Humiliation &Pride: The secret life of White Sissy faggots

A Sissy Faggot is a funny pet, with very simple sexual needs and desires but as complex as a woman, submission is an important context where sissy faggots live in continuous evolution, this context became more important because most sissies have a double life, a regular one where they pretend to be “straight” : single, married or dating women and a second life as a depraved queer slut. In general, sissies are discreet about their “real” slut being, they say they want a hot blonde with a big breast, while they are secretly dreaming to becoming her. They they officially have no gay friends, or knowing anything about their sexual lifestyle, while they have a dozen accounts on many gay sex encounters websites. the truth is:  they are scared, but at the same time excited to death to be exposed in front of society. I will try to explore this question, in this article, mainly based on my personal experience and analysis. 

The pleasure within transgressing social rules

One of the most exciting turn-ons for us is submitting to another “Man” (if you still consider you are one 😉 this situation brings to the most interesting and exciting of twisted feelings: humiliation. I personally believe that there is no more powerful feeling or emotion than being humiliated, why? because we are social animals, we don’t live on our own, we obey to social rules that most of times we want to transgress. transgressing these rules is exciting, and a way to express ourselves as individuals, thus, non-ordinary sexual identities like GLBTQ are part of this transgression. being a sissy, wearing women’s clothes is a rebel against masculinity as a rule and a power full self-expression of our inner self.

Between humiliation and pleasure, there is a thin border

We love to play with the expression of our sexual difference! Humiliation, fear from society, and double life became a playground for us, we enjoy hiding our “kinky” life from friends, family, and colleagues, we are scared but we still playing this dangerous game, that in a way, makes us feel alive. One weekend, I was so horny that I invited a Black Man to the company office where I use to work, where he used my holes with his big black cock and bred my boi-pussy in the company restrooms. The day after, I was scared as death, that someone saw me, but also excited to see my colleagues using the same rest rooms. yes, there is a fine border between humiliation and pleasure, as thin as the masculine and the feminine side in human beings. another intersting aspect is that most of us are humiliated by images of strong black males fucking and breeding our white wives and daughters, and the idea that we will finish to be also sex toys in their hands, along with our wives, submitting to them completely.

From humiliation to pride

I see all this as a process in a way, the third stage would be the passage from humiliation to pride, so how this can happen? Based on my personal experience and after years of double lifestyle, I started to feel the need to express my sexual identity louder and prouder. at some point, I got bored in the “humiliation” playground zone, and I found another exciting material in exposing myself as a “Proud Black-owned white sissy”. I was watching those amazing and inspiring white wives (supported by their amazing white hubbies) showing their love and dedication to Superior Black men and I thought that it’s time for me to totally assume my passion and my beliefs. I started to appear with an uncovered face on my social accounts, I feel the need and desire to do it because, every time I dress like a woman for my dates, I feel so beautiful, so sexy and so desirable, more than I will never be as a “regular straight white boy”. I thought it was too bad to not express myself and my feminine beauty and curves to the world, suddenly that exciting humiliation feeling transformed into an “exciting pride”.

Yes, Sissies are strange and funny animals, but I think they are beautiful because they succeed to find in loosing men’s toxic masculinity and manhood a way to be beautiful and happy. the fear is losing his manhood can be terrifying, but consider accepting it for just a second, no erectile problems, no pressure to perform or to be an Alpha male.  Why just leave it for real Men white boy? leave it to superior Black men, they are naturally powerful and sexually superior, just give it up and open up to the unlimited pleasure that only sissy world can bring to you:
the pleasure to rediscover your feminine side, along with a thick black cock invading  your holes deeply and satisfying your slutty thurst.

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