My New Project THE B.S.N

Hello to you white sisters and bois who are crossing the step to the Black Cock church, Hello to everyone who is following proudly this path, you are in the right way, the only way to the truth, the truth that you have been ignoring your whole life, the only truth that will release your soul, the truth that will make you a better person, the truth that will make you happy forever.
Being a BBC Slut was a real revelation for me, I was stuck in a “straight guy’s life” but I always felt like I’m missing something, and then I discover this life style and all the pleasure within, so I decide not only to serve, to be exclusive to Superior Black Men, but dedicate my life to promote them, help white girls, bois, trannies, cross-dressers to enter the Black Cock Church. 
Sisters who are true believers, you  know it’s true, you know that you are important, chosen to accomplish something big, bigger than you! It’s a new life, a new community, new friends and new kind of loving that you started  keep learning about yourself and about Superior Black Man, learn how you can service them, satisfy them and promote them. Learn about what they like, what they crave and try to offer them anything they ask for.

Being a BBC Slut it’s not a selfish pleasure, it’s a shared pleasure with your black-owned sisters all over the world and this is what I’m trying to do with the BSN (BBC Sluts Network) which is the next step after the Paris Sluts Academy, build a network of serious Servicers all over the world that dedicate their life for the Only pleasure and satisfaction of the superior Black Men.

BBC SLUT NETWORK is a community of white bois/ girls/wives all over the world,  very well trained to serve Superior Black men of any age and nation. BSN will connect those experienced BBC sluts to Superior Black men to make them meet easily. my project is simple, train an army of BBC sluts that can give their lives to the Superior Black Race, all those Sluts are located all over the planet, they are part of a huge network, where everyone is ready to serve when a Superior Black Man is near his location.

im still working on the concept, but im thinking of a website, a social network or a groupe where every white slut reveals his location on a interactive map and where Superior Black men can access and find a Slut to be serviced, sisters this network is me+you+you+you all together we will be this future Army of white sluts that can offer all what a Superior Black Man can ask for.

be motivated to enter the world of Black Domination, all I can wish you and promise you is a Huge, everlasting pleasure, but never fail to your mission, never give up, never say no to your Master and never lie to him, if you do what I said, you will be for sure the greatest Queen of Spades.