Sissology : Are you a travel slut ?

I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately and I have to say that I miss writing so much, so I’m back with a new post, and I’m excited as hell! This long absence made me think a lot about my life rhythm, about how travels are affecting my trav-white-sissy-faggot condition.Because of my job, I have been traveling a lot within Europe for the last 8 years, I love my job and maybe you don’t know it, but I also have a double life as all of you bitches, I’m pretty ok with it and I have to say that it’s such an excitement to think that no one of my work colleagues can guess that I’m an international BBC craving slut! Amusing! Besides this, I feel like I would be less active and serve less BCC if I had a regular job where I live, it’s clear that traveling gave me the chance to service a lot of Superior Black men, all over the world, from different countries, and I realized that I’m a travel slut, so what is this?

A world of BBC is yours
Los Angeles, London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Torronto, and so on, so many places, so many encounters, so many parties…, life of a travel slut is full of opportunities that you will never have if you were just sitting on your sofa after work looking desperately for a Superior Black Man that you never met before, yes at some point, even if I truly believe that every white slut MUST satisfy every superior black man that needs service, I think that us, white sluts wants always more and new, new Men, new Cocks in our life. We are just invariables little whores that can give it all to get fucked by the superiors. Traveling is offering this amazing opportunity to meet a lot of superior Black men all over the world, and it’s quite more interesting than waiting for local men to show up.

Out of your home, more open, more slut
I also realized how open I’m when I’m not in my country, I’m more willing to go out dressed, to attend sex parties as a total bimbo BBC slut, sucking every big black cock that I met in a backroom or a club. I had to say that the mentality changes a lot from a country to another, in France, we still a bit conservative and superior black men have a different approach to TV sluts, they are less communicative, more into the action, while in the USA for example, it’s a real community of Superior Back men and white sluts, with a real passion for the fetish of interracial sex and white submission. Out of my home, I feel more secure, as I have a double life, I’m not afraid to meet someone I know in the clubs for example, also I’m more willing to try new things, more submissive, more a trashy slut, accept more violence, more slaps, more spits on my face, more cum sharing with another sluts, more big black cocks in the same time, I can’t say no, I’m almost open for everything, and hungry for BBC like never!

Each city has it’s BBC vibe
Each city is different, and has its own vibe, again in Paris I feel like Superior African Men are always are in the emergency of doing things, of Cuming, of fucking a white French bourgeoise slut, others are looking for a romantic experience with a sexy feminine sissy TV, in the USA, we take time, we have fun, we talked to each other, and I have to say that I have one of the best experiences, being treated like a real lady by my Black men. In London, a lot of excitement, and a lot of hot feminine crossdressers that are craving chocolate cocks, I love it London is a true cosmopolitan city with a lot of hung Horney Black men looking for  a white sissy to fuck. British gurls (crossdressers) are hot, sexy and so submissive to Black cock, I feel really connected to this city because of that and I have a lot of friends there that will recognize themselves while reading this article 😉

Top 4 must-have things for a Travel slut

So you will start your first “slut trip” what kind of things that you must have in your pinky slutty little bag ? let’s find out:

1-your very discreet black dildo : in case you feel lonely or spice up thing with your Black Master, discreet yes! In case of manual security check at your airport 😉 Icicles dildo is discreet and offer great sensations, 27 bucks only on amazon

2- BBC slut Leash : because you can’t go without your slut leash, slut 😉

3- Sexy Leopard BCC slut lingery : every gurl has her style, but leopard outfits works as fuck on Superior Black male (trust me) I like this model that you can find on amazon for nothing.

4- Condoms, condoms, condoms: always play safe 😉 make sure you got the biggest size 😉


Being a travel slut is servicing without any boundaries, it’s a blessing and an accomplishment for a white sissy faggot who committed his life to this idea of Black supremacy and white submission, it’s also a way to reflect on my sissy condition, and this is exactly the work I have been doing since 10 years via my blogs and my BBC sluts Academy, which is a small preview of my devotion regarding the Superior Black Cock and a reflection of my daily life as a total and proud international BBC slut, so gurls, have you booked your next flight?