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Psychology of Sissy faggots

A sissy faggot is indeed a complex animal, not a man, not a girl, it’s something els, somewhere between everything with a specific definition of himself and a certain attachement to all his sides, Yes a Sissy faggot is also attached to his “public” life as a so called ” straight avrege chump”, he have a life, maybe kids and even a wife! he don’t wanna let this go, even with his passif “straight” sexual activity. in this new series of articles we will evoque this complex and specific psychology from different aspects.

The Big Cock effect: from a “Man” to a Cock obsessional animal

we can define two aspects that can make a “straight” man goes Sissy, one of those aspects is :
the Size. Men are obsessed by their cocks, are they big enough, are they small, erected enough or disfonctional, it’s the man’s elementary focus and of course it affect his sexual life. a big (maybe the biggest) part of the sissy community are not satisfied with the size of their so called “dicks”. this is one f the reasons that more and more men are going sissies, we live in a modern world with a lot of sexual preasure coming from TV, Porn, Movies etc. but we can’t deny that it’s alsosomething that we are born with, sissies have always been a bit feminin, a bit fragile, a bit emotional and sensual.

this obsession comes usually in 3 phases ( see chart bellow) it starts when you realise that you have a tiny and useless dick, unable to reach a women G spot, you ask your self a lot of questions and you realise quickly that other men have much much bigger cocks than you, and that’s Phase number 2. so you start watching more and more porn and you litteraly fuck your brain with all those images of Big Black cocks impaling white pussies, you are frustrated because you can’t have a girlfriend either and you discover all those hot kinky stories about white wives and women going black for BBC.
Phase 3 already! congratulation you are officially a O.C.C.L ( Obsessive Compulsive Cock Lover)
it’s a complicated sentence to say that you have now a Dick in your brain!

2.1 Profiling a Sissy faggot

The second aspect of being a Sissy faggot is a choice that you will make, now that you are an OCCL, you start to be very curious and you slowly develope a web addiction. the are two choices, one of them is to keep living in a fantasy world, dreaming about your inexistant sexual life and deal with depression, frustration that will leads you to be a O.C.W (Obsessional compulsive wanker).

But you can also a realistic Sissy faggot wannabe and make your way through the wonderfull world of internet dating as you can see in the graphic.

2.2 Profiling a Sissy faggot


once you are in “reality” a multiple of choices and horizons will open to you, we can define easily 3 basic profiles : Trav or Crossdressers, Transgender and Cuckolds.
Depending on his/her background, every sissy faggot can choose to follow one of those paths, Crossdressers are one of the most growing community during the last decade and the most intresting to observe, Crossdressers are attached to their “straight” lives, and their “hétéro” social cover. the reasons are multiple : f****y, wife and k**s, or a comfortable financial and social position. anyhow this doesn’t mean that they are less flexible or open, at all, Crossdressers use their “Sissy Side” very well and enjoy every moment to explore the pleasure to have non string attached sex experiences with Men. they are very loyale, naughty and willing to give the best sexual service to their partners.

in the other hand, Cuckolds evoluate in another dynamique, they live their fantasies in a couple, they are more intrested in their wive’s pleasure, their own pleasure is attached to their partner’s one. the cuckold community is not recent, but more and more focus on interracial cuckolding as a life style. black men are their favorite partners, as they are concidered as the Best when it comes to Sex.
The cuckold community is one of the biggest supporter and promoter of Interracial Sex, Black Men superiority and Big Black Cock popularity. The Cuckold can choose to be or not sexualy active in Sex. again he need his wife and Bull’s green light to join the experience.

3. Once you go Black…

how to talk about Sissy faggot psychology without talking about one of the most influencial factor on Sissy’s life : BIG BLACK COCKS. every sissy faggot knows why BBC are important in his life. it’s actualy it’s one of the main reasons that turned him into a Sissy. Big Black Cocks are the ultimate Sissy goal. he knows that, his wife knows that and now he finaly submited to this truth.
he must worship Black Men and concider them as Sex Gods.

4. Sissy-Lesbianism

there are a lot of benefits to be a sissy faggot. you are not stuck in cases anymore, you evoluate now in an open network, meeting differents profiles and your body is more than ever tempted to try and feel new sensations, Sissy lesbiansm is one of those amazing new pleasures that every sissy should try at least once, it’s will open your mind on your inner you and take you on a sensual and feminine journey to discover your feminin side.

4. Sissyionary : The sissy language

Being a Sissy faggot is also being part of a community with it codes and languages, you will quickly understand those codes and integrate them, your dick is now a “clitty” and your ass hole is now a “pussy”..welcome to a brand new world gale 😉

don’t hesitate to share it and share with me your thoughts and comments.

Queen Paris


Going Black? 3 advices to make your experience memorable

You have been several to send me help requests, and applications for my BBC Sluts Academy and i realized how important is today’s topic: “love for the Superiors and love of the self”, for me the first can’t go without the second, I see a lot of white sissy faggots that are eager to serve, to embrace the BBC Church but they are actually doing it because they hate themselves, under-estimate themselves and want to punish themselves. if you are about to do that, stop and read this!

Sexual humiliation, not self-destruction

yes, the fact that you loving yourself will make you take care of your body and soul, and as a result, you will be a happy and beautiful person, sounds like an evidence, but a lot of sissy faggots I’ve trained don’t know how to separate degradation, self-destruction with sexual humiliation which can be a turn for the majority of us.

i like humiliation, i enjoyed it, i love when a Superior Black master take advantage of me, show me who rules, piss on me or making me lick his ass, feet or another part of his body that can turn him on, what turns him on is to control me, dominate me and what i like is the opposite, this situation works because both of us knows what are our roles in the service situation. as adult persons, we know that what link us is this clear moral contract: ” to use/be used”.

your Black master, wants a slutty and sexy sissy faggot, he likes to think that you are just his sexual toy, here to satisfy all his sexual needs. he wants you as sexy as you can be, and not a fragile, empty degraded human being with non self confidence searching for self-destruction.

Going Black is a privilege

i truly think that it’s a privilege for you to offer yourself to a Superior Black man, look around you, if you have the chance to travel out of your little town you will see how many women are dating Black Men, how many of them married them and having families, interracial sexual relationships are the most important in the world, specially in the big towns. this is just a proof that offering yourself to a Black man is also a privileged access to new world of pleasures that only Black men masters, they are naturally born to be better, stronger, Hung and sexually hyper active. why only women can experiment this? why not you?

A Dominant or a shy Master? you need to adapt!

encounters can be really different from a person to another, it can also be based on what are you searching for, sometimes it happens that the Superior Black Man that you are servicing is Dominant, sexually aggressive, or wants try things that you didn’t before, if you are like me, loving dominant  black men, it’s heaven 😉 but if not,  no need to panic, you need to adapt to him, because it’s your duty to service him, but you can also respectfully inform him about your fragility and trust his intelligence. some Black masters will take this as an invitation tho, you better be carful, if you resist, he may turn him on.

others Masters can be very gentle and shy, it’s also very pleasant, sometimes I served very shy Black Masters that were waiting for me to take the lead, if it’s the case, don’t be too passive and do it, don’t hesitate to ask them how they like it.

in all cases, communication is your companion during those situations, say it if you are scared or confused, but do it with self-confidence, not with stupidity or disrespect. be fast, anticipate his needs, do he wants a quickie? or he wants to take his time? listen to his body, know what do he wants: is it your mouth or your ass first?  and finally dare to propose things : ask if you can rim his ass, to make fun of your little clitty  or to take a golden shower!

QueenBitch Paris


Happy New Year Bitches!

2016 is gone, and here we go 2017! this year was a great one for me, so many nice Black masters meetings, crazy parties and amazing Services, my Blog is back again with a brand new  and official version, a space that i’ve been using since more than 7 years now as  a personal dairy to share with you my love for the Superior Black men, my passion for their Black cocks . you are thousands to visit it each month, 20.000 to follow me on my twitter and dozen trainees and graduates that got enroled in my BBC Sluts Academy program. i wanted to thank you, for each message you’ve sent me, each story you shared with me, and each moment you dedicated to rea my articles and follow my trainings. all the best and the nastiest, sexiest adventures  for 2017!