! but this year Im looking for a few white boys to put the ebony brothers to shame LOL!

 Sissy paris: beside Porn, do you have time to meet casual encouters, what is your type of men?

 OMG….My personal Life is off  limits LOL i dont have time for any causal type men!

Sissy paris: as you know more and more white bois are going Black, and more white bois fantasising about  Black T girls, why? 

I personally think because times have changed so dramactically and black T girls are becoming more and more popular and in demand on videos and web sites that it peaks the interest of those who were at home wondering about it! People do things usually by what they see other people do….and There are so many interracial sex scenes with genetic women and men that its definitely ok for our community to indulge in!

 is there any chance for a sissy fagg
like me to be used by  your majisty ? lol

 Hmmm is that an invitation to joining in on a HARDCORE scene with THE BIG DICK BITCH? if so
…then yes!

Sissy paris: OMG, thank you, a last word about your future projects?

  My future projects are unfolding as we speak!!!! all ican tell you to do is ……STAY TUNED!

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