QoS of The month “Christine” : Black men hit places in me both anally and in my pussy that white guys just can’t reach!!


Always happy to enter my xhamster profile and check my new messages, most of time  i found annoying messages from white bois trying to have my ass, other times very sexy black bulls inviting me to visit them all over the world and sometimes hot sisters and very friendly people like Christine!  this 40 somthing very very hot white women is my favorite cause she knows what she want, and what she deserve and she just live her life as a total Queen of Spades, check out this hot kinky interview 😉

Queen Paris

Paris:  I will start by asking you to introduce your self in few lines…

Christine: Hi all…I’m Christine (real name !) 40 something independent woman who lives her life for herself . Married twice…divorced twice but have a wonderful relationship with both ex’s. I came to the conclusion that I simply can’t be married…I’m too independent and too spontaneous. Living in Florida, but up north for the past several months working and enjoying life. Travel extensively as well


Paris: so you just had your first black cock experience ? tell us about it
Christine: I’ve been dating black guys for so long and exclusively, it’s hard to remember back that far….but it occurred in college. My girlfriend and room mate was a cheerleader and was dating a gorgeous black guy from the basketball team. We had an apartment off campus that seemed to be the party house much of the time. Lots of guys from the team would hang out…and while I was certainly sexually active, I hadn’t established any preferences at that point. It was after one of those insanely wild parties that I got up to use the girls room. There was 2 bedrooms, but we shared the bathroom. I guess it was early morning because it was still dark, but when I got to the bathroom, one light was on….and as I opened the door, my girlfriend was in the shower with her boyfriend. I had seen them together a hundred times, but not nude, and not making love in the shower. I had nothing on but a thong and an athletic bra, and I was so stunned at the sight in the dim light, for one of the few times in my life I was completely speechless. We never had a shower curtain but it was never a concern until now ! I stood there sorta speechless as the were making out Once they realized I was in the room…I recall her smiling . She looked diminutive standing next to his tall, athletic blackbody shiny from the shower. The water was running off his body and it was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Neither of them seemed put off or embarrassed, and as I think back that what was probably such a turn on …besides the gorgeous contrast of their bodies. She held his enormous cock as if to show it off to me. Feeling a tad awkward….I didn;t want to run off, and he smoothly reached out and grabbed my hand and asked me to join them. It all seemed so natural, and so erotic and the long night of partying proceeding this probably didn’t hurt in lowering my inhibitions. Once in the shower, I slipped out of the bra first then the thong, and he took my hand and placed it on his hanging cock. He grabbed me agressively and kissed me so hard I lost my breath.She encouraged me and put her hand around his dick as well. I was mesmerized by his size and his perfect body. I can still see both of our hands wrapped around his dick as he stood there so cool and so calm . We spent the entire weekend in my bed and shared him over and over and from that somewhat clumsy incident in the shower, and the long weekend we fucked… he introduced me to many of his black friends, and I quickly became very popular among the black guys on campus!

Paris: During sex tell us about the moment that you told your self “ Gosh…I will never go back to white dicks”

Christine:Oh…I’ve had that moment a thousand times ! In fact I’ve told that very thing to dozens , perhaps hundreds of sexy black guys….that always seem to intensify things quite a bit ! And I’m neither afraid nor bashful about telling black guys of their sexual superiority. In fact, I have that moment every time I sleep with a black guy….I have one of those eye rolling, hair pulling gotcha moments several times a week….and it’s what keeps me coming back for more !

Paris: a lot of white women feel dominated, enslaved by the power of the black “Magic” Cock…what do you think about it ?

Christine: Absolutely………..I have done, and will continue to do things with black guys that I would never dreamed of with white guys. I’m quite the size queen and when I pull down the trousers of my date, and he reveals a gorgeous 11 inch black cock, we both know instinctively that he has me. He owns me. I’m his. Neither of us has to say it. The sexier he is , the bigger his dick….the dirtier and more submissive I get. I feel empowered and submissive at the same time. It’s almost unexplainable unless you’ve experienced it. My desire to please increases so much more with black guys. Many girlfriends who date black guys tell me their alter ego surfaces when they’re with black guys. While I certainly understand that..it’s who I truly am, so I don’t see it as an alter ego !

Paris: what difference you felt between your ex white bois and this blackman?

Size, Stamina, hairless hard bodies. I’d put it this way…Almost every black guy I’ve dated can get off and never miss a beat and just keep on fucking while staying rock hard. When I tell that to girlfriends who are married to white men…they’re astonished. My lovers tell me it’s “recovery time” and they don’t need any ! he he
They hit places in me both anally and in my pussy that white guys just can’t reach. It’s just that simple.I’ve had more than a few lovers tell me they were bred to fuck and satisfy white women…and who am I to protest? lol

Paris: so you play as a couple, what is the role of your ex-hubby ? his place ?

Christine: Since I’m single now…I do allow the occasional white guy to watch me if he pays for the room and the drinks. If I’m really feeling naughty. I’ll make him pay my black lover cash for the privilege of watching us. When I was married, both my husbands were cuckolds to varying degrees, but they wanted me to swing…..I refused since that would mean I might have to party with a white guy and I simply had no interest in that.

Paris: was your ex-hubby there when you are meeting your bulls ?

Christine: Again….with both husbands, there were occasions when they were there, and many times when I would not allow it. I loved to torture them and as I explained to them..I needed time alone with my black lovers so I could truly express myself to them without any third parties listening in. Hey…a girl needs her private time with her black lovers ! I can be quite the bitch to white guys when I’m in the mood

Paris: do you think you are  naturally attracted to blackmen ? and do you think that blackmen likes you?

Christine: I am absolutely naturally attracted to blacks. I don’t waste time thinking about why….It is what it is and I like to think blacks are attracted to me. I try to keep myself tanned and toned for them, and they have a natural attraction to shapely blondes with big boobs. I’ve had several boob jobs exactly for that reason. A blonde woman on the arm of a big strong, dominant black man seems so perfect. 

Paris: do you start thinking about being used by a groupe of black males?

Christine: Yes…DEFINAELY !! I belong to several real time active IR swing groups and there are always more black guys attending the parties than white women…which is fine by me since I love to be the center of attention to groups pf blacks . I love the dynamics of gang bangs because I have a deep desire to please. It can be a little intimidating, but it all comes with experience ! And when you get with a group of blacks who has “worked” together before on white women…there’s nothing quite like it ! Blacks guys just are better in groups and have less hang ups than white guys. 
Paris: If yes, did you ever think to do it before with other white bois?
Christine: No…I have never been with a group of white boys. It just doesn’t ever enter my mind.

Paris: do you really believe in black supremacy?

Christine: Tricky question….Since I obviously prefer black cock, the easy answer is yes, but to me, when I’m under the influence of sexual desire….( which is most of the time:)I definitely feel blacks are superior sexual animals. I am always respectful of all races, and am never rude or condescending as I believe all people are inherently the same, but when it comes to sex and desire…that’s a different matter. When I am horny, and on the prowl for sexy blacks, I am convinced blacks are superior and even young inexperienced blacks seem to know how to fuck a white woman ! 

Paris: your ultimate fantasy ?

Christine: I’ve been fortunate enough to live out all my fantasies many times over…but I do have this recurring daydream. I’d love to own a cruise ship and cater it for cruises to the Islands for black men and white women. No white husbands or boyfriends allowed. Just heels and swim suits for the white girls ! I think white women should be in a warm, sunny, sensual atmosphere with nothing but a ship full of hung black men to party with. White women out of the view of their husbands can be very aggressive.

Paris: what is the place of a white boi?

Christine: Oh I have many white guys that are friends, heck…I married two, but in a sexual setting….they are subordinate, and they all know I would never sleep with them and they may not touch me unless it is to clean me.

Paris: what do you thing about white bois who are loosing their manhood and start going black?

Oh I think that’s fine. I’ve had many white guys tell me they would love to suck black cock….and I always encourage it. I also think it’s a progression as well as an admission. A progression from watching his wife sucking big black cocks, and he may realize if he wants any action at all…it will have to be to serve the black cock. ….Some white guys feel honored to suck the black cock that’s ben inside their wife! It’s also an admission that blacks should be served. I actually think it’s pretty hot for white guys to suck and to service black dick.
Kisses xoxox Christine
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