Hypnos and Poppers ..my journey into the sissy limbo

It’s been quite sometimes that i wanted to write this paper and share it with you, i wanted to tell you about my one of my most intense experiences, something that i tried several times with the high risk to be seriously…addicted.

As many of you, i discovered poppers years ago in Europe, tried them several times, they became quickly part of my sex routines when i play. Like everyone, they are source of a big sens of ephoria and sexual submission, they can also be very relaxing when you are taking the big ones 😉

Poppers are great, but of course they can be also addictive, i never paid attention to this aspect as i always use them with my partners and not really when i play alone..until the covid, lockdown arrives in our live and making us spending more and more time at home.

As many of you i started to feel lonely and horny, days after days, months after months while we were locked-down. suddenly my regular black dildo fucking became..boaring and i started to look for new sensations. One day, being extremely horny, i ordered 2 bottles of Jungle Juice and Amsterdam, and i thought that it can work well with the amazing BBC and sissification hypnos that we can find on the web.

I prepared my sexy date with myself, plugged my big 9 inches black dildo on the floor, put a HD BBC hypno on my 55′ TV and my headphones, i started fucking myself slowly with my artificial dick and snorted my bottle, once, than twice, than i stopped to count, my brain started to be in auto-stupid-sissy-mode watching those psychedlic images invading my brain, at each breath, my heart get faster, my boi-pussy wider and my black dildo deeper inside me. my living room was all colored, while i was riding my BBC dildo so wild, so hard, there was no limit to my pleasure, it’s been a long time that i didn’t had a BBC and my body was claiming to be fucked, used, blacked and abused…the female side of me started to rise again, i became one with the those blondes BBC sluts of my hypno, the hypnotic voices and music perverted my mind in few minutes and i felt the change, an incredible and fast change was occuring in me. i didn’t wanted to cum, the experience was intense and i wanted more, i was begging for more, i was calling myself a slut, a bitch, a slave for Superior black men. My clitty was incredibly limp and leaking, i put my camera on me, i wanted to capture my horniness, i took again more breaths from the bottle, and i slided another BBC dildo in my mouth, while sticking 2 others on the wall..i was the ultimate slut, i put more hypnos, i continued this for more than an hour, to finally jerk my clitty on myself and ended up licking my own milk on the floor. I looked at myself on the mirror and i saw a total brainless whore that exsist only for BBC.

I continued weeks and weeks, my sessions became more intense, i felt a real change, my mind was really changing, i felt more feminine, slutty and beyond everything..i realized that i can/want do everything for a Big black cock. After weeks, the lock-down was stopped and i started to play with “real people” again.

All the Black men that met me after this experience, said i was wilder, sluttier and kinda of crazy brainless bimbo blonde, being very submessive and verbal, i was telling them how much i love their cocks, how much i worship them and beleive in their supremacy while being fucked, i was eating their toes and kissing thier feets as a signe of respect, i satisfied without discussion all their desires and asked them to slap my fucking bimbo slut with their huge African black dicks.

i still don’t know if it’s a good news, but what i can tell you is that during these intense weeks, i was not me anymore, or maybe i was the “real” me…i never was close to the “ultimate BBC slut” like this before, but i was also scared to not have limits, i couldn’t say no to anything and i finished by throwing my poppers in the trash because i wasn’t able to have a normal life, to work, meet people without having sex with them. While writing this lines, i have ordered a new BBC Dildo and a couple of bottles of poppers..i don’t know what would be the next experience and if i can control myself and my wild dark desires, but this is the story of my journey into the wildest and deepest places of sissy’s limbo.

Queenbitch Paris