Going Black? 3 advices to make your experience memorable

You have been several to send me help requests, and applications for my BBC Sluts Academy and i realized how important is today’s topic: “love for the Superiors and love of the self”, for me the first can’t go without the second, I see a lot of white sissy faggots that are eager to serve, to embrace the BBC Church but they are actually doing it because they hate themselves, under-estimate themselves and want to punish themselves. if you are about to do that, stop and read this!

Sexual humiliation, not self-destruction

yes, the fact that you loving yourself will make you take care of your body and soul, and as a result, you will be a happy and beautiful person, sounds like an evidence, but a lot of sissy faggots I’ve trained don’t know how to separate degradation, self-destruction with sexual humiliation which can be a turn for the majority of us.

i like humiliation, i enjoyed it, i love when a Superior Black master take advantage of me, show me who rules, piss on me or making me lick his ass, feet or another part of his body that can turn him on, what turns him on is to control me, dominate me and what i like is the opposite, this situation works because both of us knows what are our roles in the service situation. as adult persons, we know that what link us is this clear moral contract: ” to use/be used”.

your Black master, wants a slutty and sexy sissy faggot, he likes to think that you are just his sexual toy, here to satisfy all his sexual needs. he wants you as sexy as you can be, and not a fragile, empty degraded human being with non self confidence searching for self-destruction.

Going Black is a privilege

i truly think that it’s a privilege for you to offer yourself to a Superior Black man, look around you, if you have the chance to travel out of your little town you will see how many women are dating Black Men, how many of them married them and having families, interracial sexual relationships are the most important in the world, specially in the big towns. this is just a proof that offering yourself to a Black man is also a privileged access to new world of pleasures that only Black men masters, they are naturally born to be better, stronger, Hung and sexually hyper active. why only women can experiment this? why not you?

A Dominant or a shy Master? you need to adapt!

encounters can be really different from a person to another, it can also be based on what are you searching for, sometimes it happens that the Superior Black Man that you are servicing is Dominant, sexually aggressive, or wants try things that you didn’t before, if you are like me, loving dominant  black men, it’s heaven 😉 but if not,  no need to panic, you need to adapt to him, because it’s your duty to service him, but you can also respectfully inform him about your fragility and trust his intelligence. some Black masters will take this as an invitation tho, you better be carful, if you resist, he may turn him on.

others Masters can be very gentle and shy, it’s also very pleasant, sometimes I served very shy Black Masters that were waiting for me to take the lead, if it’s the case, don’t be too passive and do it, don’t hesitate to ask them how they like it.

in all cases, communication is your companion during those situations, say it if you are scared or confused, but do it with self-confidence, not with stupidity or disrespect. be fast, anticipate his needs, do he wants a quickie? or he wants to take his time? listen to his body, know what do he wants: is it your mouth or your ass first?  and finally dare to propose things : ask if you can rim his ass, to make fun of your little clitty  or to take a golden shower!

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