QOS Express Interview: Kimberly Kupps

Hello my bitches, i missed you so much! and i miss writing to you so here i’m again! Queen is back and it’s a big phat come back! you were a lot to write to me and interacting with me on my Xhamster and my twitter, so keep doing that, it’s always a pleasure to read your comments and messages, i really feel blessed to be in a center of such an amazing kinky community, i’m also back on fetlife in case you missed it! don’t forget, i think all people should be themselves and enjoy life so i only interact when you have a real profile with a real picture 😉
Today, i feel very happy and  very honored to have such a gust star on my blog, we interacted on fetlife and i invited her to share with us her life, career and love for the BBC, ladies and ladies, please welcome, the icon, the star: Kimberly Kupps
Q.P: Dear Kim; thanks again for this amazing opportunity, so my name is Paris and i’m from France, i’m a sissy in love and adoration of Big black cocks, i decided to dedicate my life to the pleasure and the satisfaction of black men and i”m so obsessed and fascinated by interracial lifestyle and the power of BBC that turned me from a white boi to a total slut 🙂
when i discovered your profile, i was surprised by your beauty and your sexyiness, i also noticed your amazing career and your love for Black cocks, i want to start my interview by asking you, how did you came to the porn industry and have this amazing career?
it’s a pleasure Paris! well, longtime ago, in 1990, I was a house dancer in Houston Tx then saw a article about big boob girls feature dancing so I got big boobs went on the road starting in Jan 1990 then after 2 years opportunities to do porn film with stars like Shawn Michaels, who is my favorite porn star! I went for it loved it and that’s how i started my career in the porn industry!
Q.P: how was your life as a porn star? and how it affected your personal life?
Me and my husband grew up together i know him since I was 9 and married him at 19. My husband loves the fact that i’m doing porn, he understand that it’s important in my life!
Q.P: what about interracial lifestyle ?
i really love Interracial love, i never dated a black man but i have a lot of black sex friends, i love the taboo of it, the contrast, and of course the big black cocks! it’s such a turn on for me as a white woman to have all this attention from Black men and gosh they are amazing in bed!
Q.P: BBC porn is a rising porn trend but also as a lifestyle, what do you think about all those white women and white sissies like me who are leaving their manhood and straight lifestyle to be bbc sluts ?
i encourage them, it’s super! i think everyone should do  what he likes, involving all the possible kinks, if you are attracted to a Black man, whatever you are a white woman or a white sissy boy, just do it, it’s worth it!
Q.P: are you into BBC cuckolding? what’s the hottest thing about it?
Puuting white men in chasity is a total turn for me! i love that, seeing those white husbands with their little chasity devices..while you are taking multiple big black cocks from your bulls..so hot!
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